Brooklyn Witches Are Planning To Put A Hex On Brett Kavanaugh

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Witches are holding a public hexing on the controversial and now-confirmed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh on Saturday October 20th.

The hexing is going to be performed at Catland Books in the neighborhood of Bushwick in Brooklyn, NY.

People are already planning on attending:


Dakota Bracciale organized the event, and said it is about allowing those who have survived sexual assault to speak out:

“We wanted to have an act of resistance. It’s about having space for survivors of sexual assault who are not going to be silent and who don’t want Brett Kavanaugh to serve as a symbol of defeat.”

This isn’t the first hexing to be held at Catland Books. Last summer the eccentric bookstore held not one, not two, but three public events hexing President Donald Trump.

There will be a second ritual following the main hexing, called “The Rites of the Scorned One” which “seeks to validate, affirm, uphold and support” people who have survived sexual assault.

Kavanaugh was confirmed and sworn into the Supreme Court of the United States despite being accused of sexual assault.

One of his victims, Psychology Professor Christine Blasey Ford, testified against him. She described how he assaulted her when the two of them were in high school during the summer of 1982.

“I am here today not because I want to be. I am terrified. I am here because I believe it is my civic duty to tell you what happened to me while Brett Kavanaugh and I were in high school.”

Catland plans on “embracing witchcraft’s true roots” to bring justice to survivors, including Ford.

Tons of people are cheering the witches on and crossing their fingers that this hex is a success:

Bracciale said:

“We’re raising visibility and letting people know they’re not alone with the monsters. Even the witches are coming out of the woodwork to stop this.”

Considering he was sworn in despite multiple sexual assault accusations, some are starting to believe a hexing or some voodoo might be necessary:

Kavanaugh is going to be the main attraction, although the hexing isn’t limited to him, and him alone. The event will place a curse on “all rapists and the patriarchy.”

The invitations read as follows:

“He will be the focal point, but by no means the only target, so bring your rage and and all of the axes you’ve got to grind.”

The hexing will utilize witchcraft to seek some sort of closure for the women who have been “wronged by men just like him.”

No doubt the president will be included in the hexing:

Interested in attending a feminist-fueled public hexing? Who isn’t? Bad news: as of right now, all tickets have completely sold out. Should they go back on sale, a ticket will only cost $10, and half of the proceeds go to Planned Parenthood and the Ali Forney Center in NYC.

Kavanaugh is going to be hexed on October 20th, from 7:00 – 10:00 p.m.

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