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Woman Arrested After Slashing Three-Year-Old Boy’s Face With A Knife In Random Attack


Disturbing CCTV footage from a nearby pharmacy surfaced of a woman randomly slashing a child’s face.

The horrific incident took place on Tuesday on Pekini Street in Tbilisi, the capital in the country of Georgia. Georgia is located on the western border of Russia and was once part of the Soviet Union.

WARNING: Although the quality of the video is blurry, it is graphic and violent.

Crazy woman slashed the face of a random 3 year old with a knife and attempted to do the same to another child. from r/awfuleverything

In the footage obtained by police, the three-year-old victim was calmly walking with his parents and sibling when the female stranger came out of nowhere wielding a knife and swiped it across the boy’s face for no reason.

The suspect, reported to be a 51-year-old woman, turned away after the random attack on the boy only to immediately pivot back and attempt a second strike on the other child before being shielded by the father.

The internet is justifiably horrified after watching the viral video of the unprovoked attack.

When the father ran after the suspect who was about to cross the street, she threatened him with the knife. He backed away and she fled the scene.

Fortunately, authorities managed to detain her the following morning.

The boy suffered cuts to the nose and cheek and was taken by ambulance to the Zhvania clinic.

According to Jam News, the clinic said the condition of the boy was evaluated as “moderately severe.”

Natia Vasadze, the Tbilisi Givi Zhvania Pediatric Academic Clinic’s maxillofacial surgeon, gave InterPressNews an update.

“The state of health has improved, we intend to discharge the child. The patient had fairly deep wounds in the area of the nose and right cheek.”

“We provided initial surgical care to the patient and then, stitched the wound. Currently, the health condition has improved and he will be discharged.”

Police were unable to determine the motivation for the unidentified woman’s violent attack.

She was charged with intentional infliction of grave injury to the health of a minor and could face up to ten years in prison.

Twitter perceived it to be a light sentence.

A concerned majority offered their well-wishes for the boy’s recovery.

The boy’s parents said they have never seen the woman before.

And now that she is in custody, it is less likely the family will ever see her again.

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