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White Woman Spray Paints ‘HAIL TRUMP’ And Racial Slurs On Neighbor’s House—And Promptly Gets Arrested

ABC13, Facebook/Peter Ujvagi

As more examples of the racial fury unleashed by President Trump and his accomplices in the right-wing media begin to surface, citizens have begun filming these incidents to protect themselves and bring racists to justice. The latest example of unbridled racism occurred in Toledo, Ohio. A middle-aged white woman named Patricia Edelen was arrested for spray painting pro-Trump graffiti and racial slurs on the front of her neighbor’s house. While the vandalism shocked the community, it also helped bring its non-racist members together.

Police in Toledo, Ohio arrested a white woman for spray painting intimidating racial slurs and pro-Trump graffiti on her neighbor’s house. The graffiti read “HAIL TRUMP” and “N—-RS KEEP OUT” and included a jacked up swastika painted on the front door:

Police patrolled the neighborhood waiting for a sign Patricia Edelen, 47, was at home. When she let her dog out they forced entry into her home and arrested her.

“She had multiple warrants. She ran from the officers inside her residence,” said Sgt. Paul Davis of the Toledo Police Department.

According to reports, Edelen is being charged with “ethnic intimidation by reason of race, color, religion or national origin, criminal mischief, and criminal damaging/endangering property to cause/create substantial risk of physical harm.”

Edelen was identified thanks to the surveillance footage from a security camera set-up by a neighbor identified as Chris by ABC13 news in Toledo.

“I can see her going across, I can see her shaking a can of spray paint, and we can see this person spraying,” Chris said. “We can hear the person spraying and walking back across, and she made multiple trips.”

Another person living in the neighborhood, Pat Balderas, didn’t mince words. “It’s a hate crime, it’s more than a misdemeanor. It can’t happen, it has to be stopped,” she said.

In the wake of the hate crime, the neighborhood banded together to clean it up:


Balderas, who helped with the cleanup, said “The good feeling that came from fixing that situation outweighed the initial shock of ‘Whoa!’ In my neighborhood.” Edelman’s arrest came mere hours before Toldeo’s annual African-American parade.

h/t: ABC 13