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Woman Filmed Assaulting Native Americans While Hurling Obscenities At Peaceful Border Wall Protest

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A recent online video captured the moments as a counter-protester became violent during a Kumeyaay Nation—also known as the Tipai-Ipai people—demonstration against the construction of a piece of Trump’s border wall on sacred tribal lands just outside San Diego, California.

The Kumeyaay Nation ancestral homeland is along the present–day border between Baja, Mexico and southern California.

Among other outbursts and obscenities, the woman—who was White—repeatedly claimed the Indigenous group had no right to be on land in “[her] community.”

She screamed:

“Get the f’k outta here….This is my community and you guys are disturbing a job.”

In addition to yelling repeated profanities, she struck protesters in the head and torso.

At multiple points in the video she was restrained peacefully, released upon her demand and then continued to attack people.

Finally, she stopped physically striking people, only to mock the demonstrators’ expressions of faith. She scoffed at their prayers and mocked Indigenous dancing as the group sang a traditional song.

The Instagram post, uploaded by the group kumeyaaydefenseagainstthewall, included two clips of the entire incident. 


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Tonight we experienced a violent woman who tried to tear our tents down. We de escalated and stayed non violent. We used songs and prayers again just like how we non violently stop desecration to the land. Tonight we ask people to seriously consider to helping us. We seriously are asking for prayers. We are here for the land and indigenous sovereignty. For the further generations, we need better laws for immigrants so xenophobia won’t be an issue. If you are not Native American, you are a settler/colonizer. If you’re not Black, you are a settler/colonizer. If you aren’t an refugee, you’re a settler/colonizer. Remember where you come from and you won’t forget which path to follow. I EDITED THIS CAPTION^^ because I was WRONG for implying that Black people are immigrants. They are NOT. They are stolen people. I apologize for my lack of thoughtfulness. I will try to be better. CAPITALIZE the B in Black. CAPITALIZE the I in Indigenous. Say a prayer for these folks who are disconnected to themselves. Make space for those who are so hurt they act violently. The reason why these incidents happen is because we are so dehumanized in their eyes. And it’s been happening since the beginning of invasion. We stay non violent. We stay in prayer. #landback #kumeyaaydefenseagainstthewall #prayers

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Members of the Kumeyaay Nation have protested the construction of the wall for months now.

Since July, the group has attempted to halt construction on the grounds the wall is being built on lands where the cremated remains of tribal ancestors were buried. A San Diego federal judge denied a motion to end construction on those grounds.

Legal defeats aside, the demonstrators had no trouble garnering support upon posting the video to Instagram.

Several users offered up both outrage and encouragement. 


Though the Indigenous protesters were evidently up to the task of being composed in the face of toxicity and violence, hopefully they never have to exercise that restraint again. 

Eric Spring

Written by Eric Spring

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