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Woman Appalled After Boyfriend’s Ex Sends Him Nudes From Her OnlyFans For ‘Feedback Purposes’

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It can often be difficult when your significant other is still close friends with one of their exes.

But one woman on Reddit’s situation with her boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend, who regularly sends him nude photos for “feedback purposes” for her adult entertainment site, takes the drama to a whole new, shocking level.

The Original Poster (OP), who goes by perfectDisaster1998 on the site, wasn’t sure about her reaction to her boyfriend’s relationship with his ex, so she went to the AITA (Am I The A**hole) subReddit for perspective.

OP asked:

“AITA For Hating my Boyfriend’s ‘Sister’?”

She explained:

“So… my boyfriend(26M[ale]) and I(24F[emale]) have seeing each other for just over a year. Started as FWB. Things got serious. There’s one thing I can’t get over: he has an ex girlfriend that he says is ‘basically his sister’.”

“They dated as teens, lost contact and got back in touch when she had a kid in 2019. This seems fine, cute even. I was excited to meet her and the kid, but just hearing about her is building discomfort.”

“Here’s what I’ve learned that makes me question her my boyfriend to the point of reconsidering the relationship:”

“She does OF [OnlyFans] and other adult content stuff and up until a few months ago, she was sending my BF ‘personal pictures for feedback purposes’ according to my BF.”

“She drank and did drugs throughout her pregnancy and subsequently the child has several disabilities. I know addiction is a disease but I have had experiences with FAS that just.. . Broke my heart.”

“She deliberately plays up her kid’s disabilities on social media as a way to sell more sets.”

“She went through his phone to rate the pictures (no nudes) I sent him because she wanted to see if she was hotter.”

“She constantly borrows money from him and never pays it back.”

“I’ve tried explaining to my BF why their relationship makes me uncomfortable but they both shut me down saying I’m being an a**. Am I?”

People on Reddit were then asked to judge who’s in the wrong in this situation based on the following categories:

  • NTA – Not The A**hole
  • YTA – You’re The A**hole
  • ESH – Everyone Sucks Here
  • NAH – No A**holes Here

And as you might guess, they were not even remotely on OP’s boyfriend’s side on this one.

“RUN SO FAST. NTA Idk about you but I don’t send nudes to my brother…it’s also concerning that your bf seems to invalidate your concerns about their relationship. Does he tell her about your concerns? Why does she know about them?”glitteryunicornmerm

“NTA. Run and don’t look back.”Zibellina

“RUN. RUN. RUN. His life sounds like a show on TLC.”OridinaryView4233

“NTA. Run so fast you leave burning rubber in your wake.”Diligent_Brick_5023

“NTA. They have a very close relationship that crosses boundaries for a normal couple. You talked to your boyfriend but ‘they both shut me down’ tells me he’s sharing your private conversations. That’s a no no.”smilin-wizard


“That’s not ‘basically a sister’ that’s him double-tapping…he is maintaining his romantic sexual relationship with her, while handing you a line of utter total crap, then laughing about you to his girlfriend.”

“Hate to break it to you sweety but SHE is his real girlfriend and YOU are the side-candy he’s lying to and conning money from. You’re not being treated like his girlfriend, you’re being treated like his ATM.”

“You did not sign on to be his sugar-momma, and you definitely didn’t agree to be his trashy girlfriend’s sugar-momma. The trashy cheaters deserve each other, and you deserve FAR better. Cut your losses and end it. You deserve a partner who treats you with honesty and respect.”Haunting-Sign-177

“So, what I’m hearing is ‘she treats him like a substitute baby daddy by asking him for money, sends him nude photos ‘for work purposes’, and tells my boyfriend she’s hotter than I am’. Girl. Please.”

“I hope this guy has a golden dick or the oral skills of a god, because if he’s taking you for a ride (and he is) it better come with some damn good perks.”

“You are NTA, him calling you an ass for being uncomfortable with this situation just shows which woman he prioritizes in his life…..and it’s not you. PLEASE reconsider this relationship, you deserve to be with someone who would take your emotions seriously.”Okayostrich

“Get out of trash town! WTF? None of this is normal or ok. Leave before you get sucked in to whatever hell this is.”Farmer_Ralph

“NTA but you need out, like now.”jennybearbozo3

“NTA- why are you with him? He doesn’t care about your concerns, happy to look at his ex’s nudes, gives her money all the while taking money from you. He clearly doesn’t love you, and as for the mental health issues you mentioned as to why you stay…it’s the 21st century, we all have issues, it’s no excuse it’s just gaslighting!”

“Run as fast as you can and don’t look back, there are way more fish in the sea!”savethedance

“Honestly, this isn’t something that you are going to be able to talk through with your boyf. It’s too messy and tangled. I hope you find the strength to end this relationship. NTA”therainmandies

“NTA. Run. Run. RUN.”

“Trust me this is oneeeee clusterfu*k you don’t want anything to do this.”King_IVV

“NTA. Run for the hills”Fuzzy-Pumpkin-4160


“Don’t walk, don’t run, get in a car and floor it! Get away from that mess ASAP. You deserve better!”LovelyTina2218

“This situation absolutely sucks for you, but NTA. Unfortunately, your boyfriend will probably never see it your way and you will always be the odd one out with them vs you”Tippydaug

“NTA – RUN LIKE YOUR A** IS ON FIRE!!! This isn’t going to get any better and if it makes you uncomfortable it should be a deal breaker.”Catatomical

“Half of the posts on this sub wouldn’t exist if people were given a crash course on self worth and self respect in school.”

“Please leave this man. He’s using you, and you’re letting him. He doesn’t respect you. Amongst all the things you said, he showed this girl your personal photos. Who does that?!”Mysterious-Impact-32

Hopefully OP can get this problem figured out, and fast.

Written by Peter Karleby

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