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Woman Attempting To Dine And Ditch Ends Up Crashing Through Restaurant Ceiling Right In Front Of Cops


A woman’s attempt to ditch her restaurant bill went hilariously wrong in Burnaby, British Columbia, when she managed to crash through the ceiling of the kitchen right in front of the police.

The attempt, which was caught on video, saw the woman, who was attempting to crawl over the kitchen ceiling from the bathroom in order to skip her bill, theatrically fall to the floor and immediately get apprehended by the Burnaby Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Folks on the internet observed how gravity was the ultimate karma:

And yet further were wondering, how did it come to this?

Why was she attempting an escape through the ceiling in the first place?

The woman, who remains unidentified by RCMP, was not charged, but apparently was given a “stern conversation” with the police.

โ€œRegardless of your situation in life, no one should risk their own health and wellbeing in an attempt to evade payment, apprehension or repercussion,โ€ Burnaby RCMP told Global News.

The woman thankfully did not require any medical attention and is expected to be okay.

This situation is where weighing risk vs. reward may come in handy.


Mike Walsh

Written by Mike Walsh

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