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Woman Dressed Up As Blood-Soaked Carrie For Halloween Gets Into Car Accident And Freaks Out First Responders

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Lines between reality and nightmare blurred when first responders showed up the scene of a car accident in South Point, Ohio.

The driver of the totaled vehicle, Sidney Wolfe, was at the wheel after leaving a Halloween event and was already soaked in fake blood before colliding with a deer.

Wolfe was promoting the role as the titular character from the musical adaptation of Carrie – based on Stephen King’s horror novel about a psychokinetic teenager who winds up drenched in pig’s blood at her prom from bullying.

Wolfe, who attends West Virginia’s Marshall University, posted a picture of her crumpled vehicle along with a picture of herself in costume, with her tiara still intact, in the now-viral tweet.

“If anyone wants to know how my weekend went I totaled my car while dressed up as Carrie and everyone who was a first responder thought I was dead HAHAHAHA IM SO SORRY.”

In a follow-up tweet, Wolfe explained she was too tired to remove her makeup from the party.

“Everyone is asking for the backstory so here it goes. I was promoting Carrie the Musical at a haunted house.”

“At the end of the night, I was too tired to shower and remove my makeup so when i wrecked the first responders saw my blood and freaked.”

Wolfe told the Huffington Post about her encounter with a Good Samaritan.

“The very first responder was a gentleman that pulled over being a Good Samaritan. You could tell he was horrified.”

Imagine arriving at the scene and seeing someone drenched in blood, standing next to a crashed car.

It’s no wonder police officers expressed their immediate concerns based on their initial observations.

“Next came the police officers who were like ‘oh man’ and kept asking over and over again if I needed medical assistance.”

“The second round of cops that came weren’t in on the makeup and said, ‘Are we just gonna ignore that blood is dripping and she needs medical assistance?’”

Fortunately, Wolfe did not sustain serious injuries, save for a bruised leg.

Hopefully, the real horror of dealing with insurance matters won’t haunt her.

Wolfe confirmed with HuffPo she was cast in the production as Sue Snell but had stepped in for the lead role in the promotional event after the actress playing Carrie got sick.

Carrie The Musical will run for two nights starting on Halloween at the Paramount Arts Center located in Ashland, Kentucky.

We’re glad she didn’t break any legs prior to her performance.

Stephen King’s first film based on one of his books, Carrie, is available here in a special collector’s edition.

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Written by Koh Mochizuki

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