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Trump Supporter’s Business Gets Hit Hard After Video Of Her Homophobic Tirade Goes Viral

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Why do we love watching people endure the consequences of their own bad behavior?

Gina Michelle Bisignano, who owns Gina’s Eyelashes And Skin Care in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California received a hefty dose of bad Yelp reviews after a video of her shouting homophobic slurs at a woman surfaced.

Covid denying Karen goes on homophobic rant (Echo Park, CA 11/29/20) from PublicFreakout

The video, which was taken at an “Open LA” protest on November 29, features Bisignano in a Trump 2020 shirt calling another woman a “f*gg*t” and a “New World Order Satanist.”

The “Open” protests are staged in opposition to pandemic measures like masks, social distancing and closures of certain types of businesses.

This one took place outside the home of L.A. County Department of Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer.

Folks who saw the video have now brought their grievances to her business’s review page with comments like:

“This woman came to my neighborhood and yelled slurs at my neighbors all in the name of denying science.”

“She is a hateful moron who jeopardizes public health. Good luck with her touching your face.”


“Gina gets 1 star because she thinks [the pandemic] and the deaths of healthcare workers is less important than her business of doing eyelashes.”

“Also, Gina hates f*gg*ts so this f*gg*t is leaving a 1 star review all the way from NY. Go f*ck yourself Gina.”

Another one star review read:

“A racist, homophobic trump supporter that doesn’t believe [the pandemic] is real.”

“Beware if you go here that you will be at risk with the virus. She refuses to wear a mask.”

The reviews for Gina don’t get any kinder:

“Homophobic racist. Found her anti-science, anti-gay ranting offensive.”

“This business should be avoided at ALL COSTS. owner is a racist homophobe. Plus, she’s ugly as sin.”

“Go somewhere else. Don’t support this hack.”

“Find yourself a legit salon that has a professional attitude not some kind of real housewife’s of Beverly Hills trash persona.”

“Gina is fine with being a racist and a homophobe. Her customers should know what kind of individual she is.”

“Decent customers should avoid her like the plague!”

Considering her business largely involves touching other people’s faces, folks are pointing out this may cause an issue with a highly contagious virus running rampant.

Bisignano had promoted the protest on her Facebook page.

Gina Michelle Bisignano/Facebook

After the backlash over her comments, TMZ reported she took to her page to claim she was the victim of an online attack.

However this a solid representation that freedom of speech does, once again, not mean freedom from consequences.

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