Woman Live-Tweets How A DNA Test Tore Her Extremely Italian Family Apart

As affordable home DNA testing becomes more common, everyone’s family tea is getting spilled left and right. Secret affairs get uncovered. Forgotten family lineages resurface. New heritages are discovered. Oh and sometimes a white supremacist finds out he’s black. One Twitter user shared the gripping saga of how her uncle had a look-see at the family DNA and discovered her very Italian family is…not Italian.

It all started with a VERY Italian family who decided to take a DNA test.

A DNA test that tore the family apart…

…In a slightly funny way.

This family of proud Italians found out they were Swiss, and then tried to desperately cling to their Italian heritage any way they could.

Some tried to adapt to their newfound Swiss heritage.

For those curious, “Joey Bag O’ Donuts” is Italian-American slang for someone who’s a little, uh, portly:

Urban Dictionary

After her family drama went viral, she posted an update on how they were all doing. Nana was the angriest one.

Of course, not everyone was mad. Some people were just relieved.

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