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Woman Melts Down After Being Called ‘Karen’ In Walmart, Claims It’s An ‘Anti-White, Racist Slur’

Royford Hilton / Facebook

With all the technology and information available today, we have the ability to gain a greater understanding of race relations on our own. This is probably why some people online have no patience when ignorant racists go viral.

Over on Reddit’s r/PublicFreakout board, people are losing it over a woman who compares being called Karen to a racist slur.

Anti-Masker Says She’s Going To Call 911 And Considers The Term “Karen” Racist from r/PublicFreakout

The video shows a woman at a Walmart with her phone out, recording her complaints about not being able to go in the store without a mask. Our hero and videographer, Royford Hilton, just can’t help himself and decides to jump in.

He says to her:

“That’s your Karen reaction, right?”

She responds:

“Black Lives Matter, right?”

Without missing a beat, our hero says:

“Yeah! Yours should too, but you don’t act like it!”

Karen has a meltdown and then tries to get his name. When he refuses, she claims they’ll I.D. him from his eyes and subpoena him to court. She then goes back to trying to get into the store without a mask.

People cannot believe her reaction.

Royford Hilton / Facebook
Royford Hilton / Facebook
Royford Hilton / Facebook

But the real reason this video went viral was because of her reaction to being called Karen so many times. As the video goes on, and Hilton keeps himself in the conversation, he calls her Karen several times.

And she does not like that.

She says:

“That’s an anti-white racist slur and it’s like me calling you a N-word.”

She also calls Hilton “ignorant” and “ghetto”.

It sadly isn’t uncommon for racist white women to weaponize their gender and place in society to antagonize people of color, especially Black people. And they often lack any self-awareness of the situation.

This aspect of the exchange was not lost on Reddit commenters.

“‘Yours should too, but you don’t act like it!’”
“Fantastic. This guy’s doing a public service and being witty about it too.”Gunlord500

“‘Anti White Racist’ nah just idiot agnostic”Angryscotsman88

“The difference between the N word and the term “Karen” is that pretty much every Black person in America- regardless of their education level, criminal history (or lack thereof), style of dress, manners, etc.- has been called the N word. Nobody has called my mom or sister Karen (my wife is a bit of a Karen).”LevPornass

“Also as Mulaney put it, if you’re comparing the badness of two words and won’t even say one of them, that’s the worse word.”-Silky_Johnson

On top of all this, there’s the part where the woman is an anti-masker. We’re in the middle of a pandemic that has killed over 200,000 Americans, and we still have people complaining about wearing a mask to the grocery store.

This is despite the fact that just about every reputable medical authority recommends masks to slow the spread of the disease, and many states, cities and private businesses have rules in place regarding wearing them.

So if you can’t stop yourself from being racist, maybe at least try listening to science.

“People who legit don’t understand that private businesses have the right to refuse service if their rules are disrespected. The cops must be getting real tired of this by now.”bloody_terrible

“Unless cops charge these people for disturbing peace, such things will go on.”mandalorian_in_us

“Karen’s come in all colors, shapes, sizes, races and yes, even genders. They don’t care who you are. They hate everyone equally.”skin_peeler

“Again with the “Medical Reasons” bullsh*t. Wear a face shield stupid, that is why they exist. Then you can shop.”_kalron_

We don’t know how this meltdown ended. It sounds at the end as if Hilton is going to excuse himself from the conversation, leaving Karen to continue pointlessly arguing about her maskless rights.

What we do know is that it’s a lot better not to be racist, and to try listening to scientists about a deadly infectious disease.

Ben Acosta

Written by Ben Acosta

Ben Acosta is an Arizona-based fiction author and freelance writer. In his free time, he critiques media and acts in local stage productions.