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Woman Refuses To Leave Her Sunbathing Spot For Wedding Photoshoot, Pretends To Be Asleep

It’s time for another round of “Who’s The Bigger As$h*le” with our friends, the internet! This edition will be a battle between a sunbather and an entire wedding party. You ready? Here we go.

The battle arena was a public park. The sunbather opted to catch some rays in a spot near a popular and beautiful gazebo that is often used for photo shoots and special events. It’s so popular, in fact, that it’s become something of an unspoken tradition in that city to shoot wedding photos there.

As the groom’s son put it:

“Half of Torquay have their wedding photos in that garden!”

We can see why. The bride and groom look lovely tucked in among the foliage.


The wedding party arrived after the ceremony to snap a few pictures, as is customary. They realized the sunbather was relaxing and began trying to work around her. They honestly expected her to move, but she stayed strong, laying right in what was essentially the middle of the set.

The wedding party understood she was there first, but sunbathing in the middle of a popular wedding photo shoot spot during peak wedding season and not expecting a wedding to show up is…a choice not everyone would make.

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It’s kind of like sunbathing right by the shoreline and being surprised when waves come in, or sunbathing in a grazing pasture and acting truly flummoxed when cows show up.

Anyway, the sunbather stood her ground. She knew she was in the middle of wedding photo central during the middle of wedding season but by golly, she was there first. Sure, there was plenty of sunshine literally five feet to the side and she could have scooted to allow the wedding party to shoot. But she didn’t.

She just hung out doing her thing. 

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The wedding party tried asking her nicely to scoot aside for a few minutes. The formerly-awake-and-active sunbather responded by…get this…pretending to be asleep. So the wedding party did the best they could to just shoot around her, hoping she could be cropped out of the pictures.

The sunbather eventually relented and moved a few feet over but, in a masterful passive-aggressive maneuver; she moved only her body. She left her towel, her shade, and the rest of her belongings right there in the middle of the “set”. So the wedding party just…shot their pictures!

The photos from that day are certainly unique. 


One guest shot a bit of video after the woman had been asked to slide over for a few shots and refused. 

The internet was divided. Some were #TeamSunbather. It’s a public spot and she was there first! Why should she move? 


Others were #TeamWedding. The sunbather pretended to be asleep until she moved and left her stuff. Who does that?


We want to know where you fall on this. Are you #TeamSunbather or #TeamWedding? Or do you kind of want to scold everyone involved? Sound off!


H/T: Bored Panda, Twitter, YouTube


Written by Erica Diaz

Erica is the consummate cool-kid. She’s so cool that she’s been talked about in magazines, on blogs and on the radio after losing her left eye because of a piece of glitter. She is still actively mourning the passing of Prince and hopes to one day do an all-iguana remake of Graffiti Bridge since iguanas are plentiful near her home in South Florida. She has yet to find one that can really nail the “ahhhyayayeaheaheah” that Tevin Campbell does in Round and Round, and everyone knows the music is the important part of any Prince film. She’s a mother, singer, writer and (if the internet is to be believed - which we all know it is) a Nigerian socialite mid-ranking member of the Illuminati. She prides herself on being the most popular one-eyed rock star under 5 ft tall in pretty much any room she walks into.