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Woman Rescued By Stranger From Stalker Shares Her Gratitude For His Quick Thinking

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More and more awareness of sexual harassment and predatory behavior directed at women and femme people has meant more and more people are speaking up about their experiences.

Too often, these stories end tragically.

However, one woman is sharing a story in which a male ally decided to step up to the plate and help her out of a sticky situation.

Thank you to the guy on subway who could read my body language. from TwoXChromosomes

The full text reads…

“I got on the 1 train here, and a man got on after me. (this happens everywhere) I had my keys between my hands but barely noticable because this guy has been standing behind me the whole 6 minutes i waited for the train. (calling me baby etc,)”

“I sat down and he sat over me holding the bar. and I felt so anxious like throwing up so I stood up near a bunch of other people holding the rail.”

“Then this [other] guy says to me “hey lauren. you going to jeffs dinner party too?”

“i was confused for a sec because he was staring at me and my name isn’t lauren. it took me like 10 seconds to even realize what he was doing. i said yeah. and he said ‘perfect timing we can walk together. what stop were you going to get off on” and I told him.”

“then he says look what jeff texted me and handed me the notes app which had ‘are you ok?’ and he kind of moved to side so i could write in it. I told him this guy was following me.”

“He ended up getting off my stop with me and walked me all the way to my friends apartment. When he was suppose to get off at 103. The [stalker] guy soon left mostly because this guy was way bigger than him thankfully.”

“I have never been in a spot like that and I always told myself what I’d do in a situation like that but I just froze and shut down.”

“I am so thankful men like him are out there and aware of situations like that. In New York most people really keep to themselves so thank you very much Michael. wherever you are.”

“i am sorry i made you late. but you were like my guardian angel”

Many related.

“Sometimes, even eye contact from a guy with a concerned/questioning expression on his face will make me feel like somebody has my back in that kind of situation. Him taking the extra step with you was an awesome thing to read.” – Abysha

“Definitely. I had an older man approach me late at night, getting in my space and asking for money. He wouldn’t leave me alone. A young guy walking by made eye contact with me and stopped. He just stood nearby waiting until the creepy dude finally left. Then he made eye contact again, nodded and continued on his way.” 

“I went from ‘oh shit’ to ‘ok, someone has my back’. I think he handled that situation perfectly and it made me so happy knowing there are decent people who will take the time to make sure a stranger is okay. I was just sorry I never got to thank him. You will probably never read this, random dude, but thank you!” – ion_mighty

“Something like this just happened to me. I was standing at the bus stop and a clearly troubled guy with a cane came up and stood beside me, he seemed very angry. I’m pregnant so I noped right out of there and went and stood away from him. He comes screaming after me and pointing his cane at me and banging it on the nearby trash can. All the while he’s yelling that I ruin his day everyday.”

“I was scared but trying to remain calm and asked him to stop several times. Then suddenly this guy appears beside me and just looks at me and says ‘you ok?’ The screaming guy saw him and walked away. That guy stood calmly beside me until my bus came and when I left he said ‘I hope your day gets better.’ I was and am so thankful for him.” – lomo2785

Others’ hearts were warmed.

“There are decent folks out there :-)” – Kittywitty73

“That’s beautiful!!” – bigbalooba

“The best and the worst all in one go. This is fantastic and terrible to hear all at once and I’m glad you made it out safely.”

“Just a perfect example that it’s never a blanket. It’s all down to individuals. Thanks to the person to helped you out!” – NekuraHitokage

“This makes me so happy that someone was looking out for you! I try my hardest specially at night time to be more aware of the people around me to make sure they okay! I always carry a pocket knife as well on me but when I don’t I have my keys in my hands as well!” – Cacasx

“This was cool to read. I’m glad you made it to your friends ok.” – UchihaDivergent

And many thought it was a good lesson for men everywhere.

“This made me cry pretty hard. I hope stories like yours become such common place that people like the creep slink back into the shadows. This is a great PSA for women. I wonder if the hero had confronted the creep if it would have been a nasty outcome. But I feel these guys could do with a bit of a ‘slap’. From someone who can “slap” pretty hard. Hard enough you don’t want to get ‘slapped’ again.” – Diabetes_Mellitus89

“The guy handled the situation perfectly. Escalating it would increase the risk of someone getting hurt, the creep could have easily been armed.” – ThumperLovesValve

Thank God for good samaritans!

H/T: Independent, Reddit

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