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Man Caught On Camera Shoving Woman Off Bus After She Spit On Him During Tense Argument

kangaru-/Reddit; diegooforeo/TikTok

It seems the entitled and belligerent Karens and their male counterparts in society are taking some heat.

See, for instance, the woman dubbed “Spitting Karen,” who was bodily thrown off of her public transportation after spitting on a fellow passenger.

Another passenger caught part of the incident on video, which was posted originally on TikTok and then shared on the “Public Freakout” subReddit.

At the start of the video, the woman was already visibly shaking her head. She was standing on the bus, holding onto one of the standing rails while carrying several bags of groceries.

A man, only partially visible to the camera, was speaking to the woman and could be heard saying:

“You’re disgusting.” 

The presumption was that this was in response to her lack of a face mask on public transportation. Whatever the reason, she turned toward the man and spat in his face.

The man rose to his feet and shoved the woman, approached her again and shoved her off the bus. She stumbled out onto the sidewalk before falling.

Another woman passed the man, asking: 

“What is wrong with you?” 

The camera continued to roll as she checked on the woman on the sidewalk. In the meantime, the man was attempting to wipe the spit from his forehead.

Another person could be heard telling the man:

“Chill, man.”

The video ended with the man glaring out the window at the woman, still huddled on the sidewalk, before returning to his seat.

You can watch the video here: 

woman spits on someone on the bus, gets what she deserves from r/PublicFreakout

Redditors floated theories about what may have happened prior to the start of the video.

“You hear ‘you’re disgusting’ which sounds like it’s said by the guy first. The sound before that is distorted.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if the woman had made a racist comment. Unfortunately, Canada, and Vancouver in particular, has seen an uptick in hate towards Asian communities due to [the pandemic] and people being more sh*tty than usual looking for someone to blame.”onlyinevitable

“Metro BC requires masks on all buses. You can see the spitter wasn’t wearing one. You can bet someone told her to put on a mask.”

“Anti maskers tend to be reactionaries, meaning they’re also likely racist.”smayonak

“My bet is she got told to put on a mask, as you can see she isn’t, but her entitled a** got offended.”aafa

“He said she’s disgusting and she wanted to prove him right.”UsoppFutureKing

Some Redditors felt the woman got what she deserved for spitting on her fellow passenger. 

“bUt YoU cAnT sHoVe WoMaN. You shouldn’t shove anyone out of a bus, but as far as I’m concerned that courtesy goes out the door when someone not wearing a mask during a global pandemic spits in your face.”reincarN8ed

“doesn’t even have to be during a pandemic. She got what she deserved.”boldchicken527

“I was hoping that the woman who checked to make sure she was okay instead loomed over her and [said] something to the effect of ‘I just wanted you to know you are a c*nt, and you got off easy for that sh*t.'”pauly13771377

“I think he handled that rather well, given the situation.”

“Defended himself by removing the offender from his personal space, then went back and sat down, and escalated no further.”

“That is a good amount of self-control, that I’m not sure that I could muster”RaisinSwords

Others emphasized how disgusting spitting actually is.

“Spitting on someone is one of the most vile, dehumanizing things you can do. She definitely deserved this”folded_boner

“Even pre-[pandemic] she deserves that and worse”

“Spitting on someone is like one of the most entitled and disrespectful things someone can do”BadlyDrawnMemes

A few also pointed out spitting is a form of assault, especially during a pandemic. 

“Spitting is already legally assault anyway, even in a non-pandemic situation. And people have the right to defend themselves if assaulted.”AnorakJimi

“It’s basically giving someone else your bodily fluids without their consent. Pretty damn disgusting.”Eerawai

“In Denmark, spitting on other people is considered assault and is punishable with up to a year’s prison. He was acting in self-defense.”Miselfis

“In most states in the US, it is also considered assault with bodily fluid and gets you in quite a bit of trouble. It’s treated legally, at least where I am from, the same as of somebody hurled feces at you.”failure_tothrive

The video has since been removed from TikTok for reasons unknown, but the subReddit post is going strong with nearly 80-thousand upvotes.

McKenzie Lynn Tozan

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