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Woman To Go Under The Knife For Third Surgery To Achieve The ‘Perfect Barbie Vagina’


Star Delgiudice has gone on air with This Morning on ITV in the UK to say she is “addicted to surgery”:

Delgiudice is now reportedly going under the knife for her third vaginal procedure.

The reason?

Said Delgiudice:

“[To] enable me to have the most perfect vagina, just like Barbie.”

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“Despite the large cost, it’s something I can’t stop thinking about.”

Ummm… that’s not how we remember Barbie…

Delgiudice’s procedure reportedly will involve “reducing the length of the labia minora” and moving “autologous fat to the labia majora” for “rejuvenation, brightness and also beautification,” according to her surgeon, Bulent Cihantimur.

“Other surgeons offer labioplasty or vagina surgery but my difference is the technique I use, the way and the location of the transferring the fat into the body and the stage of preparation.  This technique turns her vagina into her teenager times.”

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????DOLLY… can only Dream

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Delgiudice has spent $257,000 on surgeries.

The list includes:

  • breast implants,
  • liposuction,
  • four nose jobs,
  • jaw and forehead contouring,
  • two eyebrow lifts,
  • nipple reduction,
  • eyelash treatment,
  • veneers and
  • a surgical lip lift.

Said Delgiudice:

“Due to the amount of surgery I’ve had, I often get people staring at me in the street but I don’t care.  I’m proud of the amount of plastic surgery I have had and I’ll never stop as it’s part of who I am.”

According to The New York PostDelgiudice also:

“spends nearly $200 a month on facials and nearly $39,000 annually on lip and cheek fillers and Botox.”

Delgiudice added:

“Some people might think I’m mad — but I love the plastic Barbie look.”

We wish Ms. Delgiudice the best on her upcoming Barbie vaginoplasty.

Since Delgiudice is into Barbie and surgery, this may be the perfect doll for her, available here.

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