Teen Who Posted TikTok Video Right After Flipping Her Car Says It Helped Her ‘Cope’ With The Accident


A Pittsburgh teen counted her blessings after her brush with death and made a TikTok video as a coping mechanism.

The vehicle that transported 16-year-old Katie Cornetti and two of her friends “rolled over” while on a drive two weeks ago.

She recounted the terrifying moment with Buzzfeed News.

Cornetti assessed the aftermath and began laughing after realizing they were still alive.

“We saw [the window] shatter and we look at each other and were like, ‘Are you OK? Are you OK?’ Once we figured out we were all OK, we started laughing.”

“We’re best friends and this is how we coped together.”

Here is the clip from Cornetti’s TikTok page.

The cause of the accident was allegedly tied to the haphazard mounting of a tire.

Cornetti was in the passenger seat and her friend Marissa was behind the wheel when the car flpped over while making a turn on a winding road.

All three passengers managed to avoid a far worse outcome thanks to the seatbelts they were wearing at the time Marissa lost control of the vehicle.

Save for a bruised lip, Cornetti and her friends survived the wreck, unscathed.

While waiting for help to arrive after their treacherous topple, Cornetti had one specific thought.

“While we were sitting there … waiting for the police to come, for some reason in my mind I was like, “I should make a TikTok, why not, I have nothing better to do.'”

“I picked the first song and made a random TikTok.”

Making the video was an effective way for Cornetti to combat anxiety. 

“That was the first thing that came to mind…to do that. It really was scary…But we decided let’s do this to get our minds off of it, and honestly it helped a lot.”

It wasn’t until YouTuber Zane Hijazi saw the TikTok clip, screen-recorded it and shared it on Twitter that made the video go viral.

The car appeared to be totaled, but the teenagers were still going places. The tweet received 139K likes so far, thanks to Hijazi.

Buzzfeed said Cornetti was coincidentally wearing Hijazi merchandise at school when she discovered the YouTuber shared her video.

“I was freaking out. I didn’t expect it to blow up as much as it did.”

But not everyone was amused by Cornetti’s peculiar decision to film a post-accident music video.

But others sided with the girls and argued for their respect.

She assured her parents weren’t upset over the video and that she isn’t bothered by the backlash.

“The comments are not really bothering me ’cause who does make a TikTok after a car crash?”

“We are perfectly fine, we got really lucky.”

Cornetti had just gotten into another accident a week before this incident but reacted differently then.

“Literally the week before I got into a small car accident I was freaking out and crying — that was not the best way to cope with anything.”

She also touched on the stigma of using social media.

“[Social media] is distracting…in ways, it’s bad distracting, but it helped us get out of the real world for a second and helped us calm down. I would never have said that before this.”

We’re glad Cornetti and her friends survived to tell their story, set to music or otherwise.

Koh Mochizuki

Written by Koh Mochizuki

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