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Woman’s Attempt To Get Off Using Her Shower Head Lands Her In The E.R. After She Shatters The Shower Door

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How far would you go for pleasure?

Many people travel far and wide to taste delicious foods, others hike along treacherous paths to view beautiful sites, and still others risk their lives for the feeling and thrill of an adrenaline rush.

One Reddit user inadvertently risked her safety for the ultimate pleasure of an orgasm.

Scooter-magee posted about the embarrassing incident on the subReddit “TIFU”, or “Today I F*cked Up”.

Her post is titled:

“TIFU when using the shower head to masturbate”

The tale involves several paragraphs of hilarious humiliation, but her TL;DR version states:

“Went to town on myself with the shower head, as I orgasmed I slipped and fell through the shower screen and went to the ED for a few stitches.”

Read the full account below.

TIFU when using the shower head to masturbate from tifu

People can’t help but laugh.

“*glass shattering orgasm”thugnyssa

“And that’s why I prefer shower curtains.”BreadyStinellis

“Imagine having an orgasm strong enough to fucking fall through the shower door.”Mikeismyike

“‘hey Mom, how’d you get those stitches’InfernalNermal9

“I work in the ER and hearing the real story would have made my day. Days can get dark pretty quickly and it’s nice to get a chuckle.”kelleigh712

Others expressed their mutual appreciation for the shower head, and even gave scooter-magee some tips.

“Shower head is my favorite and quickest way to get off when I’m alone. Luckily mine is in a bathtub so I get to lay down and go to town. It’s awesome. I even bought an extended cord (?) so it reaches comfortably.”animalisticneeds

“You can actually reach orgasm without even holding the shower head. Just aim it right from the arm the head sits in and lay there. Ive been doing that for almost 20 years now.”Ashleyfaye88

“I use the faucet of the bath tub. You lay on your back and just position yourself then both hands are free to play with other things. I admittedly learned this from the princess diary books. That was how I got through my teen years without my parents ever knowing I did those kinds of things. Baths were normal in my house.”victoriaefm1998

“Get a waterproof dildo with a suction cup on the end of it.”

“Suction it to the inside of bathtub, along the wall of which you would usually step over to get into the tub.”

“Lay sideways in the tub so your legs are hanging out over said side of the tub. You should now find yourself with a new friend in your vagina.”

“Proceed to attack your clit with the powerful stream shooting out of the showerhead.”

“You’re welcome.”

“P.s. try bouncing the bottom of your legs up and down, ride your friend a little.”Party-of-fun

“lay down next time :)”sharxbyte

Time to invest in some tempered glass.

The Hydroluxe 1433 Handheld Showerhead & Rain Shower Combo is available here.


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