Wrestling Superfan Gives His Wedding Guests A Shock By Epically Choke-Slamming His Bride’s Ex Through A Table At Wedding Reception

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Who doesn’t love a little wedding drama? Well, one groom decided to take it to the next level when he choke-slammed his wife’s ex into a table.

The moment was captured for posterity on camera.

Don’t worry, no one was hurt. It was all staged, but to pretty spectacular effect.

Nick Boulanger told People

“We’ve been engaged for a while and we wanted to put our own stamp on it, we didn’t want it to be one of those typical weddings where it’s all romantic and then you have the dance. I like professional wrestling, so I’ve been wanting to do it for a long time.”

Then, they contacted wrestler Steve O’Reno to help stage a Wrestlemania level stunt for their wedding guests. Reno himself played the bride’s jilted ex. Boulanger himself built the table that he slammed O’Reno through using things he bought at Home Depot. The only people in on what was about to happen were O’Reno’s groomsmen. The video quickly went viral.

People were reminded of their favorite wrestling moves.

Some wanted to take the idea for their own weddings.

People were here for it.

If only we had a guest reaction shot!


Dana Levinson

Written by Dana Levinson

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