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    People Reveal The Moment They Decided To Never Have Children

    Being a parent is a beautiful, rewarding, messy, complicated, magical thing. It’s also absolutely not for everyone. We understand not everyone gets a choice in the matter, but quite a few people do – and the ones who do oftentimes just say no. One Reddit user asked: People that decided on NEVER having children – What […] More

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    Bridesmaids Share Their Best Bridezilla Stories

    Brides can be a bit much. We all know that. Their wedding is only the biggest day of their lives. So they are allowed a little leeway. But there is a point when nerves furlough into bats**t crazy! Who has thousands of dollars to spend as a bridesmaids? And the wedding party is not entitled to turn […] More

  • Single People Reveal Their Tinder Date Horror Story

    Tinder, the popular social dating app that simplifies the massively complex world of human interaction to swiping left/right, can lead to successful relationships. It appears more commonly, now, that many couples got their start on Tinder. However, the trope of the “Tinder Horror Story” exists for a reason. Meeting people who aren’t what you thought […] More