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  • Jaded People Explain The Moment They Knew They Were ‘Too Old For This Sh*t’

      You don’t even think about it. It’s a beautiful, crisp Spring day. Birds are singing, couples are out for a walk in the park, you sit to feed the pigeons, and you notice those darn whipper-snappers taking selfies to post to their FaceChats or SnapGrams and they need to learn to get off your […] More

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    People Reveal The Moment They Decided To Never Have Children

    Being a parent is a beautiful, rewarding, messy, complicated, magical thing. It’s also absolutely not for everyone. We understand not everyone gets a choice in the matter, but quite a few people do – and the ones who do oftentimes just say no. One Reddit user asked: People that decided on NEVER having children – What […] More

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    Bridesmaids Share Their Best Bridezilla Stories

    Brides can be a bit much. We all know that. Their wedding is only the biggest day of their lives. So they are allowed a little leeway. But there is a point when nerves furlough into bats**t crazy! Who has thousands of dollars to spend as a bridesmaids? And the wedding party is not entitled to turn […] More

  • People Whose Lives Have Been Rocked By DNA Services Like 23andMe Reveal What Happened

    There’s often a dark side to having your DNA heritage tested – you might found out you’re not who you think you are. But that’s the risk, and maybe if everyone got their DNA tested, there would less racism in the world. Personally, I’m open-minded, and family isn’t only defined by blood. gonegirlss asked: People whose […] More

  • Single People Reveal Their Tinder Date Horror Story

    Tinder, the popular social dating app that simplifies the massively complex world of human interaction to swiping left/right, can lead to successful relationships. It appears more commonly, now, that many couples got their start on Tinder. However, the trope of the “Tinder Horror Story” exists for a reason. Meeting people who aren’t what you thought […] More