Todd Beeton | Editor-In-Chief| [email protected]
Brian Skellenger | Editor | [email protected]
Amelia Christnot | Editor | [email protected]
Evan Brechtel | Editor | [email protected]

Liz Freedman | Video Producer | [email protected]
Jerrel Bernard | Associate Video Producer & Editor | [email protected]

Billy Casey | Social Media Editor | [email protected]
Bella Bedoya | Partnerships Coordinator | [email protected]
Tos Sasitorn | Partnerships & Merchandise Coordinator | [email protected]

Blair Shepard | Revenue | [email protected]
Sam Prince | Audience Development | [email protected]

Tom Garruto | Operations | [email protected]

Lorenzo Thione CEO, The Social Edge | [email protected]
Jay Kuo CCO, The Social Edge | [email protected]


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  1. I tried to use your contact page to send this but it doesn’t work (never completed the send after 10 minutes).

    I run an ad blocker for a lot of reasons but was willing to disable it for your site. The problem is that your message about using an ad blocker pops up and blocks the dialog box that I have to confirm to turn off the ad blocker. Since your message can’t be moved on the screen and remains on top of whatever else shows up, I can’t get the ad blocker disabled for the whole site – just on a page by page basis. You might want to rethink how that works. I want to shut off the ad blocker but your message about it blocks my ability to do so.

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