Editorial Staff

Tom Garruto Editor-in-Chief [email protected]
Todd Beeton Senior Editor [email protected]
Brian Skellenger Content Ideation [email protected]
Shilpa Ambadipudi Editor & Social Media Coordinator [email protected]
Amelia Christnot Weekend Editor [email protected]
Jay Kuo Chief Creative Officer, The Social Edge [email protected]
Alan Jude Ryland Editor [email protected]
Koh Mochizuki Staff Writer [email protected]
Roberto Acosta Contributor [email protected]
Vanessa Nix Anthony Contributor [email protected]
Evan Brechtel Contributor [email protected]
B. Miller Contributor [email protected]
Chet Dawson Contributor [email protected]
Erica Diaz Contributor [email protected]
Brandon Gage Contributor [email protected]he-social-edge.com
Collin Gossel Contributor [email protected]
Jonna Ivin Contributor [email protected]
Dana Levinson Contributor [email protected]
Dennis Matthew Livesey Contributor [email protected]
Mark Loproto Contributor [email protected]
Alex Maxx Contributor [email protected]
Mark Sophia Contributor [email protected]
John Sundholm Contributor [email protected]
Mike Walsh Contributor [email protected]
Thomas Dane Contributor [email protected]

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