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Woman Kicks In-Laws Out After Catching Them Breaking Into Her Room And Going Through Her Stuff

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It’s nice to finally own your own home and be able to have your family over.

But, since it is your space, you decide the boundaries and they should follow them.

Redditor bobthebuilder798 encountered this very confusion with her in-laws. So she turned to the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit for moral judgment.

She asked:

“AITA for kicking my in laws out?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“My husband (25) and I (23 F) purchased our first home 6 months ago.”

“A 4 bedroom home as we hope to have children soon. My mother in law (52) and father in law (51) are currently living with us for the last 3 months as they are having their home completely remodeled.”

“I am a very private person and protective of my belongings as I grew up with 5 siblings and my stuff was always stolen so I make sure that I have my stuff and no one touches without asking.”

“We have a lock on our bedroom door and we lock it when we leave each day because we’ll we have personal items and don’t need anyone snooping. I had cameras installed in the house because our neighbors house got broken into last month and if that were to happen to us I would want proof and to find out who it was so we had them installed.”

OP went on a couple’s vacation.

“Well my husband and I left out of town for the weekend to get away and be alone.”

“On our way home the camera in our bedroom notified us of movement and I was surprised as our room is locked so I looked at the footage and there’s my in laws going through my stuff and my mother in law threw away my ‘toys’ and she ripped the sheets off our bed and she threw them into the restroom and ripped them up.”

“I don’t know why.”

“And, my father in law was throwing out my husband and my clothes from our drawers. My husband and I were furious.”

OP’s in-laws tried to explain their side of the story.

“When we got home we saw our room and asked them why they would do this and they said that they were sure we were hiding that we were secretly pregnant and they wanted proof (ultrasound photos) to show their friends that they are going to be grandparents.”

“I was furious and I told them to get out of our home and that they need to pay for the items that were damaged.”

“They still haven’t apologized for their behavior or reimbursed us and I will not allow them into our home until they do.”

“My husband agrees with me but his siblings are pissed that we kicked their parents out because now one of them has to take them in.”

“So am I the a**hole?”

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Redditors agreed OP was not the a**hole.

“NTA, but the in-laws are feral. The siblings of your husband are pissed because now they will have to be responsible of the ferals and are scared what they might destroy in the next house.”

“Stand your ground!”

“If no one wants them, they can go to a motel.” ~ ZZ12zz14ZZ

“Send the videos around to the family.”

“NTA.” ~ usernaym44

“Naw, wait until you use them for evidence of the deliberate nature and monetary value of their wanton destruction spree in small claims court, THEN send them around to everybody.” ~ Elesia

“Pulling up to court making your MIL pay for your sex toys is such a funny idea to me.” ~ texasnymph

“Hey man, good sex toys ain’t cheap.” ~ LadyShanna92

“Also usually the family that defends TA doesn’t just come out and say they are mad because now they have to take them in, usually they dance around a bit and say ‘but it’s family how could you’ before admitting they refuse to help as well.”

“That was really a gift from his siblings.” ~ dj_narwhal

“Yup, no one wants them.”

“Also, as someone who had an extremely traumatic pregnancy in which I and the doctors weren’t sure I’d carry to term, I can tell you having people try to out you is torture. It’s your choice when you tell people when that time comes if that is your plan. Anyone trying to out you can jump in the lake.”

“Edited: NTA” ~ Hedgehog_Insomniac

People agreed they deserve to get their money back.

“Those things aren’t cheap, depending on what you’re buying and how many items. I definitely think small claims court would be both hilarious as well as justified.”

“OP is NTA. Don’t let them ever come back in! And this is a bit worrisome for when y’all do finally have kids.”

“You’re going to have some feral grandparents waiting in the wings with bated breath on crotch watch while you’re pregnant, when you’re delivering, and then bringing home the baby.”

“They’ll probably volunteer to each hold a leg during the delivery.” ~ LeafOnTheWind2020

“NTA and I concur with leaf. I own a single custom one worth about 150 dollars. Vibrators can be anywhere from 20 (bullet) to 100 (wand), and there are luxury toys that can be 200 or 300 a pop, easy. Court’s the way to go here.” ~ Coyote_Awkward

OP responded.

“I’m waiting until Saturday. Because I know they get paid Friday so if they don’t give me my money by Saturday I’m taking them to court and sending out the video.” ~ bobthebuilder798

“They actually broke the lock on your door? And the answer makes zero sense! Why rip up the sheets?? I’m confused…lollll” ~ Learning-evryday

“Yeah I’m confused on that too? I asked them about it and they just stayed quiet on that question which is when I told them to get out.” ~ bobthebuilder798

“It was about 10 different toys.. I know that’s a lot lol but we like to try new things overall cost was about $1100” ~ bobthebuilder798

“NTA. But what the f does ripping up sheets or throwing things away have to do with pregnancy? That makes zero sense. Are they nuts?” ~ has2give

“That’s what I said! Nothing makes sense with them.” ~ bobthebuilder798

OP’s in-laws were incredibly disrespectful.