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Woman Accused Of ‘Showing Off’ By Bringing A ‘Designer’ Cat Carrier Into Vet Waiting Room

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Most pet owners want to guarantee the very best for their pets.

But sometimes that can lead to jealousy among other pet owners, pointed out the “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) subReddit.

Redditor celebritieseatbread was surprised by how she was received in the waiting room at her veterinarian’s office because of the cat carrier she was using.

When she heard what a fellow cat owner had to say, the Original Poster (OP) wondered if she was somehow wrong.

She asked the sub:

“AITA for ‘showing off’ my cat carrier at the vet?”

The OP had a carrier for her larger than average cat.

“I really cannot believe this, but my family and friends are split pretty much 50/50.”

“While I think more than half that think I’m TA do so because they don’t like cats, it’s bothering me.”

“I took one of my cats to the vet yesterday for his yearly checkup. My vet has relaxed restrictions so it’s no longer the techs coming out to get the cat from the car, we’re now back sitting in the waiting room.”

“He is a big cat but not overweight, something in the mix of his genes created a large dude – 18.2 pounds.”

“Due to his size, he doesn’t fit in the carriers I have for my other cats so I use an older carrier that was for my smallish dog.”

“This carrier was used to transport my dog overseas not in cargo, so it’s TSA approved and nicer than the average carrier.”

“Little more roomy, not plastic, lots of mesh for visibility, quite cozy.”

“The poor thing had to sit in it for 8 hours, of course, we wanted him to be as comfortable as possible.”

“But as I said, it’s older. It has scuff marks and shows normal wear and tear, so it’s not like I was carrying a fresh-out-of-the-sweatshop Prada handbag with a cat inside.”

Another woman in the waiting room didn’t appreciate it. 

“There was another woman in the waiting room with her cat in a large plastic kennel-sort of unit, the ones where you can unlatch and separate the top from the bottom halves, easily twice the size of my carrier.”

“I was focused on calming my cat down so wasn’t really paying attention to her, but heard her coughing and clearing her throat repeatedly so I asked if she was okay.”

“She sort of scoffed and said I must be insecure if I have to show off at the vet’s office. I didn’t understand what she meant so I just shrugged.”

“She however clarified, saying I should be ashamed to flaunt my wealth when others are having such a hard time even finding homes.”

“Again, I had no idea what she was talking about so I said I’m not doing anything like that.”

“She got upset and said I’ve clearly never worked a day in my life so I wouldn’t understand what it feels like to be a working mother and watch some white trash bring in a designer cat carrier.”

The OP finally had enough.

“I got p**sed and said the carrier is 6 years old, a year older than the cat inside of it, and even if I didn’t have the benefit of reusing something of high quality, I would’ve sure as s**t managed to buy something more comfortable for my stressed-out cat than the plastic bin she’s got for hers (there wasn’t even a towel inside it for the poor cat to lay on).”

“I may not be wealthy but I at least give a s**t about my pets.”

“I got called back before she could reply.”

“I know it was a low blow, but I was minding my own business when she got up in mine.”


The Redditor also posted a link to a cat carrier very similar to her own:


Fellow Redditors weighed in: 

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Some couldn’t believe the carrier the woman was upset over. 

“NTA. White trash. She called you White trash. Because of what you carry your cat around in, she started giving you s**t. Op, it is none of her damn business and her commenting on you, your carrier, or anything else was completely unnecessary.”LuvMeLongThyme

“You did fine! I honestly probably would have laughed in her face and asked if she was high just out of the pure shock of the situation!”

“Also, the girl called you White trash – she’s really lucky you didn’t throw a cat at her face.”salt_and_tea

“Lady sounds like she’s seriously projecting. Saying OP ‘never worked a day in [their life]’ because of a cat carrier? Even if the thing was made of solid gold and encrusted in blood diamonds, she should have minded her own business.”aloriaaa

“I am currently at the vet with my cat in her carrier. I’ve just realized this carrier is getting too old and is ready to retire. If I saw you in the vet’s office the only thing I might have said was, ‘Cool carrier, where’d you get it? I need a new one.'”FullBlownPanic

“It’s super weird she thought that was luxury. My bulky plastic crate (fits a heated bed so my old sick cat needs it) was more expensive & higher quality than the soft ones I tried.”

“I was expecting one of those cool kitty backpacks or something.”DropsOfLiquid

Others agreed and were confused at the OP’s family’s reaction. 

“NTA. This is the stupidest thing I have heard people get in such a snit over, I can’t believe your family/friends are agreeing with her.”

“Do they really expect you to buy a different carrier because your current one… looks too nice? That’s an absurd level of consumerism, tbh (to be honest).”Keg-of-Glory

“People are so weird. So are your friends and family. That’s such a weird thing to think you’re an asshole over. She made a snide comment about your carrier and rude assumption about you.”VeryBerryRefresher

The OP was confused as to what to think because of her friends’ and family’s mixed feelings. But the subReddit was certain that the OP had done nothing wrong.

Not only was her cat carrier not that luxurious, but she simply had it as a means to provide for her animal, not to show off her spending to those less fortunate.

Written by McKenzie Lynn Tozan

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