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Employee Sparks Drama After Jokingly Changing His Manager’s Password To Something Inappropriate

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Work friendships can be total lifesavers. That’s especially true for those jobs that are so repetitive it’s difficult to encounter any mental stimulation throughout an entire shift.

Relying on someone to crack jokes and pass the time with makes the daily grind palatable.

One Redditor working at a supermarket had a friend just like that. They were daily chums, skirting the boundaries of professionalism just enough to make their shifts interesting.

But one day some unforeseen variables came into play and a little prank took on a whole new dimension.

The Redditor, known as SignatureLabel on the site, found the whole ordeal worthy of sharing to the internet world. He recounted everything and posted to the “Today I F’ked Up (TIFU)” subReddit for all to see.

His title to the post said it all.  

“TIFU by changing my store managers work login password to QueefQueen696969”

The Original Poster (OP) began with some background to set the tone for the overall work environment. 

“Happened last night but only found out how big I f***ed up today when I went into work.”

“So, I’m an assistant manager for a large supermarket chain. Last night I went into work as usual. Did my usual thing of managing a bunch of part-time students who don’t give a f*** about their job and only care about their paycheck at the end of the month, same as me.”

Like every other day, he followed the usual closing routine. 

“So the night goes fine we get everything done and I head to the office to do…. Let’s just say I have to click a button so numbers for the day get sent somewhere.”

“The only way I can click this button is by using the login details associated with the store manager. Now, these login details are something he uses to get into the in-store computer, and he uses them probably 30 times a day when he is working.”

Suddenly, OP was struck with an idea. 

“All managers have their own logins but the store managers logins are the only way you can press this button at the end of the night.”

“So, as I sign in with his login details a tab pops up telling me I have to change the password before I can progress. There is absolutely no way I can press this button, which I NEED TO PRESS, without changing the password.”

“So I change it to… QueefQueen696969. I write the password on a piece of paper and out it in the drawer labelled ‘store manager.'”

“Me and the store manager get along really well and I know he would usually find this hilarious.”

But he never would have foreseen the audience on the following day.  

“But… The next morning when he arrived he had a store visit from the head of sales for his country. This only happens one day out of every year if that. Sometimes once every two years.”

“I’m gonna set a scene now from what I heard from the store manager.”

“Him, his area manager, the head of sales for the country are sitting in the store office. The head of sales asks to see something on the computer. He asked to see staff expenditure which is something that can only be accessed from the store managers logins.”

Cue cringe-induced squirming. 

“The store manager tells him his login details. Head of sales tries to login using his old password. It didn’t work. Tries again, didn’t work.”

“Store manager realised the password was changed the night previous as happens quite often and texts me as he knows I was the one working the night previous. I tell him the password is on a piece of paper in his drawer.”

“He then tells the head of sales FOR THE COUNTRY that said password is on piece of paper in the drawer next to him. Head of sales opens the drawer and pulls out a piece of paper that says…”

“password: QueefQueen696969”

The reaction, however, was rather unexpected.

“He told me that the head of sales typed it in and placed the piece of paper back in the drawer without mentioning anything whatsoever.”

“It was only when he went back to sign in after the head of sales and area manager both left that he saw the piece of paper with the password.”

OP planned for the worst but enjoyed the ride despite the possibilities.  

“He’s expecting a very angry phone call from the area manager very soon in which I will probably get in a lot of trouble.”

“But all I can do is laugh uncontrollably every time I pass him while working. I’ve never laughed so much in my life.”

Some Redditors joined in laughing. They agreed it was small potatoes.

“It took me a bit to finish this, i was laughing so hard i had tears in my eyes and had to wipe them so i could see to read the rest.”

“This was funny af, and the fact that i could picture this in my mind made it even more hysterical.” — Beautiful_Dust

“I doubt he really cares for something so trivial, still that is funny as fudge.” — bigboyrobbie_ray

“I’m always appalled that, in a professional setting, this is deemed ‘something wrong.’ Dude. It literally affects 0% of your job performance, AND it’s funny.”

“What’s the f***in problem? Boring people, that’s the problem. F***.” — Krankify

Others took the chance to air their grievances about all the difficulties of changing and remembering passwords. 

“I make my passwords like this because they’re easier to remember. Who forgets QueefQueen69? But now I’m having second thoughts on my choice of passwords…” — raketheleavespls

“It’s very possible the Big Dog thought nothing of it.”

“If they have any kind of password security that requires using a password you’ve never used before, they have probably gotten super annoyed and put something inappropriate themselves, just to mentally lash out at the system.” — tanglwyst

Though many in the Reddit community were far more concerned with something else the story illustrated. They burrowed into the company policies. 

“What a fantastic way to subtly criticize your employer for having to share passwords which are supposed to be secret. Excellent job OP!” — SalvadorsAnteater

“They should be much more worried about their terrible system design which requires passwords to be shared at all!” — Diamet

“The only thing that strikes me as wrong about any of this is all the sharing of passwords. Disaster waiting to happen.” — xKING_SLAYERx

“This is the employers fault for having a system that requires people to use other people’s credentials to do their job. Passwords and accounts are not shared resources.” — KnightRAF

“Your IT people are going to need a right royal bollocking for designing a system that requires password sharing for daily routine.” — Twitbookspacetube

We’ll never know exactly how this situation ended up.

Perhaps OP faced serious consequences. Maybe company password policies changed. Or it’s possible that nothing happened at all. 

Whatever happened, we’re thankful for the laugh.

Written by Eric Spring

Eric Spring lives in New York City. He has poor vision and cooks a good egg. Most of his money is spent on live music and produce. He usually wears plain, solid color sweatshirts without hoods because he assumes loud patterns make people expect something big. Typically, he'll bypass a handshake and go straight for the hug.