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Guy Perplexed After His Girlfriend Berates Him For Borrowing Her Sports Car Without Asking

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You should learn from an early age not to take other people’s stuff without asking first. It is not a complicated concept.

Redditor asdfg200 encountered this very issue with his boyfriend. So he turned to the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit for moral judgment.

He asked:

AITA for driving my girlfriend’s sports car to meet an investor?

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“I (24m) have been dating her (24f) for 2 years. We live together.”

“Her parents are very rich. They bought her a sports car for her last birthday.”

“I had a meeting with an investor yesterday. It was scheduled for 10. My girlfriend doesn’t work on Saturdays. She was sleeping when I left.”

“I initially planned on taking a taxi to the location but felt like my girlfriend’s sports car would make a better impression on the investor. She didn’t have work either so I assumed she wouldn’t need it until I returned.”

“The meeting went great and I’m certain the sports car helped.”

“My girlfriend wasn’t home when I returned 2 hours later. I checked my phone and there were 6 missed calls from her.”

“She was very angry when I called her back. She flipped out on me for driving her car without asking her.”

“She said she wanted to meet her friend at 11 and had to take a taxi because of me.”

“I told her I didn’t want to disturb her as she was sleeping when I left and that my meeting was way more important than her’s.”

“She’s still angry at me. I think she’s overreacting. AITA?”

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Redditors agreed OP was the a**hole.

“YTA, and it’s a bit concerning if you can’t see that. You took her car without permission. Even if you hadn’t inconvenienced her in so doing (which you did), you can’t just borrow other people’s things without asking whenever it suits you.” ~ somedictionaryword

“The fact he thinks it is ok even after she explained why is what makes it 10 times worse. He mentions her family is rich and they bought it for her as if it changes anything. It is still HER car. He is a HUGE AH! I would demand an apology and hide my keys.” ~ SamiGurl7

“And then didn’t keep his phone on and available if she called? No note left for her? Like wtf.”

“Major YTA” ~ iamcoronabored

“For real. And honestly OP, you should know that anytime I see a freaking 24 year old driving a nice sports car, I automatically assume that your mommy and daddy bought it for you and I really doubt your ‘investor’ was dumb enough to be fooled by you.” ~ obiwanshinobi87

“Exactly YTA your reasons for needing the car don’t matter it is her car, not yours, you can’t just take something and use the sleeping excuse you stole her car. Apologize and make it up to her.” ~ Disneyfan6428

It’s better to just ask.

“The only time I’ve ever taken someone’s car without their express permission was when I needed an ex’s van for a move and they were sleeping.”

“But in this case, we regularly used each other’s vehicles, I left my car so she had transportation, and I brought it back filled up (it was on empty when I took it). I also called once I believed she’d be awake to explain the situation.”

“OP is more than an a**hole.” ~ 0991906006091990

“Seriously, he didn’t even leave a note or a text or anything, he just took it! He tries to paint his gf as a rich girl who’s had everything handed to her, yet he’s the one who comes off as entitled.” ~ Foreign_Astronaut

“He didn’t communicate with her at all until he was home (didn’t even check the phone for messages). He probably hoped to be back before she woke up and would be none the wiser. I get really strong vibes from this story he knew he wouldn’t get permission to drive the car so he just took it.” ~ Aedronn

“I also like how her needing her car to meet her friend wasn’t important only the fact he needed a car was. If he keeps acting like this he’ll be without a car and without a girlfriend.” ~ Warm_Kaleidoscope973

Get an Uber next time.

“I’ve been married to my husband 16 years now. We’ve paid for more than a few vehicles together but his car is his and my van is mine. If I need to use his or vice versa, we ASK, usually enough in advance to make arrangements if needed.”

“If we only had one car, neither of us would take it while the other was asleep without prior discussion and definitely not in the days before we were married. OP is a huge AH and may soon find himself without a girlfriend or access to a shiny sports car, and it would be exactly what his entitled self deserves.” ~ eveban

“YTA. So you stole your girlfriend’s car to lie to a potential investor and make yourself Look more successful than you are…and you think you’re not an asshole?” ~ Acrobatic-Cover2712

“No kidding! OP is lucky that she didn’t report a stolen car.. She’s likely not going to have any trust left in him as this situation makes it look like OP is trying to take advantage of her wealth.”

“OP YTA, and your gf still wouldn’t be an ah if she reported the stolen car.” ~ Mechya

“Great point I had 2 of my cars in the past get the clutch destroyed because I let my gfs drive them. My now wife I just bought an automatic SUV and saves us both a headache as I tried to teach her to drive stick and it just wasn’t happening.” ~ Mysterious_Prize8913

“YTA. What you did is actually a crime (unauthorized use of a motor vehicle) and will definitely not impress your investors if your girlfriend gets mad enough to press charges.” ~ zwergschnauzer

Maybe OP should get his own car.