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Woman Gets Label Maker For Christmas, Makes Her Parents Instantly Regret It

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For many, so much of the excitement around Christmas time is welcoming far away family members home.

It could be children that got married and moved across the country for their partner’s job, a kid that got a high profile job in Europe, or a surf bum that’s been hanging out in Fiji for the last few years.

But for many families, Christmas means welcoming home their college-aged children. And college-aged children are a bit deranged.

Like this one for, example.

Her parents gave her a beautiful, thoughtful gift—a label maker.

I know, not a Vitamix, but different folks, different strokes, people.

Label makers are so useful for making a workplace or homespace more clear and efficient.


What a gift!

But it all totally backfired and the proud new owner of the machine decided to absolutely abuse her new power as Household Labeller.

Cue Reddit to give us the goods.

“My 22 year old daughter wanted a label maker for Christmas…”

“Didn’t know why, but woke up to this, this morning.”

“Labels like this all over the house.”

items in refrigerator labeled

“There are labels all over the house.”

“She must have been up for a few hours after the rest of us went to sleep.”

Someone has a sense of humor…


Hardly surprising the Reddit community took the daughter’s side.

They heartily approved of the Christmas activities.

“The teets on the almonds must be so small…” ~ OutCastAtLast

A nut milk documentary confirmed that.

Although someone still disagreed.

“Everyone knows the best almond milk comes straight from the tree’s tit.”

People had thoughts on the responsibility of owning a label maker.

“if she hasn’t put ‘label maker’ on the label maker, you better take it away, because that proves she’s not responsible enough to have one.”

“It should be the FIRST thing you do with a label maker.” ~ SirWernich


“When I was working nights our stockroom attendant who worked days made a big deal about someone using ‘his’ label maker. That pissed me off since I had a legitamate purpose that time.”

“I labelled everything in there the next night.”

“He’s been gone three years and they’re still finding labels I put on things. And you’re right, the label maker itself was absolutely the first thing that got labeled.” ~ Cthulhuhoop

“My stapler at work is labelled ‘not Nick’s’.”

“Nick doesn’t even work there anymore, he sat at the desk beside me, with an adjoining table between us.”

“When I joined the team the admin brought me a stapler and tape dispenser. I hadn’t even asked for either, but it was nice to get them.”

“Nick sees them and proclaims ‘cool, we get a stapler!'”

“To which I promptly replied ‘No, I got a stapler, but you can borrow it.’ I then labelled it accordingly.”

“We got along well, he thought it was funny. The label remains, despite him moving on to another role.” ~ mtled

People approved of the OP’s parenting.

“You’ve done a fine job with this one.” ~ kangarooninjadonuts

“I too am a 22-year-old woman who just got a label maker.”

“I put bananas on my phone” ~ bean_sprout102438


“I am a deli manager in a big grocery store and I had to hide my department’s label maker to keep the adults from playing with it….”

“I am 33 and am pretty near the youngest of the group.” ~ nightlyraider

People apparently have strong feelings about label makers.

It’s nice to know that people can have a ball with something simple like a label maker in a time with so many outlandish gadgets available for their amusement.

Written by Eric Spring

Eric Spring lives in New York City. He has poor vision and cooks a good egg. Most of his money is spent on live music and produce. He usually wears plain, solid color sweatshirts without hoods because he assumes loud patterns make people expect something big. Typically, he'll bypass a handshake and go straight for the hug.