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Teen Sparks Family Drama After Likely Getting Her Stepsister Expelled For Bullying A Classmate

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The issue of bullying in schools is something educators try to tackle.

Part of the problem is not knowing who is being bullied by whom.

A teen tired of their stepsister bullying one of their classmates decided to do something about it. But after their parents got angry at the OP for sharing the truth, they turned the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit for feedback.

Redditor Browensey asked:

“AITA for going to the parents of the girl my stepsister has been bullying?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“The situation at hand: My stepsister (17) has been bullying this girl in our grade, Mia. Mia is a very shy person.”

“We were never friends but were friendly until the bullying started and then Mia withdrew from everyone. I found out about the bullying over a month ago.”

“People described it as ‘not real bullying’ but my stepsister has called her names and told her she doesn’t deserve friends. I found a note telling Mia this.”

“I was pissed. My stepsister and I never had a good relationship (always fighting) but I never figured she was an actual bully, just someone who got on my freaking nerves.”

“I ended up going to Mia’s parents with what I knew and the evidence of the bullying and now it has been brought up with the school and Mia’s parents want my stepsister expelled.”

“My dad is pissed. He said it was so unbelievably petty and mean spirited to go to the girls parents over ‘sibling issues’.”

“I told my dad nothing between us would ever be sibling issues, because we’re not siblings and my siblings (younger brother and sister) would never do that to another person.”

“My stepsister has been suspended right now but it looks like she’ll be expelled Thursday when the big meeting happens. My dad’s wife is freaking out and so are my stepbrothers.”

“With the exception of my siblings everyone seems to think I’m wrong for doing what I did, for not at least talking to my stepsister first.”

“I feel like going to Mia’s parents was the right call because of how serious bullying can be for the person being bullied and even calling someone names can cut a person really deep.”

“But I never expected this kind of reaction. Life at home is very awkward right now.”


Redditors weighed in by declaring:

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Redditors decided the OP was not the a**hole.

“NTA. does your dad seriously think she’d listen to you?”

“Also your dad and his wife are focusing on the wrong issue—they need to be concerned with the fact that your stepsister is so big of a bully that she’ll get kicked out of school for it.”

“Bullying is a serious issue—that’s why your stepsister is facing expulsion for it and you did the right thing by telling Mia’s parents about it.” ~ MeringuepieMoth

“The girl who was bullied probably had more evidence to give than you.”

She probably saw the school was taking you seriously and was brave enough to come forward with more of the truth.”

“Honestly OP, good on you and I’m glad Mia is getting justice. NTA.” ~ riobhcas

“Not to mention, who knows how many other kids she’s bullied? OP found evidence of one, I’m assuming there are others also.”

“NTA OP. You did the 100% right thing and I know your parents are upset with you and shouldn’t be. But just know that this internet stranger is proud of you for doing what you did.”

“You could have just saved this girl, and any other people your stepsister was bullying. Good job.”

“I’m sorry your parents are unreasonably upset with you. They must not understand the consequences some victims of bullying face.”

“It’s sad and it’s scary. Thank you for standing up for the victim. World needs more people like you.” ~ brandi__L

“You are not your stepsister’s parent and it is not your job to try anything with her.”

“You did the absolute right thing by Mia by telling her parents. I mean she withdrew from everyone you even said.”

“It was time that something was done and you took the action that needed to be taken. You did such a brave thing and you spoke on behalf of someone who felt so pushed down she couldn’t use her own voice at this time.”

“Your stepsister deserves the consequences of her own actions and maybe your dad and stepmom’s eyes will be open to what a true issue this girl’s attitude really is.” ~ _meganlomaniac_

“Honestly OP, you made the right call. It’s all ‘no big deal’ and ‘sibling stuff’ until someone kills themselves over what’s being said.”

“What your stepsister did is reprehensible and you might well have saved Mia’s life by bringing this issue forward.” ~ bequietbecky

“It sounds like all that confronting her would have done was cause a fight.”

“If your parents already are deluded enough to believe you were being petty before confronting her I can only imagine how much they’d be blaming it on spitefulness afterwards.”  ~ Dewhickey76

“I think they’re just upset she didn’t give them a chance to sweep the abhorrent behavior under the rug and save stepsister from the consequences of her behavior.

“I doubt the parents would have done much that would have caused stepsister to change.” ~ LeeLooPeePoo

“Yeah it is pretty funny your dad seems to have zero interest in listening to you but also expecting your stepsister to have listened.”

“Or more realistically doesn’t but wants to deflect from the real issue.” ~ stiiii

“Nothing you could have said would change your step sister for the better long term. You did the right thing.”

“If kids at school noticed she was withdrawn lately, imagine how distraught her parents were during that time for not being able to find out why their daughter was hurting.”

“Being older (28 recently) having experienced it and done that to my parents at that age, I can tell you it’s heartbreaking for them.”

“They see you drawing into yourself and they can’t effectively reach out to pull you back. If you guys noticed, they saw a lot more of it.”

“But you absolutely did the right thing and protected someone who was being targeted. Don’t ever think you did anything less than the right thing.”

“I am so sorry your home life is difficult right now because of it.” ~ atreethatownsitself

“Definitely NTA. I think what you did was actually quite heroic, standing up for someone who was being bullied even though it was going to come at a personal cost to you at home.”

“Your parents should be proud, not angry. I hope things eventually calm down and they realise you did the right thing and that your stepsister learns a valuable lesson about consequences.” ~ Far_Administration41

Bullying is a serious issue. Redditors absolutely agreed the OP did the right thing by telling Mia’s parents about the bullying.

If OP’s stepsister is facing consequences, they’re the result of her own poor judgment.

Written by Amelia Mavis Christnot

Amelia Christnot is an Oglala Lakota, Kanien'kehá:ka Haudenosaunee and Metís Navy brat who settled in the wilds of Northern Maine. A member of the Indigenous Journalists Association, she considers herself another proud Maineiac.