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Bride Irate After Discovering Fiancé’s Model Sister Did A Bridal Photoshoot Before Her Wedding


Redditor jasmine_tea20 is a 25-year-old hotel receptionist whose 30-year-old brother recently just got married.

In addition to her job at the hotel, our Redditor is a model and recently did a photoshoot posing as a bride for a local boutique.

When the ad recently came out, the reception she got for her bridal photoshoot, which was displayed in the local shopping center, was not met the positive reception she was expecting from someone close in her circle.

Confused about the ensuing drama, she visited the “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) subReddit and asked:

“AITA. I did a bridal photoshoot a week after my brother’s wedding which upset my SIL.”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“I (25f) am a hotel receptionist and I do modeling on the side. I did a bridal gown photoshoot 3 weeks before my brother’s wedding but the ad came yesterday.”

“It was for a local boutique which isn’t really big, they have maybe 2 branches in our region.”

“My brother (Simon 30) got married last week but they postponed their honeymoon because of his job.”

“So when the ad came out yesterday, my SIL (Nancy 29f) saw it (a medium sized-LED screen) in the shopping Center. (I also posted some photos in my IG account) She called me and asked why I have bridal photos in the city center and I told her I got an offer to model bridal gowns for this boutique.”

“I then asked her what she thought of my photos. Honestly, I was expecting a feedback like ‘you looked beautiful’ or ‘the gowns looked good on you’, but instead she yelled at me on the phone and accused me of being jealous of her.”

“I was surprised because Nancy and I are friendly with each other, I didn’t expect her to blow up on me like that. She hung up on me and a few minutes later I got a call from her sister, who sounded really upset with me for stealing her sister’s thunder.”

“I told her Nancy’s wedding was literally 7 days ago, so why are they accusing me of stealing her thunder? We got into a verbal altercation, she called me names, I retaliated and called her names before I hung up.”

“Last night I saw a TikTok video about the whole situation and a lot of Nancy’s friends are siding with her, they said I was jealous of the bride that’s why I did the photoshoot.”

“They’re also commenting nasty things in my IG so I had to turn the comment section off. I asked Simon to talk to his wife but he wants nothing to do with it.”

“Am I missing something here? Because quite frankly I don’t understand why I am an a**hole.”

Strangers online were asked to declare one of the following:

  • NTA – Not the A**hole
  • YTA – You’re the A**hole
  • NAH – No A**holes Here
  • ESH – Everybody Sucks Here

Many Redditors sided with the OP as not the a**hole here.

“NTA. I don’t understand what’s wrong with those people. She had her day, you are doing your job. This sounds like people in their teens, for God’s sake.” – Darth_Hufflepuff

“That would only make them look negatively, to be honest. I don’t think anyone with common sense would see anything offensive in that. Like what, people can’t wear wedding dresses until 3 months after her wedding day?”

“OMG, I know people who get married in the same summer from the same group of friends.”

“They sound like they are jelaous of you, so take that as a compliment, OP, and just don’t pay attention to childish people.” – Darth_Hufflepuff

“Your brother needs to step up and tell her to knock it off. This is ridiculous and if he keeps trying to say, ‘not my problem’ when its literally his circus; you won’t be having a long happy family relationship because she will keep pushing these boundaries.” – gland10

“This, have the conversation with your brother. He knows this is your paycheck – not some vicious ploy to upstage SIL.”

“Also, OP, this is your response to every single person who sends you nasty-grams:”

“I am a model. I was hired for a photo shoot in exchange for a pay check. Just like any other employment situation, it is an exchange of labor for money. In this case, an exchange of photos of me in specific attire, decided upon by my employer, for cash. I have no control over when ads utilizing the images captured come out because that is the property of my employer.”

“The response to those who take it further: ‘You clearly are able to dictate terms and conditions to your employer. Congratulations. I do not have that privilege.'” – thingsarelookingup2

“Congratulations on the photo shoot. If her wedding was a WEEK ago how are YOU stealing her thunder?!?! You’re wedding is over, done, celebrated….Narcissist, Jealous, Evil woman & childish friends. TikTok??? Seriously? Leave her behind & continue with your success.” – BoxerRescueMom64

“I’ma former model. It’s a job. I did tonnes of wedding shoots, and I hate weddings. Just because you did a wedding photo shoot doesn’t mean you were trying to get attention as a bride. It means you had a job and she’s being out of line.”

“NTA. She’s overboard with the bridezilla attitude.” – Melmoth_Milton

“The person being jealous is the SIL because you looked better in the gowns or maybe you were modeling something she couldn’t afford.”

“NTA! Do people even get married cause they want go be with their special someone anymore or is it just for the spectacle?” – blzzl

“OP is a model and as long as she isn’t famous she can’t decide when she get which assignment. Should she have said no to this big chance just because there is a wedding around the corner? A bride can’t forbid others to marry or have wedding photo shoots in the same month!

“‘Steel the thunder?!’ Hello? How long does she want to have the ‘bride rumble’? The wedding is over!”

“I would maybe ask an lawyer if to send an letter. A warning from a lawyer is often more effective. Especially before they come to the stupid idea to harm the bridal shop. NTA.” – EvilFinch

“Right. She was offered a job and took it. If OP has actively went out to look for bridal jobs that she knew that SIL would see, and or actively sent SIL and everybody else a copy of the shoot to shove it in their faces, only then would OP be considered TA.”

“But as I understand it, models take whatever jobs they can offered to expand their portfolio.”

“My guess is that SIL has always been jealous of OP’s model career or looks in general. And was especially jealous that OP looked better than SIL in her own dress. NTA.” – dragonbruceleeroy

“Welcome to the world of social networking. I truly believe that TV, medias and social medias/networkings sites have just created a new generation of selfish, narcissist, entitled people.”

“People are a**holes but new technologies have given them new platforms to be bigger assholes. I’ll bet than SIL and her girlfriends would never have the guts to tell all those shitty things to OP’s face (unless of course, if they are together as a pack of wolves).” – Primary-Criticism929

“NTA. How long is it going to take for her to think everyone should still be focused on her? Like you said, it was 7 DAYS ago. Is she going to accuse you after 2 weeks… a month or 2… a year after…?”

“She needs a grip on reality and a reminder that while you are happy for the newly wed couple, they have had their wedding day.”

“Ignore all her clique-y buddies and tell your brother to grow a little bit of a back bone and tell his new wife to stop being a catty little what child… otherwise, good luck to him for living with that for the rest of his married life 🫡”

“Good for you OP for doing that shoot and sticking up for yourself over something you had NO CONTROL over – I’m sure those dresses looked amazing on you! 💜”


“Being hired for a job is very different from showing up on the wedding day in white or something.”

“Perhaps she’s unhappy that you look so much better than she did on her wedding – it honestly sounds by the way she’s reacting is some sort of comparison she’s making between the two of you; I’m sure you looked amazing and that insecure part of her is rearing it’s ugly little head.” – ace_krusher

“NTA. What are you supposed to do, clear all modelling jobs with your SIL before accepting?”

“Tell the electrical goods store you can’t do their Mother’s Day catalogue because your SIL is trying for a baby? The furniture store you can’t do their campaign because your SIL just bought a new couch? And you can’t promote fresh fruit and veg for the green grocer, because your SIL once ate a carrot? /s” – HokeyPokeyGuestList

Overall, Redditors thought the SIL was ultimately a jealous person because of her insecurities, and they thought she had no reason to be upset or feel upstaged since the wedding already happened.

In an update, the OP wrote:

“Nancy is still posting wedding photos and videos in her social media accounts.”

Written by Koh Mochizuki

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