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Fit Guy Upsets Neighbor By Refusing To Stop Exercising Shirtless In His Own Backyard

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For some reason, people think they are entitled to tell you what to do in your own home!

Also, people seem incredibly offended by others’ nipples.

Just let people wear or not wear whatever they want at home. Especially when working out.

Redditor Drythrowaway23 encountered this very issue with his neighbors. So he turned to the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit for moral judgment.

He asked:

“AITA for not wearing a shirt in my backyard?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“Hey everyone!”

“I’m 27M, I workout a lot and have built a good physique I workout as a hobby and working out helps me cope with my mental-health and I’ve been recovering from depression so I workout in my backyard.”

“I don’t wear a shirt, I wear shorts but that’s it.”

“My neighbor ‘Cathy’ has a daughter called Cindy who is around 17. Apparently Cathy has been telling me that I should wear a shirt constantly.”

“Because Cindy watches me from the window and that it’s inappropriate to her daughter. I have told Cathy numerous times that what I do in my backyard is none of Cathy or anyone’s concern as it’s my property.”

“I’ve also spent good money on getting a privacy fence as it bothered Cathy.”

“But Cathy still keeps complaining to me how I’m being a bad influence to her daughter and Cindy is watching me which isn’t good.”

“I honestly don’t know what Cathy problem is as I’m just working out in my own property.”


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Redditors agreed OP was not the a**hole.

“NTA. Firstly, you’re on your own property.”

“Secondly, being topless isn’t illegal.”

“Why isn’t she more worried that her kid is spying on you? That should be her focus, not what you’re wearing in your own yard.” ~ Andante79

“Being topless isn’t illegal… unless you’re a woman (in most places).”

“And it’s even often illegal to be a topless woman on your own property if you are obviously visible to others who are not on your property.”

“Edit: even where it’s legal for women to be topless, women will get harassed for exercising their legal right.” ~ cqrmskreit

“It reminds me of something I saw here a couple of days ago. Neighbors were complaining about OP’s wife who walked naked in her living room. Most of the advices people gave was not ‘do what you want in your property,’ but ‘buy curtains.'” ~ vi_viane

“Where I am, in Ontario Canada, it’s legal for women to be topless but no one does because of the absolute harassment (sexual and otherwise) that would follow suit.” ~ aclownandherdolly

“Tell her mom to tell her daughter to stop being so creepy and stalking you.”

“I bet once you point out that her daughter is the one who is not respecting your privacy and that now you have evidence that she continues to do so that you are thinking of making a police report.” ~ CJSinTX

People shared similar experiences.

“Two girls were sunbathing topless in their living room here in Brazil and the neighbor called the police, when the police arrived they ordered them to dress and stayed until they did.”

“It didn’t matter that the neighbor was invading their privacy and property, and being a total creep. Unfortunately this didn’t happen years ago but two days ago.” ~ barbarajung

“A woman in my state (Utah) was arrested for lewdness because her stepchildren saw her topless in her own garage.” ~ schrodingers_cat42

“When? It’s legal to be topless in Utah. I would tell her to take the charge back to court to get it expunged from her record and request compensation for emotional stress.” ~ Lilbeane13

“Sounds like Utah I’m from SLC and depending on where yo at this is not surprising.” ~ Vast-Suspect-85

“OP should wear a bikini top and keep working out.” ~ EmptyBanana5687

There is clearly a double standard.

“The most ridiculous part of this is that there are many men with larger boobs than women, but it’s still ok for them to be topless and not women.”

“The double-standard is such a giant pile of horseshit.” ~ theresbeans

“The double standard is complete bullshit, as all double standard are. It seems like more a matter of principle than a practical concern.”

“As another comment pointed out, it’s legal for women to be topless in public just about everywhere in the US. That being said, I have yet to see a woman choose to go topless in public (in a situation where a male would be bare-chested or otherwise).”

“Granted that’s likely due to other bullshit double standards, prevalence of creepy/predatory men out there, and the generally misogynistic culture here in the US.” ~ zomblee84

“The only thing stopping me from going topless is the overwhelming fear of harassment and potential assault. People are crazy.”

“There was that nutter just last week who was harassing women for wearing bikinis at the damn beach. Imagine if a woman dared to go topless?! I honestly think it could become violent, and as much as I would love to feel the sun on my skin, I am too worried that my scandalous female nipples would result in someone causing me serious harm.” ~ theresbeans

OP should be able to workout without a shirt on in his own property.