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Guy Called Out For Putting ‘Wound Care’ And ‘Feminine Hygiene’ Products In Same Box For Guests

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You never know when you might need an emergency tampon.

If you’re visiting a friend who doesn’t get periods it can be stressful to get a surprise visit from Aunt Flo. So, it is nice that some people keep pads and tampons just in case.

Redditor GrouchyCartographer4 encountered this very issue with his friend. So he turned to the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit for moral judgment.

He asked:

“AITA For putting wound care and feminine hygiene products in the same category?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“I’m a guy but I have sisters and house guests and my mom told me it’s always nice to keep an emergency kit of pads and tampons in a labeled container in the bathroom cabinet.”

“So I do and never really thought about it till a few days ago when I wanted to reorganize my bathroom with labeled containers.”

“I was showing off my organization skills to a girl friend of mine and she noticed that one of the boxes is labeled ‘wound care/feminine hygiene.’ In that box I put all my bandage dressings, antiseptics, and some pads and tampons. In my mind it made sense cuz it’s all to stop bleeding.”

OP’s friend was confused.

“She asked me why they were in the same box when other things were more organized. I said something like ‘well it’s all to stop shit from bleeding’ and she got mad.”

“In my mind it makes perfect sense; it’s all pads and gauze for absorbing blood. She’s saying I’m trivializing or making a joke about periods.”

“Am I the A**hole?”

Redditors gave their opinions on the situation by declaring:

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Most Redditors agreed OP was not the a**hole.

“NTA it isn’t like you put them in a bin labeled ‘coochie plugs’ or something actually a joke.” ~ bertiek

“Jesus. Can we stop being offended at the most trivial , ridiculous things?”

“There is no woman in my life that would find this offensive at all! They are all necessary products and it says nothing bad by organization in the same container. Tell your friend to grow up and quit being so ‘woke.’ NTA” ~ Godofwine3eb


“I AM a woman and I about died laughing at his logic. I mean, it makes total sense from a dude’s perspective I’m sure, and I’d think most women would find it inoffensive if not downright clever!” ~ Dewhickey76

Some shared their own stories.

“He’s totally NTA and I laughed my a** off.”

“Story time: prior to having my daughter, my periods were fairly heavy and crampy but didn’t last long.”

“The postpartum bleeding period was TERRIBLE. I was convinced that my OB shot me in the vagina after my kid came out. Just terrible. After a few weeks that settled down, and about a month later I got my first period since birth.”

“It was bad but not terrible. The height of the postpartum war of terrible sleep added to it, and I was exhausted.”

“That evening, I asked my husband to run to the store and get me some pads, and I’d put our kiddo in the bouncy chair in the bathroom while I got a quick shower.”

“I get out of the shower and he’s still there with a shit eating grin.”

“He hands me some Depends and some of those huge pads the hospital gave us.”

“‘I figured maybe you could wear this tonight and it would be enough to help you not have to wake up, and I could take care of all the feeding tonight.'”

“I simultaneously died out laughing and fell in love all over again. But I also slept good that night.” ~ Crazy_Comment_Lady

“awwwwwww I want to hug your hubby and laugh at the same time! That man is a true keeper!” ~ Waifer2016

Some women agreed with OP.

“I’m a woman, but I actually keep some pads with my first aid kit, too. Pads are super useful in first aid situations! They are great non-stick, absorbent gauze pads in an emergency situation.” ~ AttractiveNuisance37

“How about his being thoughtful enough to even keep a supply?? WHO does this? Since your friend didn’t say it, I will: thank you!!”

“EDIT: Definitely NTA.” ~ KATEWOW

“Also a woman and I think it’s genius! Not how I would have stored it myself, but I totally get the logic behind it.” ~ hippygremlin

“As a woman too I’ve seen you can use a new tampon for a bloody nose. And if your in a pinch a pad makes good gauze for a body wound so his logic is sound.” ~ Ranmataro

“I’m slightly concerned that you had to specify a NEW tampon. Like…the menfolk know not to use a used one…right? Right? Fellas?? Fellas, you ok over there? You look…troubled…have your noses stopped bleeding at least?” ~ beetrootfuelled

“I keep a few pads in my ‘Outdoor Adventure’ pack, specifically for this reason. They’re sterile, adhesive, and more convenient than the same products that are designed for wound care.”

“Picked up the habit from the medics while I was in the Army. Pretty much everyone carried a few pads and tampons in their combat first aid kit. Pads for the aforementioned reason, tampons because they’re apparently great for bullet wounds.” ~ dalkyr82

Most argued it made sense.

“Yes, and as a guy you wouldn’t need to have those products on hand all the time right, but for band-aids and pads both you want to know exactly where they are, and you need them to be stored clean and dry.”

“Makes total sense to me. I would probably do the same, except that as a woman I want hygiene products within reach in my own house.” ~ 18puppies

“And to be fair to OP, pads and tampons are used to stop bleeding in wounds in certain situations. So, makes all kinds of sense to me.” ~ badhmorrigan

“I have used a tampon when I’ve had nosebleeds before…..they’re perfect for it!” ~ mcobsidian101

“Agree! I would just be thankful that there were products available if I needed them.”

“Sort of related story – I once had a guy I had just started dating asked why I had a tool kit and bike chain lube in my pantry.. um.. cause my bike needs maintenance and the pantry had space?” ~ justme7601

It’s just nice to know they’re there if you need them.