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Woman Finally Loses It On Her Older Sister Who’s Been Making Fun Of Her Small Chest For Years

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Body image issues can be a huge source of trauma. For one woman on Reddit, this weak spot had been a source of contention between her and her sister for ages, and after years of jokes about her small breasts she finally snapped.

She felt bad about going off on her sister, so she went to the AITA (Am I The A**hole) subReddit for perspective.

The Original Poster, who goes by HistroyRed on the site, asked:

“AITA- for going off on my older sister for her making fun of me?”

She explained:

“I (19f[emale]) recently went off on my (22f) sister for making fun of my chest…again.”

“I have small breast, but all my sisters have large breast. My one breast is a C cup but my other as an B cup, mean while all my sisters (even my younger sisters) have D cups or DD cups. I’m the only sibling with super small breast.”

“It’s kind of a big deal for me because I really want even or slightly larger boobs. Growing up, all my friends bloomed and I was the only one who didn’t in the chest department.”

“Growing up was kinda hard with my sister. In middle and high school she used to constantly comment on how small my boobs were and it hurt to middle school me, who was barely starting puberty. I always told my mom (parents are divorced) and she used to always tell my sister to knock it off but she never did.”

“After a while my mom told me to start being mean back. So freshmen and sophomore year I uses to comment on how flat her a** was, but junior year of high school I realized that me commenting on her like that made no progress of making her stop so I stopped with the comments. So for almost 3 (4?) Years I haven’t made any comments on her body and always ask her to stop when she made comments on mine.”

“So recently I was at my dad’s house for a dinner (we’re all safe and vaxx) and swimming, basically a mini BBQ with my siblings and I. I wore a two piece, which is kinda a big step for me because I’ve always had body image issues, and my sister took a photo where I was leaning over a bit and I had some cleavege showing.”

“(I was slightly bent over the edge of the pool and had my arms under my boobs so they were lifted a bit). Well when I noticed it I asked my sister to cover my chest with a gif or sticker if she post it on any social media. She laughed at me and said ‘what boobs? You don’t have any.'”

“Honestly it was my breaking point. I was so upset. I’ve been trying so hard to to finally love my body and she makes this stupid comment. So I yelled at her, ‘what is your fu*king problem. Why do you keep making fun of my boobs? Like what the fu*k is your issue?’ Before I could let her answer, I got out of the pool and put on my clothes, I didn’t care of I was still wet, and drove home.”

“Well my dad called me a while later and yelled at me saying I was disrespectful towards my sister and shouldn’t have yelled at her. Meanwhile my sister is saying it’s just a joke and she doesn’t know why I was so rude. My mom and oldest (26f)sister think what I said was fair since she ‘has had it coming for a while'”

“So am I the a**hole for yelling at my sister for making fun of me?”

OP came back later and added a bit more info.

“There’s a lot of spelling errors, I thought I read through this but I apparently didn’t. Also I fixed the smaller boob size to a B cup because I think it’s more of a B cup then an A cup.”

“I didn’t think this would matter but in case it does since I know some people think this is written by a boy. My size for bras is a 36 or 38 C. My smaller boob is somewhere in the B cup. It doesn’t fit in my current cup size and does leave a gap between bra and boob.”

“I know everyone says that size isn’t small but I grew up around girls (even in high school and middle school) who are D cups or bigger”

People on Reddit were then asked to judge who was in the wrong in this situation using the following acronyms.

  • NTA – Not The A**hole
  • YTA – You’re The A**hole
  • ESH – Everyone Sucks Here
  • NAH – No A**holes Here

Nearly everyone was on OP’s side.

“NTA, but your sister is. She’s a bully.”Cat_in_an_oak_tree

“NTA – your sister must have some serious insecurities – and no originality – if she keeps resorting to such boring a low-hanging fruit to insult you with. She had it coming, and your father is wrong, standing up for yourself is NOT disrespectful – SHE’S the one whose been disrespectful, for years.”

“It’s NEVER OK to make fun of somebody’s body. Speaking of low-hanging, hold on to this feeling, and in a few years, ask her how much she enjoys tucking those DD’s into her pants after she pops out a couple kids? Ask her how her back is, and about how much fun it is to find button down shirts.”

“It might seem she has something for you to be jealous of, but trust me, lots of people, self included, are jealous of what you have too. As the french say, more than champagne glass is a waste.”commonsense2021

“NTA. IMO you didn’t go far enough. If I were you I would have even taken it a step further and implied she has inappropriate feelings towards me seeing as she is so obsessed with my breasticles. Shame her into stopping.”testyhedgehog

“NTA – your sister is being a bully and had that coming. She was way out of line.”

“What I will say as someone else with a small breast, there are many advantages. You won’t need expensive bras to support your bust, and you are unlikely to get back pain from carrying your boobs around. Also, padded bras are your friend ;)”Padfootfan123

OP had one final addendum to her story after reading her fellow Redditor’s responses.

“Edit 3: this might be my last edit but I just wanted to tell everyone thank you for the reply and messages. Some of them wishing me well and for the comments I should say when I ask her to leave me alone.”

“And those who don’t think this is real. I don’t think you have siblings or are probably the oldest or one babied the most. This, sadly, is normal in a lot of families, at least the ones where I live. Sometimes siblings are just ruthless. I don’t think I’ll update if anything happens but I will confront her about everything she’s done and my dad why I yelled at her.”

Hopefully OP can feel more comfortable in her skin in the future.

Written by Peter Karleby

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