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Teen Upsets Her Dad By Refusing To Let A Worker In To Fix The AC When She Was Home Alone

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There are teens who express concerns about safety and are usually commended for it.

And then there are minors who take matters into their own hands after their concerns are ignored.

Redditor throwawayaitaair is a 14-year-old girl who lives with her father and sisters who are not usually home.

She has been remote learning for much of the year and is the only occupant of their apartment for most of the day.

When she upset her father after interfering with something he had arranged, she visited the “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) subReddit and asked:

“AITA for not wanting a man from the air conditioning company come into my house when im the only one at home?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained what happened.

“I have been doing online school all year, and because of this from 7-5 I’m alone.”

“I live in an apartment with my dad and two sisters, who are rarely here. Yesterday my dad texted me and said some guy from the air conditioning company might want to come into the apartment to fix the air.”

“I dont know to be honest, but i wasnt okay with it and i told him that. I said i understand he was from the company but i didnt feel safe being alone with him.”

“My dad said this was the only time they could come out for awhile and he wanted it fixed. When the guys eventually knocked on the door, i ignored it.”

“Ill be honest, i have really bad anxiety around strangers in my home, let alone being alone with them.”

“I sat in my closet until i heard them leave and my dad texted me saying they called him, stating that nobody was home. My dad is now angry at me for not allowing them into the apartment and wont talk to me. AITA?”

Strangers online were asked to declare one of the following:

  • NTA – Not The A**hole
  • YTA – You’re The A**hole
  • ESH – Everyone Sucks Here
  • NAH – No A**holes Here

Most Redditors said the OP was not the a**hole in her situation.

“NTA. The company will legally need an adult to be home. So that’s someone over 18.”

“Your dad needs to move things around to make it work.” – Thediciplematt

“NTA : I’m an adult woman and I don’t deal with repair people alone, let alone let any of my kids deal with them.”

“it took one creepy Heater guy a few years ago for me to always make sure that there is another adult with me.”

“In many places I t’s not legal for your landlord to allow anyone to enter an apartment without an adult present. regardless of that he should have enough concern for your safety not to put you in this position.” – hahaheatherrr

“NTA! You should never, ever apologize for following your instincts to say safe! As a young woman, we cannot be too careful, and I don’t think your dad should have put you in this position.”

“A lot of 14 year olds don’t have these instincts, so good for you!” – woodscommahell

“NTA. My fiancé used to do a job where he had to be in peoples homes, but he sure as hell didn’t want to be there without an adult resident present all the time.”

“Not necessarily in the room where he worked, but at least in the house, preferably on the same floor with the door open so they could see him all the time.”

“Sometimes people would just run off to get the kids from school and leave him there with all their valuables or a sleeping child, and he was so uncomfortable with that.”

“Company regulations were also such that this wasn’t allowed. Not only for liability issues, but also because even they knew they couldn’t trust all their workers (they had to do a lot of work in very little time so they hired practically anyone who could use a drill.”

“There were some shady people among them, one of whom was sacked because my fiancé told his manager that back in the car he could list everything valuable plus it’s worth on the second hand market. He was pretty accurate too).”

“Letting people he doesn’t know in the house alone with his fourteen year old daughter is very, very irresponsible of your father. Anything could have happened to you.”

“You were completely right to not let them in. Your father shouldn’t trust strangers like that. If he wants it fixed, he should be there. Period. And if it’s a good company with decent employees they wouldn’t have come in anyway.” – EatThisShit

“NTA I am a lady HVAC technician and this is why I get so many jobs. There are many men and women out there anxious about having an unknown man around.”

“Many adult women choose to have a friend or family member with them home at the time of service for their own safety. Your home is your safe spot and it stops being safe as soon as someone you’re uncomfortable with enters it.”

“I would never do any work with only a minor at home. If there was a true emergency at the property, a minor would not be able to make a decision that I would expect the homeowner or landlord to answer to.”

“I use tools and chemicals that, when used wrong, could cause a house fire, make you sick, or unconscious. I would not expect a 14 year old to help me evacuate in case of a true emergency.”

“You told your dad no and that is a full sentence. If he had called a reputable company like mine, and explained the situation, you might have had to wait a day or two longer for your fix, but we would have figured something out so you were not alone and an adult was present.” – a-20

“NTA. Many companies have a policy that an adult has to be there. And many men would not want to be alone with an underage girl either, just as a precaution.”

“Your father should be more understanding that it makes you feel uncomfortable and be there himself.” – Change2001

When asked if there was another adult she could speak to about her situation, the OP replied:

“Sadly no. My parents are divorced and due to some stuff my mom did i no longer am in contact with her. I would understand if my dad was paying for the fixing but he isnt as far as i am aware because the landlord would handle that.”

“Whenever we had other issues with things thats what i was told so I dont know how this could be any different.”

“He has never really believed in any concerns I have for my safety as ive cost him a lot mentally and probably financially. Hes also told me to just deal with my anxiety and depression disorder.”

“Ill try to talk to him though and try to see if he understands my point of view.”

Many Redditors agreed the OP’s concerns were valid and they denounced the father for not taking her seriously and then punishing her for looking out for herself.

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