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Redditor Sparks Drama By Refusing To Let Wife With Celiac Disease ‘Sh*t’ In Car During Road Trip

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Having a health issue is a serious concern.

And there are so many out there to tangle with.

They can put you and those nearest to you in some… awkward situations.

What do you do?

Case in point…

Redditor Svensk_shay to discuss their story for some feedback. So naturally they came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

They asked:

“AITA for not letting my wife take a poop in the car?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“My wife has Celiac Disease, where occasionally (it’s finicky) she will get painful diarrhea.”

“She claims to be unable to hold if she ingests gluten.”

“She equates it to holding onto a hot curling iron.”

“You instantly let go because it hurts so bad.”

“But the iron is inside of her stomach, and the only way to let go of it is to poop.”

“So we were an hour into a 3.5 hour car ride when THE URGE struck.”

“And we were in bumper to bumper traffic.”

“My wife was driving and had me switch with her.”

“And then she wanted to take my daughter’s (16 months — also in the back seat) diapers to poop into.”

“And then use the wipes to clean up, and wrap the trash into a blanket and throw it in the trunk with the dog (poor guy).”

“She told me to open all the windows/turn up the music so I wouldn’t hear/smell anything (I have my doubts about the smell).”

“I basically told her no, don’t do that.”

“I offered to pull over so she could go in the emergency exit but she didn’t want anyone to see her.”

“We’ve been in this situation a handful of times in our 7 years together and she’s always been able to hold it until we found a bathroom.”

“In this situation I was able to ride the emergency exit and we found an auto body shop with some woods in the back (it was night time).”

“And she did her business out there (couldn’t make it another 7 mins to the McDonalds).”

“Now my wife is pissed at me for not just letting her take a shit in the car.”

“She said I put my comfort over her pain.”

“I told her that I didn’t know if I could still be attracted to her if she did something like that.”

“And the fact that she can hold it for minutes/declined the emergency exit poop suggests to me that it’s not actually as painful as being burned (but definitely still incredibly painful).”

“Would a decent spouse have let her desecrate the car?”

“Or was she being insane expecting someone to allow that?”


Redditors shared their thoughts on this matter and weighed some options to the question AITA?:

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Redditors declared our OP was NOT the A**hole.

It’s a tricky situation.

Let’s hear some thoughts…

“As someone with Celiacs… this is a tough one.”

“There are times I can hold it but other times I am RUNNING to get to a bathroom in time because it comes on so suddenly.”

“Depends on how bad the cross contamination is.”

“I don’t think the diaper would have worked, honestly.”

“She may need to look into adult diapers for traveling but really, the best thing would be for her to make and pack her own food for traveling.”

“I know, it sucks. I hate doing it.”

“But I can’t rely on a gluten friendly place to be available while I drive.”  ~ PadawanJoone

“Can also attest as someone with Celiac, irritable bowel syndrome, and a whole mess of ulcers along my digestive tract that a baby diaper would not be able to hold that mess.”

“I’m in my very early 20s and have had to use adult diapers because sometimes there is no physical way to hold it in.”

“It’s embarrassing but you have to do what you need to do.”

“Your wife seems to be exaggerating in my personal opinion to not realize how this affects her.”

“She needs to sit with her doctor and figure out what needs to happen so she can better function in life and ensure there isn’t something else going on.”

“Though telling her you don’t think you’d be attracted to her because she did such isn’t the best look.”  ~ Available-Score-491

“I don’t have celiac but I have undiagnosed digestive issues that are very much like this.”

“I’ve had intestinal cramping that’s worse than any period I’ve ever had to the point where I have to hold my breath sometimes.”

“It usually means I have at most 10min to find a bathroom.”

“I’ve had it where it felt like I had 1min, as well, and that’s the worst when you’re out and about, let alone driving a long distance.”

“Still, I don’t think I’d ever choose to sit in a car and shit in a tiny diaper.”

“If I ever felt I needed adult diapers, I’d rather feel a little embarrassed by that than be SUPER embarrassed defecating myself and all over the car.”

“The smell… Oh God.”

“There’s no way putting it in a bag and blanket in the back would keep the smell away.”

“10/10 I’d also rather have an emergency poop in nature where someone might see me than crap myself!” ~ aclownandherdolly

“I’m going to vote NTA because you came up with some compromise.”

“Especially since if she did it in the diapers it would still sit in the car for awhile.”

“Next time don’t bring up your attraction to her though because that’s a little f**ked up.”   ~ Less_Item2666

“I mean kids crap in diapers in cars all the time.”

“If she was in pain, and it could be contained in a diaper, the disgust is coming from the age not the act.”

“We know babies can’t help it so we deal with it and it sounds like she can’t help it either.”

“No woman is going to crap diarrhea in front of her man unless it’s an emergency.”

“I’m going to count my blessings I don’t have to weigh in on this. NAH.” ~ SordidOrchid

“Not sure who TA is (so I guess NAH for now), but please consider that things can change digestively for women after giving birth.”

“Maybe she used to be able to hold it.”

“But if she can’t now, that doesn’t mean she’s over exaggerating her Celiacs.”

“Bowel movements are probably different (and worse now) than they were before.”

“Please make a plan with your wife before you are in this situation again.”  ~ Necessary-Highway575

“My man you can’t aim the Hershey squirts.”

“There’s no guarantee she would’ve got it all in the kids diaper without splash back or spilling it.”

“Shi**ing outside was the right move here, what if she shat and got it on the seats?”

“If it’s fabric… your never getting the smell out.”

“If it’s vinyl or leather then you have a… puddle…t o deal with.”

“NTA, but I’d plan for the worst in case this happens again.”

“They sell things for this scenario.”  ~ ObviousRascal

“If you really need to poop this badly, you give a crap if someone sees you.”

“Cars that drove beside them would have also seen how she pooped in the diaper.”

“And let’s be real, it wouldn’t went well.”

“If she needs to poop so much that it hurts, it will go out with force, and it will be more for the diaper to hold.”

“Sometimes you must face a little embarrassment.”

“OP could have looked for some bushes or something she can hide.”

“Or stand with something next to her to hide her from sight.”

“So many possibilities. But risking that her poop is all over the car, nope.”  ~ EvilFinch

“Jesus Christ. NTA.”

“Seriously, it’s impossible to aim watery poop.”

“Doesn’t matter whether or not you’ve got a diaper, especially in a damn car.”

“I say this as someone whose daughter had to pee in a cup during a snowstorm.”

“It took over three hours to travel 20 miles.”

“And I can tell you… it could’ve gone better.”

“I can’t imagine allowing even the potential for poop to be all over my seats, especially knowing how ‘explosive’ someone with Celiac’s poop can be.”

“It’s like a damn horror show, even when it’s contained.”  ~ Aggravating_Piece232

“Ugh… gross. NTA.”

“Peeing in the car (bottle, bucket, whatever)… can totally see that.”

“But pooping in the car?!?! HELL no…that is a hard stop, absolutely not.”

“I fully understand that poop happens.”

“But find a bush on the side of the road to hide behind or something.”

“Open the front and back doors and hide between those if you need to.”

“But not adult should be shi**ing in the car unless it’s a total accident (which unfortunately can happen).”

“You are, however, a bit of an AH for saying you wouldn’t be attracted to her anymore.”  ~ GingerSnapNV

OP had a little more info…

“Wife has Celiac Disease which gives her diarrhea that’s painful to hold.”

“She wanted to poop in our car while we were stuck in traffic and I told her no and now she’s mad at me. Today I f**ked up?”

“Edit – The dog rides in style, calm down everyone.”

“We have rear AC as well.”

Well this is definitely a stinky situation for you OP.

Sorry for everyone concerned.

Health issues are always a problem.

Good luck.