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Woman Called ‘A**hole’ For Dropping Daughter Off At Husband’s Office So She Can Go To Yoga

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Parenting is a full-time job.

There are no days off.

And yes, you need help, and it takes a village.

But sometimes people start to take advantage of that village.

Case in point…

Redditor bothonpele wanted to discuss his story for some feedback. So naturally he came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

“He asked:

“AITA For calling my business partners wife an a**hole.”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“I am the Godfather to my business partner’s daughter.”

“She is lovely and we spend a stupid amount of time together.”

“I am also very close to his wife.”

“His wife is not time efficient, which leads to problems for everyone.”

“She constantly complains about money but actively works against us making it.”

“She will get my goddaughter out of daycare because she misses her, but by 11am she will want yoga or cycling class.”

“This wouldn’t be a problem but she will bring my goddaughter to our office and then say she will be right back.”

“Before we can protest she is out the door.”

“She doesn’t answer the phone.”

“We aren’t allowed to take her back to daycare after she leaves.”

“So we have a toddler in our office which means one of us isn’t working.”

“So I had enough of this and bought a car seat.”

“And the last time she did it, I took her daughter to yoga and walked in and stood her in front of her mat.”

“She jumped up and asked what was wrong. I said her.”

“She then called me a selfish d**k for not wanting to help with my goddaughter for 3-4 hours.”

“I called her an a**hole for taking her out of daycare in the first place.”

“The problem is that a lot of people’s wives were in that class and are calling me an a**hole for not giving her a break.”

“Which doesn’t make sense to me, but makes me wonder if there is something I’m not seeing.”


Redditors shared their thoughts on this matter and weighed some options to the question AITA?:

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Redditors declared our OP was NOT the A**hole.

It’s a tricky situation.

Let’s hear some thoughts…

“NTA- why doesn’t she just leave her kid in daycare until she is done.”

“Like what is the point of taking her from one sitter to another.”  ~ crazymommaof2

“You need to set some hard boundaries.”

“Your business partner should be the one taking care of anything related to the wife and child.”

“Daycare drop off? Babysitting during work? Anything else?”

“Nothing to do with you, stay work and just keep working.”  ~ Iamlordbutter

“NTA! I would tell her if she does this again, you will call CPS (or your country’s equivalent if not US) for her abandoning her child.”

“That’s 100% what she is doing.”

“It’s harsh, but she knows exactly what she is doing and will not stop unless you play hardball.”

“You may seem like an a** for this, but you cannot be a substitute for her piss poor parenting.”  ~ sickandtiredofthis2

“Who TF would pick the kid up when the business partner and father is out of town if the mother’s not allowed to pick up her own kid???”

“This is not for OP to get in the middle of.”

“The partner needs to be having a firm discussion with his wife about her bull and if she’s not at all receptive then it’s therapy.” 

“She probably has no understanding of what they do at the offices and assumes they’re just hanging out or crap.”

“He needs to point out that all that yoga or whatnot is being paid for by those working hours which simply won’t be put in if they have to mind a child.”  ~ hebejebez

“It impacts routines and causes transition issues for all of the children.”

“When you are trying to teach sleep routines, potty training and social etiquette disruption is killer.”


“Not only is proper care available to her, but she is impacting her child’s ability to develop said routines and also language skills and other development opportunities by having the child ‘hang out around the office for 4 hours.'”

“However it’s really her partner/the baby’s other parent that needs to put the foot down – not you.”  ~ Unable_Republic_6403

“NTA but why your partner didn’t do this ‘visit to Yoga’ and dealt with wife!”

“Does she work, asking since she is doing Yoga during working hours?”

“If she isn’t working and kid is in daycare I wonder from what she needs break!?”

“In any case, your partner and his wife should go to therapy, to get answers and solve this problem!”  ~ CrazyMath2022

“I take it as a cry for attention.”

“She’s sabotaging her husband’s startup because she lacks purpose.”

“And doesn’t have anything to be proud of except maybe her baby.”

“So she uses the baby to get attention and try to spice up her boring life while making sure the husband knows ‘just how much work it is’ to be a stay at home mom.”

“She needs more activities and purpose in life, on top of therapy and a telling off.”  ~ Academic_Snow_7680

“Man, daycare is hella expensive!”

“Why is she wasting the money on it if she’s not keeping her kid there?”

“Either keep the kid there and get your crap done, or save the money and go full on stay at home mom.”

“I would be so angry at my partner if we were wasting that much money.”

“Dad needs to put his foot down.”  ~ Ok-Reindeer-5408

“NTA. But, OP, I’d let her know that the next time she pulls her child out of daycare to drop her off with you you’re going to call the police for child abandonment.”

“Talk to your partner first and make it VERY clear to him that you think there’s something psychological going on.”

“But you have to get your work done, and this is a last resort that you’ll absolutely do.”

“Tell him he HAS to have a very serious conversation with her and explain that you’re going to do this.”

“That she can’t keep pulling this.”

“On a sidenote, I have a divorced friend who spends ALL her time talking about how much she misses her kids when her ex has them.”

“But when she has them, she gets burnt out after a couple of hours and takes a nap, or finds places to go with people who will watch them.”

“It’s 100% depression and guilt on her part.”  ~ crystallz2000

“I’ll repeat this to you directly but I think she’s bored and desperate for attention and some sort of ‘acknowledgement.'”

“The woman clearly needs therapy and some sort of purpose in her life.”

“The easiest solution would be for her to start her own thing.”

“Or get a part time job where she sees progress or works with people that are appreciate of her help.”  ~ Academic_Snow_7680

“NTA. How about not letting her into your office and don’t give her a key.”

“This way she can’t leave the child with either of you.”

“Once she stops pulling this crap she gets a key, until then, locked out.”  ~ momtobe908

“NTA. If she won’t be reasonable I would ask your business partner to clear things up with the daycare directly.”

“As in the wife can’t just take the kid out of daycare without a reason.”  ~ Horizon_221

“She needs a shrink.”

“OP has said several times this is not her normal behavior and he’s known her for years.”

“It sounds almost like some form of manic behavior the way none of her thoughts and actions hang together with any consistency.”

“She quits her job to hang with her kid, then gets a nanny to hang with kiddo instead.”

“She pulls kiddo out of daycare, then wants to do her own stuff instead.”

“She cant keep a straight, cohesive plan for the course of a day.”

“She confuses her own wants, needs, and responsibilities and doesn’t recognize those things in other people, ie OP, her husband, and her daughter.”

“I don’t know what the root cause would be but that all sounds like manic behavior to me, or a form of anxiety. Or both.” ~ RudytheSquirrel

“NTA. This sounds like such a toxic work environment.”

“You’re literally wasting hours every day that you could spend actually working which is insane.”

“What about the rest of the employees working there having to put up with a toddler running around the office and seeing two partners wasting valuable time on a kid instead of doing their job.”

“Good luck with morale.”

“Refuse to take care of her and let her dad figure that sh*t out.”

“No on in that office is responsible for his own child other than himself.”

“I don’t care if you’re the godparent.”

“Thinking you’re responsible for her and taking her off his hand so he could do his meetings is enabling him to not try his hardest to find a solution other than talking to a wife who won’t listen to him.”

“I don’t even know why you’re this involved frankly.”

“Suggest divorce and talk with him after work sure but I can’t believe you thought you had to buy a carseat to transport his own child to his wife during working hours.” ~ cocosnut

OP… this is a situation.

Reddit agrees with your frustration.

But there is a lot to fix here, and fast if you want business to thrive.

Good luck.