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Woman Furious After Her Boyfriend Accuses Her Of Not Being Into Him Because She Doesn’t Lactate During Sex

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19-year-old Redditor ThrowRAmylifeisamess and her boyfriend were both virgins who “messed around” one night.

But things headed south when her 20-year-old boyfriend made a bizarre accusation the following day.

Not knowing how to respond, she turned to the Relationship Advice subReddit for help.

The Original Poster (OP) wrote:

“My boyfriend thinks I’m gaslighting him cos nothing comes out my boobs when I’m horny.”

She explained:

“Honestly my life is a f*king mess. My boyfriend is a bit of a loner but it’s never really been a problem before.”

“We both love video games and to him I’m quite a catch because ‘it’s not often you find a pretty girl who likes games,’ now that statement can be taken a lot of different ways but it looks like a compliment to me so…”

“Most of his life experiences come from the internet which is fine I guess but he really doesn’t have that balance, since we started dating I’ve been dragging him around with me and taking him to try new things.”

“We’ve had a couple obstacles, period of time where he spent literally no attention to me and just played video games (that ended in March, thank god) and convincing him that smelling nice isn’t just a capitalist scheme, lol.”

“So I was ready to lose my virginity to this guy, I really love him and overall he’s an amazing guy, he was also a virgin so we were comfortable to just mess around.”

“The next day he’s all stand offish and pissed at me, I ask why and he asks me if I was just pretending to be into it last night.”

“I say no, I was wet you saw that, I love you etc… and this, god I’m so f*king pissed about this, he says you’re lying, if you were actually horny MILK would come out your boobs.”

“I just can’t f*king express how goddamn infuriating, awful angry idk I just, that? seriously?”

“Like he’d never really been ‘in’ reality or whatever but dude for f*ks sake, I’m in a stunned silence and He’s like, ‘guess its true if you have nothing to say, I thought you weren’t like other women but you’re all the same, I thought you loved me blah blah f*king blah’.”

“And [I don’t know] (idk), like it’s like I have the man I love and then I have this bumbling idiot who I also have to deal with and it’s just sh**ty.”

“Evidently he’s only experienced sex from porn, never thought it out of the ordinary cos he’d never talked to girls and only has brothers, additionally people he used to roleplay with would do [only watch hentai] too, so he took it as fact.”

“I tried so hard to explain but it was like talking to a brick wall, he claimed that I was gaslighting him, that I’m an abusive girlfriend, I’m gonna cheat on him and he was upset, he truly believed that I was this evil f*king bitch.”

“We haven’t talked, we’ve both been crying, his friends are all yesmen. I think they may have convinced him that this stupid thing was a fact because he wasn’t chatting with them as much, they didn’t like me, so it’s not that hard to believe.”

“I was that bigoted outsider in their eyes who was flexing on them by going for walks and joining clubs I guess.”

“He always seemed to brush off their remarks though.”

“I’m stuck, this is just so stupid, so ridiculous, I don’t want my first relationship to end because my boyfriend was surprised that I’m not one of his hentai girls.”

“I love every part of him besides his obliviousness, and seeing him look me in the eye like I’ve stabbed him, say that I’m a dirty cheater because of his stupid porn addiction just hurts.”

“I’m pissed and upset and angry and I hate that I’m hating him right now, it’s just such a stupid f*king idea, like why the f*k would I lactate during sex?”

“I want the boyfriend I love back and dumping him cos liquid didnt dribble out my boobs is just embarrassing.”

Redditors were equally confounded after reading the OP’s post.

But they were pretty clear in their advice.

“Uh… how stupid do you want your kids to be? Assuming he even knows that orgasming with his penis inside a vagina is how babies are made. Probably not though.”

“Run. Run for the hills. Jesus f*k this guy is dumb.”

“It’s not just that he believes something untrue, but that he’s doubling down on it when he has the entire goddamn internet available to tell him he’s fucking wrong. He’s being willfully and intentionally dumber than a goddamn fence post.” Alert-Potato

People were astounded that a specific type of animated pornography (hentai) was her boyfriend’s sex ed.

Does he know tentacles aren’t part of most relationships?

“Of course he knows that orgasming inside her is a thing! But he is probably confused and wondering why her abdomen didn’t become transparent so he could see himself as he orgasmed in though! lol” – the_fuzzy_duckling

“He has the ability to find out for himself if women lactate when they are horny or orgasm.”

“Yeah there’s hentai and lots of bullsh*t on the internet, but there are many reputable sites he could check out where he could get that information.”

“He is choosing not to avail himself of it.”

“He had a choice between a). verifying what you told him to see for himself if it was true, and b). deciding you’re a cheating whore who’s going out of her way to gaslight him.”

“He is waaaay too willing to believe the worst of you at the drop of a hat; that’s not someone you want to be in a relationship with.” – cp2895

“If he wasn’t an incel before, he certainly is now, because I can guarantee that’s the LAST time this dude is gonna have sex in his life unless he drastically changes his man-child personality.” – Lightshade393

“EEEEEEZZZZ. It’s like a wannabe incel situation.”

“Could you ask him to just read literally anything about how lactation works?”

“And then probs leave this dude, sounds like a c*nt.” – Aloise500

“Naw it’s not an incel. He’s voluntarily celibate because he actively rejected sex.”

“He’s just an idiot.” – personalaccountforme

“I’m so sorry this has happened to you, but honestly you have dodged a bullet.”

“His reaction of ‘you’re just like all of them’ is alarming and it gave me horrible flashbacks to my emotionally abusive ex husband. I spent so much time proving myself that I got married and stayed with him for 6 YEARS, and it didn’t matter.”

“That kind of thought process is toxic. You will be sad, but you will be okay.”

“You will find someone who likes you for you, and you won’t have to prove anything to them. Best of luck.” – airbagfailure

But then the OP returned with a series of updates.

“The overwhelming verdict is leave him. I guess, I’ll sleep on it.”

But then he decided matters for her…

“He blew this way out of proportion and he broke up with me. Thanks anyway guys but I guess I don’t need relationship advice seeing as I’m not in one.”

“I’m just gonna go to my best friend’s place. Bye.”

…to which some Redditors responded…

“After seeing that he ended things, I hope that it may give you some consolation to know that at some point in the future he’s likely to find out the truth about when, how, and why women lactate.”

“And he’s going to feel like incredibly sh*tty about himself for f’king things up through his stupidity. Just enjoy knowing that one day, this day will hurt him too.” – Alert-Potato

…and she came back with a joke from her sister…

“I had to add this because it cheered me up a little . My sister said that there is a trinity of getting wet, no-ones ever seen two of them, but we still believe they are there.”

“(If you don’t get the joke she was comparing God and the Holy Spirit—not seen—to each nipple getting wet). It’s insensitive but I’m honestly at the end of my thread and I really need some sh**ty jokes (besides my ex boyfriend) in my life.”

“If anyone has any ideas on why he did this in particular, tell me cos closure would be nice.”

…but a final update changed everything…

“I HAVE TEA MYDUDES. I’m still upset, honestly relationship was very mixed and I don’t know how long it’ll take for me to get over him. He’s blocked me on everything so that’s half the work done I guess.”

“I had some grief sex with my best girl friend last night ( apparently I’m bi now) and everything’s going really fast.”

…and now she’s not sure what to expect in her new relationship. 

“[I don’t know] what to feel. She’s liked me for a really long time but being straight out of a relationship she doesn’t want to be my rebound so she said she’ll wait for me before she asks me out I guess?”

“I have no f*king clue what’s happening in my life. I’ve got literally no time to just think.”

“Really, I thought it would take forever to find someone who cares for me again but it took about 5 hours so IDK what’s happening anymore.”

“My life is f*king mess guys.”

Overall, Redditors were relieved she and her misinformed ex-boyfriend were no longer together. As for her latest developments, Redditors haven’t weighed in.

Written by Koh Mochizuki

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