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Redditor Slams Family Members For Trying To Make Brother And SIL Change ‘Crazy’ Baby Name

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Future parents put a lot of thought into choosing a perfect name for their unborn children.

Sometimes the name they land on has a special meaning, sometimes it’s a family name, but it’s definitely a huge decision that takes time and consideration.

It’s also no secret that people have different preferences when it comes to names, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to shame someone – especially a loved one – if it doesn’t sit well.

A woman on Reddit became frustrated after family members tried to shame her twin brother and his wife for the “crazy” name they chose for their unborn son – going as far to try to make them change it – so she turned to the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit to seek feedback from fellow Redditors.

Redditor InformalWave3205 asked:

“AITA for telling my parents and sisters that talking crap about the name my brother and SIL picked for their baby and blaming SIL for it all isn’t doing what they think it is?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“So my (twin) brother and his wife (SIL) had a baby boy recently and they chose the name Everest for their son.”

“I knew the name prior to my nephew’s birth but nobody else did and when my parents and siblings learned the name they were really not okay.”

“At first they thought it was a joke and asked for my nephew’s real name and then when my brother told them Everest was the real name, they acted like he had grown 5 heads.”

“Shocked, horrified and angry were very clear.”

“They didn’t actually say anything else then. But that might be due to SILs family also being present.”

“The next time we were all together they couldn’t wait to jump on my brother and SIL for giving my nephew such a ‘crazy name.'”

“My brother told them the name was the name and nothing they said would change it.”

“They asked SIL how she could do that to their grandson/nephew.”

“That he didn’t need to be burdened by her family’s strangeness.”

“The reason they said this is SIL and her family all have more unusual names.”

“She told me before it goes back at least three generations (now 4) and that she always loved her name and the names in her family and she always gravitated to those kinds of names.”

“I know my brother always liked names that were different too and we’re alike in that way (maybe it’s a twin thing lol).”

“My brother made the rest of our family leave.”

“They expected me to go with them but I stayed. This shocked them more.”

“Apparently they have annoyed the crap out of my brother in the last few weeks and he decided to block them for a while.”

“SIL also blocked them because she was getting a lot of harassment from them and it’s very clear they blame her alone for the name.”

“The rest of the family asked me to join them for a dinner and this dinner was about how crazy my brother is for allowing this and how SIL is awful for doing this to my nephew.”

“They mentioned how they sent several messages to both about the name being downright cruel.”

“I chimed in and said talking crap about the name and blaming SIL for the name isn’t doing what they think it is and in actual fact they won’t have a grandson or nephew if they don’t learn to keep their opinions to themselves AND apologize for being so cruel to SIL.”

“They told me I should be on their side and imagine if we get a little Pixie or Fairy next or what if we get a Wave or something dumb like that. Because knowing SILs family it’s likely.”

“They told me I wasn’t thinking of my nephew at all.”


Redditors weighed in by declaring:

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Redditors decided the OP was not the a**hole.

“NTA – your family sounds absolutely INSUFFERABLE.”

“Also, honestly, I was expecting WAY worse than ‘Everest.'”

“Like, that is actually an established name.”

“Where the f**k do they think the name Mount Everest comes from?”

“It was legit someone’s last name (George Everest), and using an established last name as a first name is really common. (Honestly, I love the name choice.)”

“They need to be very careful of becoming your nephew’s first bullies, because if they keep talking shit about his name, it will get back to him eventually.”

“How do they think he’s going to feel about Grandma and Grandpa talking badly about him or his mom or his other grandparents?”

“And I get that sometimes there are absolutely cases where we should gently dissuade people from naming their kids certain things (Felony or Chlamydia or Harlot are the first to pop up in my mind), but this is NOT the case and your family needs to get the collective stick out of its a**.”

“And be prepared for your family to do petty sh*t like refusing to say the kid’s name, or try to give him a nickname that’s just something ‘normal,’ and in general continue to be rude about it.”

“Continue sticking up for your Brother, SIL, and Nephew, because there’s nothing wrong with the name they chose.” – Jendy86

“NTA – Everest isn’t even all that weird.”

“Its a single letter away from Everett… and here they are acting like he named his son Pickle Fart.”

“I find it strange how often baby names get brought up on AITA.” – ChairmanOfTheBoreddd

“NTA. Your parents sound like they look for things to be upset about.”

“You did good. You’re helping them understand their role in the kids life is wait until they’re asked for an opinion or get shut out.”

“The comment about we have to shut this name down bx the next one might be called worse is laughable.”

“They’re using the gateway drug argument for names.” – Parasamgate


“First, Everest isn’t that crazy of a name, most everyone will be able to pronounce it, it has no negative connotations associated with it, and it references a mountain…it’s just not that out there.”

“More importantly, regardless of how out there the name is or isn’t, you are right.”

“They are bullying your brother and more so SIL, and all that comes from that is getting blocked and losing access to them and the newest member of the family.”

“YOU are thinking of your nephew and how you want relationship with him.”

“They are thinking that them being right and getting their way is more important than anything else, including the relationship they seem to want to have.”

“Not only are you NTA, you are a good person for calling out this behavior, and my suggestion would be to follow up with your brother, and more importantly SIL (just because she is getting the brunt of it) and let you know you are here for them, you like the name, and you want to be involved, and promise to be involved while respecting their wishes about the rest of your family (aka not sharing information, not letting them know when you are visiting the baby, etc).”

“They probably feel pretty isolated and having you affirm their feelings and that you are there for them would be so nice for them to hear.” – mfruitfly

“In a world of Maydeylynn (actually pronounced Sarah) I think Everest is ok. Btw NTA” – Ambitious-Battle8091

“INFO: Is Everest the real name or did you make that up to not be identified?”

“Because if that’s the real name, wtf is your family on???”

“That’s not a weird name at all and how does one get from Everest to Pixie or Wave??”

“NTA. Your family iinvited you to the dinner specifically to talk sh*t about this name in front of you.”

“You didn’t barge in, you didn’t have a sit down with them. They involved you.”

“They asked for your views.”

“If they didn’t want to hear it, they shouldn’t have asked you and you were under no obligation to leave.” – Even_Budget2078

“NTA, you did the right thing by defending your brother and SIL, they can name their children whatever they want and that’s that.”

“That being said, I think your family needs to have a sit down and talk this through so this doesn’t escalate any further.”

“It’s fine if they don’t like the name, constantly reminding your brother and SIL is NOT fine.” – nodooni-01

“NTA your family is, a good way to alienate themselves over something so petty.”

“They had their chance to name their kids and should respect your brother and SIL’s choices.”

“They are willing to give up a relationship over something that is none of their business.”

“bravo for your brother blocking them.”

“It should be a joyful time in their lives and your family are hurting them.”

“No one needs that kind of family dynamics.” – SliceEquivalent825

“NTA. Everest is a fine name, and I actually like it a lot.”

“Your family is being mean about it for no reason.” – Redditor

Kudos to OP for standing by her brother and sister-in-law and refusing to take part in immature bashing.

Hopefully the family will learn to appreciate the name before it becomes an issue that strains the relationship with the future family member.

Written by AB Keith

AB Keith is an educator turned roadtripper who is currently teaching virtually while touring the USA. Her dream is to visit all the national parks and create a series of nonfiction children's books about NP adventures through the eyes of her dog, Backpack Benny.