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Guy Called Out For Not Giving His Ex’s New Boyfriend The Same Weed

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It’s always awkward when an ex starts dating someone new, even if you’re on good terms.

For one self-professed “local weed guy” things went a step further when his ex expected a discounted rate for her new boo.

Redditor No-Effective9357 turned to the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subreddit for opinions on this side business drama.

They asked: 

“AITA for not giving my ex girlfriend’s new boyfriend the same discount on weed I give my ex?”

The dealing OP (original poster) spilled the details of the conflict. 

“I’m 19 and I sell weed lol. It’s legal in my state but the dispos are very pricey. My ex and I broke up in November.”

”It wasn’t a very dramatic breakup, we just both realized we didn’t love each other like we used to anymore. We dated for 3 years which I think is long for our age.”

”So it was a mutual breakup. We still live in the same town and although we don’t see each other much besides the occasional party, we aren’t on bad terms at all.”

“I run a pretty lucrative side business next to my actual job as the friendly neighborhood marijuana guy. I always give my good friends a discount.”

”Depending on what I pick up and how much they are buying; I discount it 10-20$ for my friends. Back when ex and I were dating, I did not charge her for weed.”

”Since we broke up, she still picks up from me but I do charge her now. She gets the discounted friend rate though.”

“Well, back in March, ex started dating this new guy Jim. I don’t know him, he’s not from our area. I think they met on an app or something (barf).”

”Let me be clear I have no issues with her new relationship, I wish her the best and I hope she is happy. I’ve never met Jim but I hope he’s a good dude and they are happy together.”

”Other day, Ex texted me asking if Jim could pick up some bud on his way home. I said sure, he texted me, came by and got his bud.”

”That night, I got a phone call from Ex. This is the first time she called me since we broke up, it’s always been text so I figured it must be serious or an emergency.”

”I answer and first thing she says is ‘What did you charge Jim?’ I told her and she asked why.”

”I told her that was my standard pricing, and I didn’t upcharge him or anything (tbh I did consider it at first). She said ‘that’s not what you charge me’ and I said ‘you weren’t buying it, Jim was’.”

”She said she told Jim what he would be paying, and he got mad at her when it was more. I explained that I give her the discount because of all our history and what not, and that Jim isn’t my friend, so why would he get any discount?”

”She said ‘well, he’s my bf and since you give me a discount you should give him one’. Now I did get a little sassy with my response ‘The difference is I care about you, I don’t give a f’k about Jim.’”

”She hungup, texted me calling me an a**hole, and she hasn’t hit me up for weed since. I have enough business so I don’t really care, but I did want to stay on as good of terms with ex as possible.”

The OP asked Redditors to weigh in and rule:

  • NTA – Not The A**hole
  • YTA – You’re The A**hole
  • NAH – No A**holes Here
  • ESH – Everyone Sucks Here

Redditors decided they were not obligated to give the new boyfriend a discount, ruling OP was NTA.

“NTA let her go and Jim go somewhere else. Or Time they both pay full price. When she expected the discount for her boyfriend she stopped getting it herself.”

“No gratitude and being rude to you means no longer friends. She wanted to act like a business dealer she can pay the full price.”~One-Bug1625

NTA – As you said, she was a friend, he was not. Now, perhaps you would have given him that discounted rate in the future, but that was for you to decide.”

“Would have also been a slightly different story if your ex asked you if he could buy at the discounted price. Still would have been your call, but it would have been the decent thing for your ex to do.”~Not-Cleaver

NTA- but a risky business move. He could be a cop for all you know, plus you now have two unhappy customers that might dime you out for spite. Should have told her that you’ll sell to her directly at the discount price and not risk stranger danger.”~Far_Information5609

“NTA the discount is for friends. If you open it to friends of friends, those friends will have friends too etc until that is just your actual pricing.”

”If she thinks that he should get it to because she does, instead of just appreciating the discount, then maybe the discount shouldn’t be for her anymore either.”~BazTheBaptist

“NTA. If she expects equal treatment for the both of them, maybe you could start charging her the original price too.”~colderhands

“NTA and where does it end? Does her cousin get a discount? Her mother in law, her dog? It has to end somewhere. This seems like a good line to draw in the sand. Let her be angry, it’s not your problem in any way.”~GiddyGabby

Sounds like it’s time to set some clearer boundaries with that ex.

Written by Heidi Dockery

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