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Man Asks His Mom To Fire Her New Maid After Realizing He Once Hooked Up With Her

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Redditor asked:

“AITA for getting my mom to fire her maid?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“I have moved back into my parents’ house for a couple months because my apartment lease has ended and my new house is still being built. It’s behind schedule.”

“My mom has a maid come by every morning and it turns out she was a girl I slept with after I met her at some basketball game my school was playing at. It was fine and I mean her no harm but it was just awkward once I realized who she was.”

“I’m usually the only one at home since I work remotely and my parents go to their office so I pretty much just told her to do her thing and hung out in my room all morning.”

“When my mom came home I let her know what’s up and we both agreed it was a weird situation and possibly a legally grey area to have her work for someone she slept with so my mom decided to request a new maid from the maid service for the sake of both parties.”

“The girl ends up getting my phone number somehow and blowing up my phone with a slew of angry texts calling me immature and ruining her life by jeopardizing her job in the middle of a pandemic.”


Redditors weighed in on the situation by declaring:

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Redditors were of one mind in their response—the OP was definitely the a**hole.

“YTA. A legal grey area? Wtf are you talking about?!”

“Dude she’s cleaning the house not performing surgery on you. Grow up, ick.” ~ Sharp_Pear_Alas

“Yeah what does this even mean? It’s borderline classist like does this dude think he’s a CEO or something?” ~ ig0t_somprobloms

“I honestly think it’s extremely classist. Getting some girl fired over her sex life (or worse, out of petty vindictiveness of rejection).”

“No no, it’s an inconvenience for him so f’k this girl and her livelihood, right?” ~ sukinsyn

“I rather agree with the other commenter speculating whether OP tried getting frisky with her and got rejected, leading to all this.” ~ mbrellaParadox

“Not ‘borderline’ at all. You’re right, it’s straight up classist.”

“Mama’s special boy needs to check his privilege or scrub his own floors and toilets.” ~ -Gypsynurse-

“Yes, YTA. This is her job. Get over yourself.”

“You had sex with her once several years ago, and I’m sure she doesn’t want to sleep with you again because you’re clearly the a**hole.”

“I’m also wondering if this is the whole story. I’m wondering if OP made a pass at her and was rejected.

“I’m wondering if OP created the ‘legal gray area…’.” ~ These-Coat-3164

“This sounds entirely plausible.”

“I wish that the poor woman had told him that she had no idea who he was, and didn’t remember the hook up at all.”

“YTA, OP.” ~ Swedishpunsch

“And she somehow dramatically got his phone number? Boy, how?”

“The wording in the story makes it sound like they went to different schools and she was a random girl so chances are slim they have a mutual who gave it to her.”

“Which I guess could happen, but it happened REALLY fast. I would have to do some searching for a number of someone I went to school with 5 years ago.” ~ kill4kandy

“Yep, wondering if he tried to turn the maid situation into a booty call and was denied. Makes more sense than the crap he’s spewing.” ~ PearlClutchingNinny

“That’s true. Legal grey area could be op’s sexual harassment of the maid.” ~ ProudBoomer

“He probably gave her his number at that time.” ~ Gogo726

Redditors thought they figured out how the fired maid got the OP’s phone number.

“I think you’ve hit on the last piece of the puzzle! OP gave her his phone number and she declined and after she left he started feeling embarrassed/angry and didn’t want to have to see her again so he ran to mommy and got her fired.”

“What an a**hole! Wish we could track her down and tell her to find a lawyer.

“Definitely NOT a ‘legal gray area’ if this is what happened.” ~ These-Coat-3164

“‘…we both agreed it was weird situation and possibly a legally grey area to have her work for someone she slept with’.”

“On what TV drama are you basing your legal knowledge?”

“‘…calling me immature and ruining her life for jeopardizing her job in the middle of a pandemic’.”

“What is your question? You acted immaturely, ruined her life, and jeopardized her job in the middle of a pandemic.”

“YTA—you’re the a**hole.” ~ rjb4000

“And the maid didn’t work FOR OP. She was hired by mom, worked for mom and paid by mom.”

“No grey area at all, unless OP made a pass at the maid and was rejected, thus the revenge firing.” ~ plumberchick

“Clearly no legal grey area, but OP needs something to explain why he got this poor woman fired and doesn’t want to say ‘I’m too immature to handle being around someone I slept with five years ago because I am a giant baby’.”

“So he’s grasping at straws and somehow thinks they’re going to cover his a**.” ~ FeuerroteZora

“And she actually worked for an agency, so not even directly for the mom. Pretty dumb. YTA.” ~ rainyhawk

“Does OP think he has a golden penis?” ~ chileanfruitlover

“YTA. You lost a girl her JOB just because you slept with her.”

“We’re in the middle of a pandemic. You couldn’t just bear with it?” ~ ifsnakescouldspeak

“YTA. And you’re a child.”

“You took away a paycheck from a woman because you couldn’t be a grown up about where you chose to stick your penis.”

“Ugh. Gross.” ~ _sobertaco_

Redditors agreed there was no reason—legal or otherwise—for the woman to be fired over a one night stand that took place years ago.

Most suspected the OP was being petty and vindictive either because the woman found him so unremarkable she didn’t remember him or because she turned him down when he suggested another hookup.

Written by Amelia Mavis Christnot

Amelia Christnot is an Oglala Lakota, Kanien'kehá:ka Haudenosaunee and Metís Navy brat who settled in the wilds of Northern Maine. A member of the Indigenous Journalists Association, she considers herself another proud Maineiac.