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Parent Called Out For Letting ‘Picky Eater’ Adult Son Bring Fast Food To A Wedding Reception

A guy in formal attire sits at a bench, eating fast food.

Many couples put pain staking thought into the menu for their wedding.

And yes, you can’t please everybody.

So does that mean guests should be bringing in their own food?

Case in point…

Redditor Houstonstan2618 wanted to discuss their experience and get some feedback. So naturally, they came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

They asked:

“AITA for letting my son get fast food and bring it into a wedding reception?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“My son (22 M[ale]) is a picky eater.”

“My cousin was getting married and had a lovely reception with a nice buffet.”

“’Johnny’ wasn’t a fan of what was served so I let him leave and get some food.”

“Word spread amongst our family where he was going and a few people asked him to bring things back so he did.”

“We are at a table near the dance floor and you could probably smell it there but nobody in our immediate family had a chance problem (even the bride and groom).”

“Apparently the venue and the family of the bride were appalled and I don’t understand why.”

“It was a great party but he wanted something different and other people did too.”

“He’s 22 years old and in college.”

“He has no medical issues; he just has a limited palate.”

“When I said ‘let’ I meant, let him take my car since we all rode together.”

“An edit: the food was served buffet style: a nice soup, salad, tenderloin, bbq beef, pasta, a few other selections.”

“It was actually really good for wedding food.”

“Everyone else who partook in the fast food did so because, well, it was there and tasted good.”

“They didn’t have a problem with the venue’s food.”

“Also, as some people said, one or two chicken bones did end up in the floor in the venue.”

“That was unfortunate.”

“So AITA?”

Redditors shared their thoughts on this matter and weighed some options to the question AITA:

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  • ESH – Everyone Sucks Here

Many Redditors declared OP WAS the A**hole.

“YTA for sure, you should have arranged something beforehand instead of doing it like this.”

“Oh, and stop enabling your adult son, he is 22.” ~ sandiercy

“The venue and family of the bride were appalled because bringing fast food into the reception for multiple people to eat…”

” – Embarrassed the venue because you all showed publicly you did not like their food, and…”

” – Angered the bride’s family because they most likely paid a good amount of money for the food you publicly replaced (assuming the bride’s family paid; I know this is not necessarily the case).”

“If you were invited to a dinner party, would you leave halfway through to get fast food and bring it back to eat at the dinner table? YTA.”  ~ Necessary_Jello_1206

“Also 3. A lot of places that serve food don’t allow people to bring in outside food in case they get sick etc.”

“Puts them and their service at risk of potential lawsuits.”  ~ adventurousmango24

“This and some venues will charge the bride/groom if you do bring food or alcohol onto the premises that wasn’t bought there so the bride and her family may have been upset because they may face a charge.”

“YTA- he’s 22, not a fussy toddler and all buffets I’ve ever been to will have some thing everyone can eat.”  ~ Herps15

“When I saw the title I first assumed it was a little kid, nope, 22 year old dude, OP should know better.”

“And then the fact he got other people food too instead of himself, and they see nothing wrong with that?? OP YTA.”  ~ Defiant_McPiper

“My relative is a child, and even they know not to do this.”

“If example at a buffet if there were 9 dishes and there was only one they liked, they would load up on that on dish alone.”

“It’s just about decent respect, which OP and son clearly doesn’t have any of.”

“It’s one event, suck it up. OP YTA.”  ~ egghoex

“Oh, please tell me the wedding photographer captured the magic of fast food bags spread across multiple tables at a catered wedding!”

“The People of Wal-Mart unite!”

“Did your son come to the wedding in jeans shorts as well? Y’all tacky. YTA.”  ~ Beneficial_Ship_7988

“YTA. Wow a grown ass man acting like a 5 year old.”

“Does he still require you to wipe his butt also?”

“I pity any woman that hooks up with him, if that is even a possibility.”

“Probably brings his mommy and daddy on dates too.”  ~ OkieLady1952

“Oh, and then threw the chicken bones on the floor.”

“By OPs own admission, ‘Somehow’ some chicken bones from the chicken wings ended up on the floor.”

“Not only was OPs son rude, with the palate of a 5 year old (after being coddled by his parents, no doubt), he was a slob who can’t even manage to keep his scraps on the plate or even the table.” ~ scarletnightingale

“I understand picky eating.”

“I’m autistic and food aversions are a major hassle.”

“Especially since the issues are made more severe by histamine intolerance meaning I’m basically at least mildly allergic to everything and the severity of symptoms is inconsistent.”

“If I’m worried about feeling unwell or dealing with the physical things that go along with aversions (like my throat feeling thick and causing it to be hard to swallow, or making me gag or worse from soft foods) then I just bring a safe snack to eat beforehand or in private and decline a meal.”

“I also make sure to bring things, like a histamine DAO (Diamine oxidase) enzyme and my prescription antihistamines, to help avoid the worse symptoms since it can make me feel really sick.”

“It’s rude.”

“If it really was so limiting for him to eat the food offered then he should have eaten it in private before going back into the venue and kept it quiet that he was going rather than bringing meals for others.”

“I can’t imagine being at a wedding and seeing several people around sitting there with their McDonalds or some other fast food instead of eating what is offered.”

“Plus it sounds like there were plenty of options, there must have been something that he could have at least tried.”

“I don’t really have much issue with him getting something for himself, I’m not going to judge him for being picky and I’m sure he has his reasons.”

“My main issue is that he brought stuff back for others and ate inside the venue. It’s so rude.”  ~ mkat23

“And he couldn’t even go quietly.”

“There was enough of a fuss that other guests got wind of it and made requests.”

“Now bride and groom are left with the message that people would rather eat crap than the meals they provided at great expense. YTA.”  ~ ilp456

“He could have slipped out silently and got some food, ate it in the car and slipped back in silently if he had any sense.”

“If anyone asked where he was ‘getting some air’ and ‘he needed to grab something in the town and will be back in 20’ would have sufficed.”

“You can be a picky b*st@rd without being an insensitive one.”

“That said, at 22, learn to eat some f**king food like a grown up.”  ~ Wolfpawn

“I first thought 22 months old.”

“Then saw that the 22 year old grown a** man, who went to the fast food and picked up food for some other guests.”

“Now my brain is just trying to grasp the situation.”

“I’ve been to weddings with bad, bad, bad, bad, bad food.”

“Both myself and my husband sat through 10 hours of wedding party (were really close friends with the groom) and were starving.”

“We literally lived 2 minutes away from the wedding venue and didn’t even think of going home to eat.”

“Both you and your 22 months, I mean 22 year old son are TA!”  ~ Successful_Winter_97

“YTA. At most, he should have slipped out, eaten, and returned quietly.”

“Letting it be known and eating at the reception is a VERY AH move.”

“You were rude, disrespectful and trashy.”

“Apologize and teach your son better.”

“Also he’s 22. Ummm, enable much?”  ~ Pair_of_Pearls

“I am a picky eater, a vegetarian and have severe food allergies.”

“I would never ever do this. Very rude.”

“They should apologize profusely to the bride and groom and send them an apology gift and never pull this stuff again.”

“I am guessing some lack of social skills are involved.”

“Let us coach you.”

“Never do this again. Super rude.”

“Not the end of the world though.”  ~ Competitive_Sleep_21

“This the bride and groom could have been fined by the venue.”

“At my own venue bringing your own food with the exception of the cake was strictly against the rules of the contract.”

“If you needed to accommodate a guests diet or food allergy that had to be taken to management so they could prepare something specifically for them if need be.”

“And this was pretty common when we went venue hunting. By the way OP, YTA.”  ~ ffsmutluv

“Hard YTA. Your son is 22.”

“He can eat before the ceremony, or eat after.”

“Or eat a granola bar in the bathroom.”

“But instead you and him made a big enough scene of the food not being to his liking that many people knew, and then he proceeded to bring back dinner for several other people.”

“Causing an even bigger scene that was highly disruptive of an insanely expensive formal dinner that you nor any of the other guests getting take out paid for.”

“I assume that the wedding allowed children at the dinner, but it’s unclear why you weren’t sat at the kids table and supervised by the grown-ups.”  ~ mencryforme5

Well OP, Reddit is pretty loud and clear on this situation.

Maybe next time check what’s on the menu beforehand.

Or slip away quietly and eat in the car.