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New Mom Calls Out Rude Sister For Throwing Massive Fit About Infant Daughter’s ‘Ugly’ Name

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Redditor New_Possibility_9820 recently had her first baby girl, and when she announced the baby’s name she was met with a shocking reaction from her sister.

The Original Poster (OP) was not expecting much of a reaction to her new daughter’s name, but instead her sister expressed her outspoken distaste.

This caused a conflict, ultimately driving the OP to subReddit “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA).

There she asked:

“AITA for telling my sister her reaction to my daughter’s name was way over the top and totally rude?”

She went on to explain.

“I gave birth to my second child a few weeks ago. I already have a son and this time I had a daughter. My husband and I named her Alannah.”

“We announced the name and did not expect any real reaction to the name. But my sister had an almost immediate reaction of OMG why would you name your child Alannah?!”

“And it was so confusing to me because it was such a strong reaction. I told her we thought the name was pretty and would grow nicely with our daughter.”

“She told me it was the worst name ever and I was so shocked that I didn’t even ask her at that point why she hated it so much.”

“We didn’t speak for a week and then she said we needed to talk. I agreed because I was still so taken aback by her reaction.”

“She showed up at my home and overreacted more to the name. She was saying it was so sh*tty that we chose the name and how could we do that to her niece.”

“I asked her what she was talking about and asked her why she hated the name so bad. I was wondering if she’d had some terrible experience with an Alannah unbeknownst to me.”

“But all she could say is the name was ugly and an easy target for being made fun of. I asked how and she said it was pukey and nobody should be saddled with such a terrible name.”

“She said we needed to change the name before our daughter got too old. She said she didn’t know what to say to me knowing I had chosen Alannah as a baby name.”

“She was giving me nothing reasonable, at least to me since I do not think Alannah is exactly an easy name to be bullied over…”

“…so I told her her reaction to the name was over the top and totally rude to my husband and to me.”

“I told her she might not love the name but she did not need to go so hard on us for giving our daughter the name.”

“She told me I was rude and should listen to her when she’s trying to save my daughter from torment. And that I should trust her enough to believe her and not criticize her.”


Redditors weighed in by declaring:

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Redditors decided:

“I like the name. Mainly because it’s my name too. It’s not an easy name to be bullied over. I’m 40 now, and my name has aged with me.”

“It’s classy. There aren’t many people with that name, so you have that in your favour too.”

“Your kid, your choice. You aren’t calling your kid Tinkerbell. Or something that hasn’t aged quite as well.”

“Tell your sister to stay in her lane. Your baby will be fine with her name. May I suggest Lannie as a nickname? Lol.”

“NTA.” – 101037633


“From the title, I was totally expecting some crazy over the top name like Makaylee or Broccoleigh. Alannah is a totally normal name.”

“Tell your sister to get over herself and stay in her lane.” – Keenzur


“I don’t get it either – how can an emotionally mature adult have such an averse reaction to a name without being able to explain why?”

“Unless she can provide some context, I think your reaction is fair.”

“Alannah isn’t exactly an unusual name or anything. I think we’ve all heard of it. It’s quote unquote quite a normal name.” – BastardsCryinInnit


“my guess: either she has bad experiences with someone who goes by This Name, or she would have liked it for her Future daughter.”

“For me there is no other explanation which involves sane people.” – ASD1985

“NTA. Alannah is a familiar name for a girl when I was growing up, and I don’t remember anyone being made fun of for it.”

“If she ever wanted to shorten it, she could use “Allie” or “Anna” maybe.” – napsrule321

“NTA Is Alannah the name your sister had called dibs on for her kid, without actually telling you? Alannah is a nice name.”

“Ooooh – I’ve just reread a book about a girl character called alannah who disguises herself as a boy and goes by Alan for a few years…”

“Does your sister have an issue with Tamora Pierce books??” – Fine-for-now

“NTA – that’s so weird to have that reaction with no reason. I’ve heard some weird names from friends and family with their kids (Alannah is beautiful) and I just kept my mouth shut.”

“Why? Because I’m not the one who pushed it out of me. Your sister needs to stay in her lane.” – thumbtapper


“If she doesn’t like the name she can keep it to herself? What’s it got to do with her anyway. I personally love the name and have two work colleagues with that name.”

“Maybe you should just not speak to her for a while before she makes you start to believe it’s an ugly name. It is a lovely name” – JstLooking05

“NTA – is your sister a child? I’ve never known an adult to describe something as “pukey” (unless its their barfing kid).”

“Alannah is a perfectly normal name. I have a cousin named Alannah, she has a masters degree and is successful in her field.”

“I also have a friend named Alannah and she is the CEO of a company. Its not like you named your kid Barfarella and set her up for failure in life.”

“Your kid will be fine, the name is normal, your sister is being a freak.” – BodyBy711


“I have a feeling that sis wanted that name, or one very similar, for her future child. That is why she is now trying to convince you to change your daughter’s name.” – shadowdragon1978

“NTA. There is no way her over-the-top reaction is out of concern your daughter will be bullied. There’s got to be something else going on there, but that’s not your problem.”

“Your sister is an AH, and if she doesn’t cut the crap, I’d recommend keeping her away from your daughter for fear she’ll try to get your daughter to hate her name and…”

“…by extension, herself.” – Ornery-Wasabi-473

“NTA. This is a totally normal name and becoming more popular, IMO. My cousin just had an ‘Ilana’ and it suits her baby well.”

“There is nothing about your baby’s name that seems like it’s an invitation for children to mock. If kids are going to make fun of someone, they will find a way regardless of what their name is.”

“Tell your sis ‘Your disapproval has been noted. Alannah is the name that we have chosen for our daughter and we will not be changing it. This conversation ends now.’”

“Refuse to engage if/when she brings it up again.” – EmbarrassedRaccoon34

“NTA. I bet Alannah is your sister’s secret baby name. Otherwise, she is being way over the top.”

“I mean, she’s being over the top anyway, but this is the only reason I can think of for it, is if she always wanted to ‘save’ the name for herself.” – OkOwl2339

“NTA I think it’s a lovely name. No one liked the name we picked for our youngest but we loved it and now everyone else has grown to love it as suits her.”

“I think perhaps your sister secretly loves the name and was planning on using it herself when she has kids…”

“…so she’s upset that you picked and is trying to get you to change it so she can use it later.” – Mamaknowsbest45

“Well, now your sister can keep your daughters name out of her mouth. WTF, overreact much, sis ?”

“It’s not like you named your kid Chlamydia or something. The female form of Allan is fine, if maybe slightly unusual. NTA” – YouthNAsia63

“NTA, I don’t see whats wrong with the name or how someone could get bullied.”

“My only thought was maybe she really wanted that name for a future child of her own, but if it’s not a family name then I don’t see why she’d be attached to it.” – CoolSummerBreeze420

“I have a friend who’s daughter is named Alannah (with a slightly different spelling but pronounced the same) and she’s never had any negative experiences being mocked or bullied for her name.”

“This is a really weird and over-the-top reaction. NTA and maybe avoid your sister.” – readerdl22

Sounds like jealousy to me.

Written by B. Miller

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