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Pregnant Woman Calls Out Spouse For Telling Her To ‘Tone Down’ Instagram Posts Of Her Belly

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Social media can be a lot, especially for those who are around influencers and those trying to become influencers.

One Redditor, Throwawayname872, is married to someone who loves showing off her baby bump.

The Original Poster (OP) got so annoyed that they asked her to stop with the pictures, and took to subReddit “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) for feedback on their request.

They asked,

“AITA for telling my wife to stop excessively posting pictures of her belly to Instagram?”

The OP went on to explain themselves.

My wife [Female age 34] is currently pregnant and basically she’s been really “marketing” it on her Instagram, almost every story she has or post involves showing off a photo of her belly and I’m really fed up with it.”

“I’ve had to work a lot more, some weeks I’m not home for a good chunk of the week, I used to feel pretty happy checking her Instagram stories, what she’s up to?, what’s she doing with our girls? etc.”

“However, it’s just boring and the same.”

“Even her friends are starting to get fed up with it, she recently posted a picture that was just her smiling and one of her friends commented,’You look lovely, glad it’s not another belly pic.’”

“I decided to talk to her about it and told her I would really prefer to tone down posting photos of her belly, everyone knows she’s pregnant and I would really prefer if she would go back to what she did before on Instagram.”

“We got into an argument, her saying it’s her personal Instagram, “don’t watch if you don’t like it,” “I don’t understand what it feels like,” etc.”

“Now she’s kinda in a little huff and not really communicating with me.”

“I can understand she’s very excited and happy being pregnant and is pretty bored being out of work, however, I really felt I needed to tell her to tone it down. I don’t [sic] her posting our child’s face all over social media either.”


Redditors gave their opinions on the matter by saying:

  • NTA – Not The A**hole
  • YTA – You’re The A**hole
  • NAH – No A**holes Here
  • ESH – Everyone Sucks Here

Redditors decided: YTA.


“Not your belly. Not your Instagram.” – SalmonOfNoKnowledge

“Piggybacking to say; my dude, that’s your child. And you’re not home for long stretches.”

“Your wife is probably lonely and feeling like she’s doing all of this pregnancy herself, so she’s trying to make herself feel better by posting and getting love and assurance from friends and loved ones.”

“YTA so badly.” – Sad-Raise-754

“I was on the YTA train when I read the title, but when he says near the end that she’s ‘in a little huff,’ the a**hole meter was going off the charts.”

“Such a condescending way to say, ‘I asked my wife to just post the stuff I like on her Instagram, and she got mad about it, them wimminz and their emotions amirite?’” – Moravandra

“Yta, she’s enjoying posting about her pregnancy, and she’s not hurting anyone” – shoxford

“I mean, unfollow her if it bothers you and your friends that much. Her body, her choice.”

“Unless it’s you or your kids are in the pictures, you don’t get to say what she can post on her Instagram. YTA.” – pizzagirl701


“You should ask yourself why it bothers you that she’s happy to be carrying your child and wants to show it off, so much so that you’re willing to crush her happiness over something this harmless.”

“Really dig deep and get to the bottom of that before this character failing damages your relationship irrevocably. As it stands, she’s never going to forget this.”

“How this should have gone-“

“Friend: too many belly shots”

“Appropriate loving husband: that beautiful belly is carrying my baby. More belly shots!”

“Then you go home and tell your wife how happy you are that she is cherishing carrying your child this much.” – Choice_Mongoose2427

YTA. A huge a**hole. Your wife is absolutely correct that she can post whatever she wants on her personal Instagram.”

“She is your wife, not your infant child. The level of control you are trying to exert over her is disturbing.” – NewCanadianMTurker

“YTA she’s happy and excited about the little being she’s growing. You’re getting annoyed at her IG? So don’t fkn look at it.” – joeswastedtime


“I’m sorry, is her Instagram something she’s supposed to do to please you or to please herself?” – madelinegumbo

“I’m also 34, like OP’s wife, so I know a decent amount of women who’ve had babies in recent years or are currently pregnant.”

“They all post like this. It’s a belly pic like every other day at the least.”

“They’re excited. Let them be excited. OP, YTA” – ChikaDeeJay

“YTA – it’s her IG, her body, her pregnancy, and if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. You have eyes don’t use them….” – ReviewOk929

“YTA. What’s your problem?? Stop policing her Instagram.”

“If you don’t want to look at photos of her pregnant belly, then don’t look at her page. This is a you problem.” – Pepper-90210

I’m confused… Is the only real reason you have against it is that you and maybe some of her friends find it boring?”

“It’s her space to do what she wants, it’s harmless, and people with an issue can either stop watching or unfollow. Yourself included…”

“YTA.” – LemonRoll_Rabbit


“What she posts on her personal Instagram is none of your business.”

“If you don’t like the pictures, just don’t look at them.”

“And if you want to know what she has been doing – how about calling or texting and actually asking her?” – cave-felem

YTA, anyone who doesn’t want to see what she posts shouldn’t look.”

“You have a valid point at the end about your children’s faces being online, but it doesn’t sound like that’s was your main concern at all, and in your post, you say that you like seeing what she’s up to with your girls…”

“If you go back to this topic, apologize and focus on making sure your children are not the focus of any publicly accessible content.” – Sea-Sky3177

“YTA. Leave your wife be. She’s excited, and you have no right to tell her to stop posting photos of herself.”

“Let her enjoy her pregnancy. It won’t last forever.” – Alive-Armadillo-126


“Pick your battles. This is very low stakes and says far more about you than it does about her.” – Hapnhopeless

“YTA and take her advice – stop looking if it bugs you. East fix to your problem.” – banksyswife

“YTA for sure. Might wanna take some time and figure out why it bothers you so much.” – white_choco_latte

“I mean YTA. She was right it IS her social media, and you should be proud and happy she’s posting preggo pics versus @ss and tit pics which is the norm on IG. 🤷🏽‍♀️” – AsimpsonsPrediction

“YTA. Being pregnant and being home alone and/or just with the kids most of the time can be incredibly isolating, especially since you are admittedly not there most of the time.”

“She’s pregnant, she’s only getting more pregnant, and Instagram is probably an outlet for her. So what is the actual problem here, and who is she hurting?” – breadburn

“1.YTA. Solely because it is her Instagram account, and she gets to decide what she posts there.”

“2. I understand your concerns. But I have a question for you here. Was she like this during her earlier pregnancies as well?”

“If not, why now? Is it possible that there is something going on here that you are missing?”

“Is she feeling unloved or neglected during this pregnancy that she is turning to social media to get some validation?”

“Usually people make a lot of fuss during a woman’s first pregnancy while with subsequent pregnancies, the mom is pretty much on her own.”

“I would suggest that you find out if something is really bothering her and what exactly that is so that you can help her out in the right way.” – HannahPoppyMommy

“YTA. You haven’t articulated a single reason for her to change her posting habits, other than ’I’m getting sick of seeing those posts.’”

“And that’s not a good reason because, as your wife said, it’s her social media page and nobody is forcing you to read it.” – BrockVelocity

“YTA, your wife is right; if you don’t like it don’t watch it, and it’s her Instagram, not yours.”

“Also there’s a very big difference between her posting pictures of her belly and your later comment of ‘posting our child’s face all over social media which she hasn’t done.” – MaryJaneFury

YTA if she’s not posting anything that is harmful to you or the kids you can be put off by her belly posts but not your place to tell her to stop posting.”

“Not the hill to die on my friend.” – Jolly_Cycle_5597

YTA. You are not entitled to content from anyone, even your wife.”

“What you can do is have a conversation with her about how you feel like you’re missing out from working so hard, and would she mind sending you updates or pictures of the kids?” – EmpressJainaSolo

Hopefully, these expectant parents can get on the same page before the baby is born.

Written by B. Miller

B. is a creative multihyphenate who enjoys the power and versatility of the written word. She enjoys hiking, great food and drinks, traveling, and vulnerable conversation. Raised below the Mason Dixon, thriving above it. (she/her)