Guy Shares Story About The Vents In His Childhood Bedroom That Is Creeping People All The Way Out

ByoungJoo/Getty Images / @grady_hendrix/Twitter

Author and avid Twitter user Grady Hendrix, @grady_hendrix on Twitter, decided to share a childhood story that will make all of the hair on the back of your neck stand on end.

As it turns out, sometimes those super spooky things kids say might be true.

Grady began his Twitter storytime by expressing a desire to get in on the spooky story action which began with the triumph of sneaking around the house as a kid for some questionable sounding snacks.

Attaining these late night treats wasn’t always easy, though.

The quest for a particularly tasty treat one evening would prove rather more difficult, and terrifying, than Grady was planning for.

This person was definitely not supposed to be in the house.

The incident really got to the 9-year-old Grady.

Unfortunately, his parents weren’t much help.

Young Grady remained ever vigilant, always checking to see what was out of place in the house.

He also lived in fear of the dark figure.

Then things got so much worse.

Unfortunately, raising a fuss didn’t help. Grady’s parents still wouldn’t believe him.

An unpleasant odor would eventually vindicate Grady, but in the worst way possible.

Somehow it got even worse.

A little paranoia seems like a pretty natural response here.

Folks who read Grady’s tweets were more than a little bit freaked out.

Grady has authored a plethora of both fiction and non-fiction.

So the jury is out on whether this particular story is fact or fiction, but that almost makes it more terrifying.

Hendrix’s book Horrorstör: A Novel, is available here.


Their book My Best Friend’s Exorcism: A Novel, is available here.


Written by Winn Sioux Christnot-Peters

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