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Teen Berated By Her Mom For Using The Sticky Side Of A Sanitary Napkin To Pick Up Broken Glass

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For some reason periods continue to be taboo.

But, it is completely normal, and we should be able to see an unused tampon or a pad without everyone being grossed out the same way that we’re okay with unused toilet paper or tissues.

Redditor Little_Jemmy encountered this very issue with her mom. So she turned to the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit for moral judgment.

She asked:

“AITA For picking up glass with a sanitary napkin?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“My (16f) family was eating dinner last night. Everything was nice and normal until my mom’s (52f) glass was pulled off the table as she was folding up her placemat, sending shards of glass EVERYWHERE.”

“The bigger shards were easy enough to get, just pick them up from the floor, and we could use a dustpan for most of the rest, but there were a bunch of little glass splinters left over. They wouldn’t go into the dustpan and trying to pick them up without the dexterity of non gloved hands was impossible.”

“Until I got an an idea.”

“I went into my room, got a sanitary pad and used the adhesive side to pick up the splinters. It worked wonderfully, and after going over the spot with a wet paper towel everything was all cleaned up… except for my mom’s attitude.”

OP’s mom thought it was inappropriate. 

“She told me that it was low key gross, saying it was akin to me bringing out a condom and using it as a baggy.”

“Now I admit, I let my temper get the best of me and told her that it wasn’t like she had a better idea other than getting our hands all messed up.”

“She was pissed, said her usual ‘Well SOMEONE’S having a bad day today!’ And stormed off.”

“My dad thought it was smart- if weird to use a pad, but now I’m thinking that yeah, it might’ve been gross to bring that out in front of the whole family.”

“I know I’m a bit of an a**hole for snapping back at my mom, but I’m just wondering.”

“AITA for using a sanitary napkin to clean up glass shards in front of my family?’

“Edit: for everyone saying tape, I’m probably going to go with that next time. Unfortunately we don’t have anything bigger than scotch tape ATM.”

“INFO: it was not used, if it was then I understand how that would be disgusting. But thank you all for the visual of someone taking their used pad out and cleaning glass with it, it’s made me laugh more than I care to admit.”

Redditors gave their opinions on the situation by declaring:

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Most Redditors agreed OP was not the a**hole.

“She is only an asshole if it was a used pad.” ~ 5oclockinthebank

“…it clearly wasn’t or it wouldn’t be sticky lol. Also, OP doesn’t come off as a crazy person.” ~ throwawaygrosso


“You’re not the asshole, you’re a genius. Well done.” ~ mountaingoat05

“OP demonstrated a remarkable ability to think outside the box. She identified a problem and found a solution. Her solution was unconventional but ingenious! Bravo, OP!” ~ Cmae61

“Using a pad to think outside the ‘box,’ tehehe!”

“Edit: You all are hilarious! I woke up and decided to browse Reddit as I drink my coffee, and was shocked to discover all these upvotes! I was stoned last night, and had forgotten that I had commented before falling asleep.” ~ sarahwynnes

“I agree. MacGyver would take his hat off.”

“NTA. An unused pad is not gross. They need to get over themselves.”

“Edit: oh and the bad day comment could be bounced right back, your mom was the one throwing a fit over nothing.”

“Edit 2: I can’t spell names.” ~ 2tinymonkeys

Redditors shared their tips.

“It was indeed unconventional, but I just can’t stop wondering if there’s something wrong with using a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the small splinters instead of trying to think outside the box?” ~ Laurelinn

“I have tiled floors and a vacuum just doesn’t do it, the slightly damp splinters of glass just stay stuck in the damp patch.” ~ SarkyMs

“We do too. We use a piece of bread. It works perfectly for getting up the little bits of glass.” ~ EleanorofAquitaine

“OPs idea was quicker than humphing a hoover around then plugging it in as well.” ~ mad2109

“Exactly. NTA your mum is uptight.”

“On a freeway journey once with a 4 year old with a nose bleed. They happened often due to a medical issue but the mess would freak them out.”

“They were too young to realize they traveled 45mins with a tampon held up their nostril.”

“A slice of bread works great too OP.” ~ GlassGuava886

“Sanitary napkins are also great for taking care of spiders.”

“Your reach is extended, there’s a comfortable thickness (even with the thin pads) to isolate you from the spider, and once the spider is stuck to the pad (no chance of it falling out like when you use tissues) you just fold it onto itself smooshing the spider inside.”

“No muss, no fuss!” ~ MidwestNormal

Why would it be gross?

“Agreed NTA, first of all smart idea and secondly can we get over period shaming. Period products are not some shameful gross thing we have to keep secret.”

“As for mom’s condom comment I mean if it worked as well as your idea sure why not (jk). Condoms are also not gross or shameful. Mom needs to get with the times.” ~ Aggravating-Pear9760

“Mom comparing a pad to a condom hardly makes sense in the first place! As a male I can personally confirm that as opposed to literally unwillingly bleeding, the blood stays inside our penises!”

“I genuinely don’t understand how anyone let alone a female with years of experience can look at an unused pad and call it gross it’s literally just a vagina cork!” ~ Tsaiborg22

“Nope, a cork is a tampon.”

“A pad is more of a welcome mat…”

“as in welcome to hell. 🔥👹🔥”

“(No misogyny- I’m a woman. Periods freakin suck.)” ~ Emu-Limp

“You’re not wrong… hell if they made pads with the slogan, ‘abandon all hope ye who enter here,’ I would probably buy them…” ~ Zealousideal_Radio80

Periods are NOT gross.