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Woman Called ‘Selfish’ After Refusing To Chip In Over $4k To Buy Pregnant Sister A New Crib

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Finding the perfect baby gift is never easy.

That’s because there is no perfect gift.

So maybe just give lots of diapers. ‘

That will spare a ton of drama.

Case in point…

A deleted Redditor wanted to discuss her story for some feedback. So naturally she came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

She asked:

“AITA for not helping my parents buy my sister a baby shower gift we agreed upon?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“I’m a 34 F[emale].”

“My little sister 28 F is about to give birth to her first child in the next couple months and we’re all ecstatic.”

“My sister has a baby shower coming up at the end of this month.”

“She has several things already but is lacking major things like a crib, stroller, diaper bin, etc.”

“I would consider her the good child.”

“She’s never worked a day in her life.”

“From her car to her expenses to her wedding to the home, she resides in, it was all paid for by my parents.”

“Yes, she is spoiled, can be a very big brat at times, but I love her.”

“While it has caused some tension among our siblings because we didn’t receive the same treatment, I honestly appreciate being independent so there’s no jealousy on this end.”

“Parents are now retired though so they’re living on a budget.”

“My sister is having a girl and I knew she mentioned wanting her to have a pink crib.”

“I had my last seven years ago and had a practically brand-new crib in storage that could have been painted pink, only she didn’t want a ‘used’ crib. Fair.”

“My parents proposed us (me and them) get her a crib since my siblings were going to get her something else, she needed.”

“I’m in the medical field so my shifts are all over the place.”

“My mother states they’d found the perfect crib and that all they needed was me to send my half.”

“I’m thinking maybe a couple hundred bucks. NOPE!”

“My half was supposed to be a little over 4.5K!”

“I immediately tell her that I would not be providing such a substantial amount of money for a crib!”

“For that price it better come with a nanny!”

“She goes on to state that this is what my sister wants, and she deserves it!”

“I asked would she be sleeping in this crib?”

“This is a crib for her baby!”

“It’s a Lydian Crib, Walnut w/24k G, with tax it’s a little over 7k, with the custom pink paint job that’s another 1k.”

“I’ve never heard of such! Am I out of touch? Is this how much cribs are now going for?”

“The crib is nothing spectacular! It looks regular with a square shape gold emblem on the front of it! WTF?”

“Once I tell her that I’m not giving that kind of money, she calls me selfish.”

“Ask me what’s so hard about me doing this for my sister since I make a nice salary and can afford it.”

“I told her any person with common sense would not spend that kind of money.”

“Then again she’s always lacked common sense when it came to my sister.”

“Sister found out and now I’ve been disinvited to the shower, which is okay with me.”

“My siblings are standing with me and not going either and they’ve refused to buy some ridiculous stroller that’s over 2k.”

“Now my mother and sister are blaming me for ruining her shower.”


Redditors shared their thoughts on this matter and weighed some options to the question AITA?:

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Redditors declared our OP was NOT the A**hole.

It’s a tricky situation.

Let’s hear some thoughts…

“Almost everything I had for my kid was used, crib included.”

“She actually had a very nice one.”

“Because my aunt lent me the crib she bought for her granddaughter whom she adopted.”

“Side note, my aunt felt like she had to compensate for how she raised her own kids, so when she adopted my cousin she bought everything high-end.”

“I never could have afforded something so nice.”

“It was a very pretty wooden crib, the type that ‘grows’ with the baby so it goes from being a crib to a day bed and all that.”

“I was SO grateful.”

“A lot of my daughter’s baby clothes came from the same source.”

“Diapers were mostly obtained through a parenting class that earned you ‘mommy bucks’ that you could trade for diapers, clothes, toys, food, etc.”

“I didn’t have a diaper genie, an electric pump, none of that.”

“I didn’t even have a changing table.”

“I found a really nice stroller at a hole in the wall thrift store, along with a bouncer.”

“Another bouncer from a yard sale.”

“And you know what? I was grateful for ALL of it. She was a baby.”

“Would she have known the difference sleeping in a free loaner crib versus one that cost thousands of dollars?”

“Would she have minded that the clothes that would inevitably get thrown up on and outgrown in a month or two were hand-me-downs?”

“Absolutely not. She was taken care of.”

“She had what she needed, and the price tags (or lack thereof) didn’t matter in the slightest.”

“Even if I had been well off, I wouldn’t have wanted thousands of dollars on stuff that would have gotten so little use and then tossed aside.”

“Also, yeah, OP is definitely NTA.”  ~ TraditionSome2870

“I can’t wrap my head around this.”

“My own bed, as an adult, cost around 2K and I thought that was a splurge!”

“I get that babies may need some safety measures in their bed construction, but in my opinion you’re not paying 9K for a crib unless money is literally no object to you.”

“If you have to ask someone else to buy that for you, you’re not that person!”  ~ gatorinmypocket    

“Your sister doesn’t know the value of a dollar. At all.”

“Your parents f**ked up big time by spoiling her this way, teaching her that she should expect to live like a Rockefeller at someone else’s expense.”

“When/if her husband eventually gets sick of her entitled behavior and walks, she’s going to have a huge wake up call.”

“Your parents can’t afford to pay for her whims now, so when she eventually needs somewhere to go post-divorce.”

“I’d be willing to bet that they’re going to try to make her your (or your siblings’) problem.”

“I think you’re absolutely right to stand your ground on this ridiculousness, and your other siblings are awesome for standing there with you.”

“Your parents and sister should be ashamed of their behavior.”

“A vErY nEcEsSaRy $7,000 baby crib that they cannot afford.”

“Even though the child’s father has offered a $1,500 crib, especially while people are out here living out of their cars or skipping meals due to the rising costs of living is sickeningly obtuse.”

“Also, why the f**k would you paint a $7,000 walnut piece of furniture pink? Blasphemous.”  ~ natidiscgirl

“OP – good job shutting that down. NTA.”

“$9000 is INSANE.”

“I thought we’d splurged massively when we spent $1000 on a whole set of furniture for the nursery.”

“Crib, glider chair, dresser and book shelf.”

“I’m pretty sure the glider chair got the most use out of everything in the nursery.”  ~ thingsarelookingup2

“So, like you I’m a grown up who makes a decent salary.”

“Since I … and a lot of people … spend 1/3 of our lives asleep, a few years ago I decided to buy a really terrific mattress.”

“I gritted my teeth and spent the cash required.”

“It costs less than half what this ridiculous crib costs, and came with a 20-year warranty.”

“In 2 years or so, the baby will have outgrown the crib.”

“Your sister and parents are out of their minds. NTA.”  ~ Dgently123

“NTA. Golden Child is getting a rude awakening now that all sibs are independent of the unfair, financially limited parents.”

“Parents believed they could shame / mooch off remaining sibs to keep spoiling Golden Child, and FAILED.”

“Please keep up the united front with other sibs?”  ~ HotAlternative7372

“NTA. Another case of people being good at spending somebody else’s money.”

“That is a RIDICULOUS price for a crib.”

“Your sister is spoiled and acting very entitled. Your mom is enabling her.”

“You are not required to participate in that.”

“Keep using your common sense, which, unfortunately, is not very common!”

“You and your siblings to do something fun during the shower time.”

“Be sure to post pictures so all will know you were together and having fun!”  ~ Ducky818

“NTA is your sister a Kardashian?”

“That’s an insane amount for a crib.”

“Unless it transforms into a toddler bed, then twin bed, then a car when the child turns 16, there is absolutely no reason someone who is dependent on a retired couple to fund her lifestyle to demand a 7k crib.”

“Your sister is in for a rude awakening when your parents can no longer afford this ridiculousness.”  ~ oy-*unt-

Well OP… Reddit is with you here.

$7,000 for a crib?!

Good Lord.

Good luck to them!