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Woman Kicks Identical Twin Out For Selling Her Nudes Online


They look alike, they talk alike, they do… it all alike.

Being a twin sounds like fun to a lot of people.

You get to have a mirror image for life.

And there is that mental and emotional connection people talk about.

That sounds cool.

But some twin situations can be problematic.

Case in point…

Redditor AITANakedTwin wanted to discuss her experience and get some feedback. So naturally, she came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

She asked:

“AITA for kicking out my identical twin for selling nudes online?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“Basically, what the title says.”

“To give some backstory, my sister (23 F[emale]) and I (23 F) were kicked out by our parents at the age of 18.”

“And we have been living in an apartment together with a roommate ever since.”

“My sister doesn’t have a steady job at the moment, so I have been handling her portion of the rent on the apartment.”

“A few weeks ago, she approached me and told me that she found a source of income and would likely be able to start paying for rent soon.”

“I didn’t ask too many questions when she told me this because I was just happy that she finally found a job.”

“However, I was talking to our roommate two nights ago and found out that my sister started an OnlyFans account and has been selling naked pictures/videos of herself.”

“Now, I am very sex positive and forward thinking.”

“I have nothing against sex workers, but she is my IDENTICAL twin.”

“We look exactly alike in almost every way.”

“I personally do not feel comfortable sharing my body online to strangers.”

“On top of that, I am trying to start a professional career for myself and I don’t want employers/coworkers to find this and think that it is me.”

“I confronted my sister when she got home later that night and told her that I will not be speaking to her until she deletes the account and that she would have to move out of the apartment.”

“She was pretty mad about this and stormed out of the apartment and ended up sleeping at a mutual friend’s house for the last two nights.”

“I have talked to our roommate and some friends about this and they think that I overreacted.”

“AITA here?”

Redditors shared their thoughts on this matter and weighed some options to the question AITA:

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Many Redditors declared OP WAS not the A**hole.

“I completely understand your concerns, but you can not dictate what she does online simply because she looks like you.”

“It sucks, but that’s the reality of it. Soft YTA.” ~ ssecondhandhearts

“That’s really unfortunate, and the sister in each scenario is justified in feeling angry.”

“But, not her life, not her decision, and the OP in the post is not justified in kicking her sister out of her housing with an ultimatum.” ~ ssecondhandhearts

“This is a tough situation but I’d disagree, because while it is unfortunate in this case, just because they are twins and look the same doesn’t mean they can’t have their own individuality.”

“They obviously have different mindsets, and they are of course allowed to.”

“Why is this any different?”

“Yeah it’s unfortunate that because they look the same it could affect the other twin but that’s not the first twins fault.”

“I’d say OP is a bit of an a**hole for thinking her sister has to pay for something neither of them could control, that being they look the same.” ~ REDDIT

“I have a doppelgänger in my city that is a stripper.”

“She’s been a stripper for a while, we’ve met, and when her hair is dark people think that she’s me.”

“I run into people all the time who think I’m her and they call me her name.”

“Even though we’re both heavily tattooed and our tattoos aren’t even similar.”

“I don’t think we look THAT much alike but a lot of people say that we look like twins.”

“Either way, I don’t give a f**k that she’s a stripper.”

“It doesn’t bother me that people think I’m a stripper.”

“If it ever interfered with a job opportunity, I’d just make it clear that we’re different people.”

“I’m not gonna go find stripper me and bother her to change careers.”

“If it ever catches up to OP, which it probably never would, all she has to do is say it’s not her.”

“OP is majorly overreacting.” ~ soft_goth94

“Right? That was my thinking too, we all have people who look like us out there.”

“Depending on the population, probably even in your specific town.”

“You don’t get to tell them what to do because it may POSSIBLY effect you in the future.”

“The chances of someone being in the same town, AND subbing to her cam shows, AND running into the other twin, AND recognizing who she looks like.”

“AND saying something about it, is pretty low.” ~ DonnaTheDead99

“OP can not dictate what her sister does, but she can absolutely dictate how she chooses to interact with her sister.”

“This could be a dealbreaker on their relationship, and her sister can make whatever choice she wants.” ~ bogglethedog

“The sister has the ultimate right to decide what she posts online, but her rights end there.”

“If OP doesn’t get to ‘dictate’ the sisters choice, what gives the sister the right to dictate anything to OP?”

“She does not have the right to dictate how OP reacts to her posts or what choices OP makes in response.”

“She does not have the right to demand that OP continue to provide her with free housing or to continue a relationship with her.”

“OP is NTA for telling her sister that she wants them taken down or for telling her that she no longer is welcome as a guest in her home when she refuses.” ~ tidderor

“I don’t think you are overreacting.”

“You can be sex positive but still not want the whole world to see you naked ya know?”

“Because she’s an identical twin, it makes this situation way more complicated than if she were your fraternal twin.”

“This is hard to rate but id say NAH.” ~ neurotransmission455

“YTA. It’s her body, and she can choose to do what she wants with it.”

“You don’t need to live with her, and this situation obviously sucks for you, but you’re not going to be able to control what she does for a living.” ~ Iamanalbatross12

“Rather than a tattoo or body modification surgery to drastically alter your face, try color contacts?”

“If you’re identical twins and you have the same eye color, get green or blue, or grey if you have brown eyes, or whatever natural color.”

“That would be a drastic change thats not permanent.”

“Different hair color works too.” ~ SilverTiger09

“YTA. I’m a twin- her body isn’t your body.”

“Might look the same but you are two different people.”

“So many twins spend their lives trying to form separate identities, but here you are trying to dictate what she does with her body because you see it as ‘yours.'”

“If she gets a freakin’ tattoo are you gonna scream ‘ow’, or be worried that future employers might think that YOU have a tattoo?” ~ REDDIT

“It works. OP is worried that someone seeing the photos will think it’s OP.”

“But if her twin gets a tattoo, any photos of her with said tattoo could also be mistaken for OP, leading to them thinking OP has a tattoo.”

“So if the sister wants an obscene tattoo, by OPs logic she has to just not get it incase someone sees a photo of it and thinks it’s OP.”

“She also shouldn’t become someone in the public’s attention (singer, actor, model) because what if someone sees her and thinks she’s OP?”

“All the haters could think OP is her and direct their hate at OP.”

“All the creepy ‘fans’ could think that OP is her and stalk/harass OP instead.”

“And God forbid she becomes a politician if she doesn’t have the same political beliefs as OP.”

“What if someone sees her speaking and thinks she’s OP?”

“Well then everyone would think OP believes that!”

“It really sucks to be mistaken for your twin. It truly does.”

“But unfortunately their body is not yours, and you don’t get to police their life just because you’re scared that people might judge you for it.”

“There are any number of things that your twin could do that would absolutely mortify you to be mistaken for, but they’re not an asshole for not shaping their life around what you want for your life.” ~SnakesInYerPants

“YTA… you cant tell her what to do with her body.”

“Same way she cant tell you what to do with yours, kicking her out is just going to make matters worse, she will ‘put herself out there’ more with no boundaries that you have agreed on.”

“However, I’m assuming you and your sister are close, you could come to a compromise.”

“That could be anything from she never shows her face (as in wear a mask and wig etc), to one of you gets a tattoo to distinguish yourself from the other.”  ~ philmcruch

Well OP, Reddit understands your plight.

But clearly wishes a different course of action towards your sister.

Maybe when you have time to calm down and process y’all can reach any understanding.

Stay positive.

Good luck.