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Woman Has Text Conversation With Stranger About Sex, Only To Realize She’s Been Talking To Her Mom The Whole Time

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How mortified would you feel if you’d been talking about sex with an unknown person, only to find out that person was your parent?

Just ask Reddit user c-lynn99.

In the popular subReddit “Today I F***ed Up,” she described her horrifying account of accidentally talking to a “stranger” about sex, only to find out it was her mom all along.

TIFU By Having A Conversation With My Mom About Sex from tifu

“The FU was yesterday. I made a post on Whisper about how I thought it was weird when guys left only their socks on during sex. My location was on when I posted, so people in my home town could see it under Local.”

“I get a message from the post from another chick, we start talking about it and describing our experiences with dudes getting naked for sex but leaving their socks on, including a funny little sex story about her and her ex husband.”

Little did she know, that stranger was really talking about her dad.

“I come from my bedroom to the living room, where my mom currently is, as I send a message to the chick. That’s when I heard the distinct Whisper notification sound from her phone like 4 seconds after.”

“At first I thought ‘Well that’s a coincidence,’ but in case it wasn’t, I asked casually ‘Ooh who’s texting you, cute guy?’ following ‘No some lady I are talking about sex’ (my mom is very blunt about these things, but she probably said that to make me leave her alone anyway)..”


OP realized right away who she must have been talking to.

Other Redditors immediately felt the secondhand embarrassment in a big way.

“Now you have to wait a few years a casually mention at a family dinner how weird it is when dudes wear their socks during sex. Then look at your mother with knowing, haunted eyes.”


“In the Chat Roulette days my roommate had a (rather mentally unbalanced) friend over who had gotten in my comp to play the CR game. My buddy opened up his laptop and kept going until he happened to connect with his friend across the room.”

“I know what happened next because I got the gold narration from roommate’s friend:
‘Haha this guy says he works for the FBI and he can hack information and I told him he was a stupid jerk….haha oh damn he says I live in America….oh guys he says I live in Tennessee….uh guys look this guy says I live in Nashville….OH MY GOD THIS GUY KNOWS WHAT IM WEARING.”

“It may have not been the kindest prank. But the guy frequently ate my food in the fridge so I don’t feel too bad about it.”



“Just sit down next to her and quietly continue the conversation. Wait for her to come to the realization…” 


“If you want to spice the convo up, tell her you found a dude which removes his socks, with proof”


“I start most conversation with ‘Are you my mom?’ just to avoid scenarios like this”  


Other people were hung up on the validity of wearing socks or not during sex.

“You know when I’m down to my socks it’s time for business that’s why they call ‘em business socks ooo!”


“tbh I am a girl and I’m not taking my socks off unless i’m showering. I would wear socks during sex totally.” 


“I prefer to leave my sneakers on, for traction.”


“Cold feet is the #1 orgasm killer, also traction lmao.” 


“I’m a guy who normally has to leave his socks on. Why? My feet get cold. Also I grew up in a hoard house so walking barefoot was a bad idea all the time.” 


But really, can you imagine how horrified you would be to learn you’d been having a candid conversation about sex with your own mother?

“That’s when it hit me for real. Oof, just had a conversation about my parents having sex. Yea, my dad leaves his socks on… Thinking about deleting Whisper now.”

We don’t blame you, OP.

We truly don’t.

Written by Mike Walsh

Mike is a writer, dancer, actor, and singer who recently graduated with his MFA from Columbia University. Mike's daily ambitions are to meet new dogs and make new puns on a daily basis. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @mikerowavables.