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Bride Told She Can’t Have An All-Vegan Wedding Menu Because Her Uncle ‘Must Eat Meat’

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For many, your diet can be a fundamental aspect of your life.

And with more and more alternative options for non-carnivores, people have started to capitalize on investing in the kind of foods they prefer.

So when Redditor AITAvegwedding announced that her upcoming wedding would feature vegan food, she was stunned to find that not everyone was on board.

She then turned to the subReddit “Am I the A**hole” (AITA) to see if her reaction was justified, asking:

“AITA for serving vegan food at my wedding?”

The original poster (OP) explained what went down.

“My fiance and I are getting married in June next year.”

“We’re both vegans, and although we don’t judge those who are not vegan, we wanted to serve vegan food at our wedding. We found a vegan caterer.”

“When we sent out invitations, we added a note saying that the food will be vegan. We also asked that everyone who has any specific dietary requirements let us know.”

“The note made it clear that anyone who needed a specific diet would be catered for.”

“Soon after the invitations went out, my aunt phoned us in a huff.”

“My uncle does not want vegan food; he needs to eat meat, she said. I asked what his dietary requirements are, thinking that he has a specific medical condition and cannot eat a vegan meal.”

“She said his reasons are ‘cultural’ and he must eat meat. I said that’s not really a good enough reason, we all come from the same culture and it’s not like it’s a sin to not eat meat with every single meal.”

“I explained to her that I wouldn’t really mind him eating meat but 1) it means I’ll have to bring in a new caterer for one meal, which will be expensive and 2) I don’t want to pay for meat if I don’t have to.”

“Again, I’m not judging non-vegans, but it doesn’t sit right with me.”

“Weeks went by. The only people who had dietary requirements were three cousins, who eat a low-carb diet.”

“My vegan caterer came up with vegan, low-carb meals, and my cousins were happy with this plan. Upon hearing this, my aunt phoned me again, angrier this time, asking why my uncle can’t be catered for because he ‘doesn’t like’ vegan food.”

“I refused again. I told her that the food consists of things I KNOW he eats anyway: vegetables, coconut, nuts, etc.”

“I went through a list of ingredients I knew would be in the food and she admitted he has no intolerances/allergies to any of that stuff.”

“What’s the big deal with him skipping meat one time?”

“I told her that if he’s so adamant about the meat he can buy himself McDonalds and eat it at the kiddy table.”

“Now my aunt isn’t talking to me, and is instead talking sh*t about me to all my family members. I told her that they are welcome to simply not attend the wedding if they’re going to b*tch about the food.”

“I understand that veganism is not possible or sustainable for many people in the long-term but come on – it’s ONE meal, that is FREE.”

“AITA? I don’t want to seem like a ‘pushy vegan’ but I also don’t want to pay for meat unless I have to. Again, it’s one meal out of their whole life.”

Redditors weighed in by declaring:

  • NTA – Not The A**hole
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And they assured the OP that she is NTA.

“NTA. Like you said, it is one meal and it’s FREE. And most importantly, it is YOUR wedding.”—a79j

“Exactly. Would it make sense to go to an Indian wedding and fuss that you’re not served tamales or cheeseburgers?”

“How many weddings has the OP attended and had to make do with a side salad and a little dish of green beans that she hopes weren’t cooked with bacon?”

“A vegan caterer is going to know how to make something that is filling and tasty to the vast majority of people.”

“It’ll be fine.”—karendonner

“NTA. Your wedding for one thing. If people don’t want to eat vegan, they simply don’t have to eat the free meal. And this is coming from a meat eating guy”—Xstitchpixels

“Omnivores can eat vegan meals. Vegans can’t eat meals with meat.”—IamLocke


“It’s your wedding, it’s a free meal, and you already have the caterer. The only thing you’ve done wrong was the McD’s/Kiddy table comment, but given the bs going on it’s forgivable.”—green-sun

“NTA if uncle is human, YTA if uncle is a cat or other obligate carnivore.”—lurkishdelight


Perhaps the OP’s aunt and uncle could do with expanding their horizons.

“NTA my cousin served vegan food at her wedding. It was delicious. Your aunt is being a pain.”—Hippocr1t

“Yeah I’m going to a wedding next year where the bride and groom aren’t vegan and are opting to serve curries from a local vegan place cos they are delicious.”

“Uncle probably has a lack of imagination on what vegan food might be.”—poiplefruit

“Yep I’ve been to several weddings that were vegan and the food has been delicious.”

“For one the groom made vegan chocolate truffles as gifts for the guests (he wasn’t vegan, the bride was) and I’m still a bit cranky he refuses to share the recipe because they were so good.”

“Though the Uncle and Aunt have preconceived ideas and will complain even if it’s amazing.”—Throwawaycarstore

“I went to my Godson’s wedding last year and it turns out his wife is vegan, so it was a vegan meal.”

“The food was stunning and I only noticed it was vegan when people on my table started grumbling about it halfway through.”

“The food was just so exquisite, tasty and filling. Perfect choice for an autumn wedding, with seasonal veg & produce.”

“I couldn’t believe how rude some of the guests were (a) it was free (b) it was some of the most creative catering I had experienced for a while (c) they expected the bride to put up with the sight & smells of cooked meat AT HER OWN WEDDING???”—EarnestWishes001

If the OP’s relatives don’t like it, then can find their meat elsewhere.

“Oh dear – how will I, a meat eater, ever survive without meat for less than a day?”

“Your aunt is being a big baby.”

“Can’t say for sure your uncle is, since he said nothing, for all we know your aunt used him as an excuse. Or maybe he’s being a baby too.”

“NTA. Tell her they can go to a steakhouse while the adults attend the wedding.”—Vixen7-9

“NTA. Even Ron Swanson would keep his mouth shut on this and just eat a Paunch Burger before (and after). They have no class.”—madmidnito


“NTA – They are being petty. Let them eat meat! At home.”—Evie_Eden

The OP can feel confident knowing she can serve whatever food she’d like at her own wedding.

If her aunt and uncle don’t like it, well, tough vegan cookies.

Written by Brian Skellenger

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