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Redditor Chastises ‘Careless’ Wife For Accidentally Sitting On His New Laptop And Breaking It

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Redditor LucyIsUnbreakable is married to a woman who sits down without looking at what she’s sitting on.

Recently this interesting character trait cost the Original Poster (OP) their MacBook.

The OP was understandably angry, but the way they handled the situation led them to subReddit “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA).

They asked:

“AITA for chastising wife for accidentally breaking my macbook?”

The OP went on to explain.

“My wife has a habit of plopping her butt down without ever taking a look at where she’s sitting.”

“I’ve asked her repeatedly to look before she sits because some of the things she’s sat in include:”

“puke, an ant pile, a puddle of water that accumulated on the surface of the floor, a spider (while hiking.. it was mushed onto her butt when she got up), etc..”

“I’ve mostly learned to mitigate any direct effect this has on me by ensuring breakable things are not anywhere that people could potentially sit.”

“I used to have a habit of setting all kinds of things on the couch next to me for immediate use. I now put it all in a different place.”

“I did this because she would constantly come up without looking while I’m playing a game, watching a show, or something and just sit down.”

“And suddenly the TV is turned off, or the volume is messed up.”

“Or in the previous worst case she broke one of the joysticks on my PS5 controller by sitting on it while I had the controller sitting next to me so I could watch a cutscene in a game.”

“Lately she’s been borrowing my macbook a lot and I always put it back in my office when I’m not using it so that it can charge. It’s a $3000 macbook from 2022 (one of the m1 models).”

“She left it on the couch and went back, accidentally sitting on it, and cracking the screen.”

“I was extremely furious as not only is there a financial burden here but now I’m out a computer and I really needed that for some classes I’m taking.”

“When this happened I said, ‘For f*ck sake. Why can’t you EVER f**king look where you sit? EVER? Was sitting in vomit not enough motivation? An ant hill? A spider?’”

“To which she got very defensive. I continued by saying that her lack of attention just cost us hundreds of dollars and put me in a bad place for my school program.”

“She called me a jerk for talking down to her because I have asked her many to look where she sits and I’ve snapped before because she sat without looking and caused some issue.”

“(For instance, she sat on an ottoman once without looking and spilled a bunch of food over that I had sitting there next to me). This time really pushed me over the edge.”


Redditors weighed in by declaring:

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Redditors decided:

“NTA. Her carelessness cost you money. It also cost her MacBook privileges.” – _gadget_girl


“The people defending here are so wrong. She’s a grown woman who hasn’t learned from mistakes.”

“Those who say you’re overreacting clearly haven’t had anything of both financial and personal value broken by something that you have tried again and again to prevent.”

“She has never cared to listen or change, and this is just proof she’s not willing to change that habit.”

“Furthermore keep your stuff to yourself if she can’t understand why she can’t use a new Macbook give her your old one and say here, since you don’t see what was wrong with you breaking it, you can use it since apparently nothing is wrong.” – WoodenCash5907


“Who doesn’t look before they sit? Don’t get any small animals.” – KronkLaSworda

“NTA this oblivion and refusal to change of hers would drive me crazy, it’s really not that hard to just look down before you sit down. Tbh, that’s toddler behavior.”

“I‘d have her replace the macbook. Maybe paying for something she broke will teach her the consequences of sitting down wherever the hell she feels like it” – ifactra

“NTA. But also I’m really cracking up visualizing this woman just nonchalantly plopping down in all these situations you’ve named.”

“Personally I have a fear of sitting on something gross or creepy and crawly…always look before you sit!” – RadicalNormy

“My mother used to do this. My dad called it plopping. She didn’t stop until she plopped onto the toilet, and it partially went through the floor to the basement.”

“She sure modified her behavior after that.” – Efficient-Regular-96

“NTA, I’m sorry, is she blind? Those things are not small to not be noticed. Didn’t she learned to check before sitting down?”

“Some might call it overreacting and some might say your attitude is TA but there’s limit to one being. It’s not her first time being this careless .” – [deleted]

“Nta. She is aware she does this and when she does things have been damaged. This is all on her for being careless. Yes gf is the ahole.” – Well-you-did-asked

“‘You’re talking down to me’ is deflection talk.”

“She put it down and then sat on it. There’s no room for anything other than she is 100% at fault.”

“NTA” – Duke-Guinea-Pig

“I came here because this situation is very similar to some others i’ve run into and struggled with. Mostly because this “perceived incompetence” is a trigger of mine.”

“One day I was going through a drive through, and the order taker was having trouble hearing my girlfriend in the passenger seat.”

“But my girlfriend was speaking into the floor of the car, from the passenger seat, attempting to make a drive thru order.”

“So I gently raised her chin so she projected out the window and towards the microphone.”

“When I told her afterwards that this was the reasons he wasn’t heard, she got all upset with me telling me ‘I make her feel stupid’.”

“I said something to the effect of ‘don’t you want to understand why it wasn’t working?’ she started crying. wtf???”

“But because I get so easily triggered by what I perceive to be incompetent behavior, I never know whether I’m being unreasonable, or whether they’re actually being stupid.”

“And even if they are being stupid, apparently its too much to even hint at room for improvement.” – PrecisionGuessWerk

“NTA. People need to learn to administer care, especially around expensive stuff. Her carelessness causes you a lot of trouble. Furthermore, you asked for nothing more than a simple look” – Terrorstaat

“This is not a sitting issue, this is an issue of taking someone else’s computer, putting it onto a couch (never a good place), then being inattentive enough to sit on what SHE PLACED there.”

“NTA” – 2dogslife

“NTA, my dad had this issue with coffee mugs. It didn’t matter what was on the table. The cup was going on top and leaving a ring.”

“Homework, artwork, spreadsheets, mail, bills, photos, laptops, iPads, books, the world is his coaster.”

“Its really frustrating, and after he left a stain in the middle of a drawing I spent hours on, I snapped. I asked him, ‘do you do this intentionally?’”

“He was shocked, and told me he just never really thinks about it. It’s so automatic and natural to him to not look first.”

“The sitting issue sounds worse but probably has the same roots as the coffee mug issue.”

“If you keep calling her out on it and watching your stuff diligently, then eventually she may start looking and stop breaking things.” – 123cosmo321

“NTA. She deserved to be talked down to for this, frankly. This caused a huge financial burden for you, and it was just due to her not looking where her ass was going.”

“It was entirely avoidable if she’d just grow up and be more careful with her body parts.” – humminbirb_


“You’re right, she is being careless and irresponsible, and it cost you $3,000. I broke up with my ex for this reason.”

“Well, it was one of the reasons. He was careless and irresponsible, and I just couldn’t take it anymore.”

“I felt your frustration in this because this is exactly how I felt with him.” – Unusual_Focus1905

“If I got this right, you didn’t leave your MacBook on the couch.”

“Rather, she grabbed it, used it, left it on the couch to leave the room, then came back and sat on it due to her lack of remembering she left it there and her general lack of situational awareness?”

“Totally NTA”

“NTA. This (sitting on things) is the kind of behavior that’s cute when you first date but annoying AF the longer it goes on. She’s an adult. It takes 0 effort to glance at a spot before sitting.”

“What happens when you have kids? She sits on your infant while they’re in their boppy? You set a bottle down to resituate baby, and she sits and knocks it over, wasting formula?”

“Constantly sits on and breaks your kids’ toys and things?”

“It’s obnoxious behavior, and now it’s costly behavior.” – shuckaladon

Definitely a reason for chastisement.

Written by B. Miller

B. is a creative multihyphenate who enjoys the power and versatility of the written word. She enjoys hiking, great food and drinks, traveling, and vulnerable conversation. Raised below the Mason Dixon, thriving above it. (she/her)