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Dad Mocked For Refusing To Pick Up Son’s Friends From Sports Camp Unless They Wear Deodorant

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Young boys finding their way to adulthood are stuck in a weird time.

They have very little fundamental understanding of their bodies.

In the end it’s up to the adults to help impart learning.

Even though it’s uncomfortable.

Case in point…

Redditor BasisTight9553 wanted to discuss his story for some feedback. So naturally he came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

He asked:

“AITA for telling parents I’m not picking up their kids unless they put on deodorant?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“I work from home so I have the luxury of being able to do pick ups and drop offs for my son and his friends (mostly 10).”

“Right now they are doing sports camp so they are super sweaty when I pick them up.”

“I told them all that they smell like armpits and it goes over their heads.”

“Or they said they do use deodorant or they took a shower in the morning or laugh.”

“The issue is that they all smell.”

“My son uses deodorant and I don’t think some of his friends do.”

“I sent a friendly text to some of their parents to remind their boys to wear deodorant because they are smelling up my Audi.”

“Either the parents didn’t respond or mocked me for being a dad and not being able to tolerate a couple of sweaty boys.”

“I’m about to tell them that I’m not picking up their kids over it.”


Redditors shared their thoughts on this matter and weighed some options to the question AITA?:

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Redditors declared our OP WAS the A**hole.

It’s a tricky situation.

Let’s hear some thoughts…

“NTA. My son had one friend that smelled so bad it was like someone had hidden rancid chicken soup under a seat in 105 degree weather.”

“I would insist on having the windows down even in the middle of the winter.”

“Parents need to police that s**t, it’s nasty.”  ~ Bryllya

“Ugh, I’m gagging at the thought.”

“I actually have a similar story– for my work, we have to camp for a week at a time, and we’re doing dispersed camping.”

“So no campgrounds, limited water, though we always have enough that if people choose to do so, they can use a bag shower to clean themselves just fine.”

“Anyways, one of my coworkers (who is also just an awful person all around, sexist, doesn’t respect women’s boundaries or knowledge, doesn’t even know how to do his job properly, etc) wouldn’t wear deodorant.”

“Like at all.”

“And again, we were camping, hiking all day, and it was still fairly hot during the days.”

“Finally we’re going home and I was driving and he was in the car with me in the passenger seat.”

“And he kept putting his arms up and behind his head.”

“So I had to smell his stench while I was driving and trying not to gag, and we were on highways so if we opened any windows the wind would have been too much.”

“And because I’m professional, I didn’t feel like I could say anything in the moment.”

“I was sooo grateful that it was just a 6 hour drive and not a 9 or more one, I think I would have hurled otherwise.”

“That’s a reminder for everyone, wear deodorant, even if you don’t believe you smell, cause you adjust to your own smell and you really can’t tell.”  ~ SkySong13

“Another PSA: Don’t just use regular deodorant, use antiperspirant deodorant.”

‘It keeps you from sweating too much, whereas regular deodorant just covers up the smell.”

“You may have to re-apply once or twice during the day.”

“If you are allergic to aluminum (the active ingredient in antiperspirant) then put some antibacterial hand sanitizer in your armpits.”

“Contrary to popular belief, body odor is not caused by the sweat itself, but by the bacteria that grows in the sweaty pits.”

“So, by killing the bacteria at its source, you eliminate the odor.” ~ Exciting-Ant4077

“NTA. There’s a special place in heaven for 5th grade teachers—their classrooms REEK.”

“My parents made me wear deodorant at that age and they should too.”  ~ ActingGrad

“When I was in 5th grade, we had this teacher who had a deodorant palace in the supply closet attached to her classroom.”

“She’d just pull the smelly kids aside, briefly explain the issue, and send them in to pick out something to keep.”

“I wonder how much worse that school would have smelled without her.”  ~ Thermohalophile

“Boys at that age smell like wet dirty dogs it’s the absolutely worst smell and I agree those teachers are saints.”

“Maybe carry deodorant or even some body spray with you and make them spray themselves a little.’

“Because a little axe or most teen body sprays go a very long way…”  ~ mortgage_gurl

“Haha this reminds me of my 7th grade teacher… first day of school she spent the whole hour lecturing us on personal hygiene even though it was a math class.”

“If you stank she’d make you sit outside while she sprayed your desk with Apple cinnamon Glade.”

“More than a decade later and my notebook from that class still smells like apple cinnamon.”

“NTA, they should totally practice better hygiene and they’re not entitled to being picked up by you.”

“But also some car air fresheners might help with the issue too.”  ~ Duckington_Wentworth

“This really is the age were they start to be smelly.”

“Sometimes no amount of morning showers or deo help.”

“My daughter is 12 and it’s something with the hormones or something, because she can be really smelly.”

“Same for her friends. Despite regular showers and deodorant.”

“I gave her an extra one to use after sports, doesn’t always help enough.”

“Can’t they take a shower at the camp?”  ~ haasje83

“Man, reading some of these comments – I would not want to travel on public transit with some of you with how you’re so relaxed about others being stinky!”

“NTA. Maybe come armed with baby wipes and deodorant or anti-perspirant for them to use.”

“The anti perspirant is probably what they actually need as deodorant just covers up the smell.”

“It doesn’t prevent the issue from occurring.”  ~ codeverity

“NTA. My S[ister] I[n] L[aw] used to teach 10-11 year old boys and made no bones about telling them they were at an age where they got stinky and needed to shower at least once a day (or more) and wear deodorant.”

“The attitude your sons’ friends’ parents have is bizarre.”

“They should be teaching their sons not to stink!” ~ HanaBothWays

“I have 2 sons and I used to be friends with a lady who also had 2 sons who were a few years older than mine.”

“I remember her saying that boys reach an age where they smell like a goat and she was so right!”

“For mine it was when they were about 9 years old.”

“We constantly had to remind them to use soap when they took a shower and use deodorant.”

“If they stunk, they were sent right back to the shower.”

“We don’t play with personal hygiene in this house.”

“They are both adults now. NTA OP.”

“They need to be taught to take care of their bodies.” ~ CampClear

“NTA; that is freakin’ gross and is going to leave a lingering body odor smell in your car.”

“Mocking you is also a *ick move on the parents part; like seriously?”


“No one wants to smell that and to mock someone doing your family a big kindness by taking your kid home…. talk about biting the hand that feeds you.”

“Serves them right if you do shut that down.” ~ holycorncob

“NTA. That’s a lot of people who didn’t teach their kids about personal hygiene and how to bathe correctly because in another comment, I think you said the kids shower at camp?”

“So it sounds like these kids aren’t bothering to use soap.”

“I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect all your passengers to be relatively hygienic whether you drive an Audi or a hoopty.”

“Give everyone a baby wipe or even an antibacterial hand wipe and refuse car access until each stinky kid rubs the wipes on his armpits.”

“It won’t erase the body odor but should take some of the edge off the stank.”

“They also make deodorant wipes but I don’t see the point in applying deo on unwashed pits; it’s like mixing poop with roses.”

“Talk to the camp and ask if they will have a talk with the whole group about personal hygiene and why it’s important to scrub from head to toe, especially after playing sports.”

“It prevents/reduces body acne, smells, skin irritation, and body odor.”

“I don’t know if they’ll actually do that but it’s worth a shot.”

“In my circle, I would not have to mince words with any stinky kids and would say, ‘Guys, the next time I pick you up, you need to be showered.'”

“‘That means using soap all over, especially on your armpits and privates. That’s basic hygiene and it is non-negotiable.”’

“If I’m driving you around, I’m obviously in your village, and if I’m in your village, I’m teaching/reinforcing the things your parents have been trying to instill in you.”

“The kids in my life take it more seriously if it comes from someone other than their own parents.”

“I also wouldn’t hesitate to make a kid in my care bathe at my house.”

“Worst comes to worst and the boys continue to be stinky, you can decide it’s not worth the discomfort and simply stop carpooling.”

“I wouldn’t give the parents a reason, they already know, just a breezy ‘Hey heads up, I won’t be able to pick up the kids anymore.”’  ~ needyourchanclas

Well OP… smells like Reddit is whiff you on this topic.

It is always good to practice good hygiene

And it’s imperative the following generations understand as well.

Good luck getting it all under control.