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Guy Calls Out His Brother For Getting A ‘Loyalty’ Tattoo Despite Cheating On Several Girlfriends

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We’re all human and of course are imperfect, but there are some people who do things that are shameful to other people, like being regularly unfaithful to their partners.

Sometimes this is a quality that the person doesn’t even want to recognize in themselves, pointed out the “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) subReddit, or they at least don’t want to take accountability for it.

Redditor Specific_Volume_1824 was well aware of his younger brother’s dating history and his habit of cheating on his partners.

So when his brother decided to get the word “loyalty” tattooed on his arm, the Original Poster (OP) couldn’t help but appreciate the irony.

He asked the sub:

“AITA for laughing at my brother’s tattoo?”

The OP was aware of his younger brother’s dating history.

“This is a pretty cut-and-dry scenario. My (32 Male) little brother (25 Male) has been in a string of relationships since he was young enough to know what dating was.”

“On several occasions, the relationships ended because he was caught cheating with another girl (these are just the ones that I know about, there could be more).”

“In fact, his current girlfriend (19 Female) was the ‘other woman’ from his previous relationship.”

The OP noted at a family BBQ an interesting choice his brother made.

“He (I’ll call him Danny) still lives with my parents, and I headed over there on the Fourth of July for a family barbecue.”

“When he reached out for a hug, I noticed his arm was super red.”

“He showed me his brand-new tattoo that he had literally just gotten. In huge letters, it said, ‘LOYALTY,’ in cursive.”

The OP appreciated the irony.

“Where I might be the AH is that I kinda laughed as soon as I saw it and didn’t try to hide it at all (it wasn’t a dramatic laugh).”

“He said, ‘What’s so funny?'”

“I just said his tattoo was really ironic.”

“He got p**sed and stormed off to his room and didn’t join our parents, our sister, and me for dinner.”

The family was divided over the brief incident.

“I told them what happened, and they said I was being an AH.”

“My sister said people are allowed to change.”

“I personally think he’s acting like a child by locking himself in his room and that I shouldn’t be blamed for a 25-year-old storming off.”


Fellow Redditors weighed in:

  • NTA: Not the A**hole
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  • NAH: No A**holes Here

Some couldn’t believe the OP was even asking this question and rated it NTA.

“NTA. Your brother is a cheater and is dating a 19-year-old girl. There is no way YTA for this!” – luvfolklore

“NTA. He’s 25, with a teenage girlfriend he got together with while cheating on his ex-girlfriend, with a history of cheating. The irony and humor are screaming.”

“Furthermore, it rather sounds as though he is surrounded by enablers in his stunted maturity, for them to call YTA when he storms off like a petulant child…” – gal_tiki

“NTA, or maybe I’m an AH too, lmao (laughing my a** off), but I’d have laughed in his face, too. And I wouldn’t apologize; cheating is childish as f**k; just leave if you’re gonna sleep with someone else, or don’t get into relationships to begin with if you’d rather juggle partners… that kind of thing really does a number on people.”

“If he’d learned his lesson as a teenager, that would be one thing, but he’s a full-grown adult, even though his frontal lobe isn’t fully developed yet. He’s responsible for his actions and should understand the irony of his choice of tattoo based on his history.”

“As for your parents and sister, it’s not up to them to police your interactions or your relationship with your brother. You’re both adults, even if your brother seems to be acting like his shoe size, not his age.” – quantumkitty128

“He’s got money for a tattoo that was likely 300 to 500 dollars depending on the size, but he’s still living at home? And the dude is dating a girl who’s still a teenager and is acting like one himself?”

“Why is anyone surprised you had that specific kneejerk reaction to his hilariously ironic tattoo? NTA.” – katerinara

“NTA. Lol (laughing out loud), or if you are, I am too, because I also would have laughed.”

“Like, there are so many words in the English language, how does a serial cheater land on ‘Loyalty,’ and think, ‘Yup, that sums me up right there!'”

“Hopefully, he got it because he finds it aspirational, but if that be the case, he wouldn’t be so butthurt at being laughed at for it. Seems like a case of someone not knowing themselves and being offended when seeing someone else’s perception of them.” – SheLovesDarkStuff

“NTA. From what you posted, your brother is an immensely immature poser. He gets a word tattooed on his arm which he has demonstrated, with his actions, is not descriptive of his character.”

“You did him a favor. As long as you are not some jerk who has spent a lifetime ragging on him, you may be the right person to get him to snap out of this bulls**t he pulls in life.”

“I can get a tattoo of the word BADA** on my shoulder, but it will not make me one.”

“My favorite part is, your 25-year-old brother, who lives with his mamma, ran off to his room and wouldn’t come out for dinner. I hope he let mamma give him his bath before his bedtime.” – JfPickups

Others admitted the OP was a little YTA but that it was totally worth it.

“For what my opinion’s worth, I think you were just innocently and honestly reacting, but as YTA.”

“And I’m that person, too, I know I’m right, and the irony of this situation, but I found it funny, too.”

“And the fact he’s acting so childishly, well, that makes it even funnier. We’re all allowed to be innocent a**holes sometimes, we’re only human, so you can have this one, OP.” – rizeofthevalkyries

“If it had been me, I would have laughed as well. I would have joined you in the ranks of AH. And I would have worn it with pride. So yeah, YTA! But good for you! Lol (laughing out loud)!” – LongjumpingFly1848

“YTA, but you’re also the tattoo critic we all secretly need. Maybe offer to pay for a cover-up?” – Straight_Smoke7967

“NTA. Yes, people can change, but it doesn’t sound like he’s made major changes yet. If and when he does change, getting a tattoo wouldn’t be ironic.”

“Until then, it’s hilarious. He’s acting like a teenager locking himself in his room. He’s not going to grow up if everyone fights his battles for him.” – Commercial-Push-9066

“I’m mean, sure, YTA because that was rude, but it was ironic and well-deserved. Your brother is dating and cheating on teenagers repeatedly. He should be laughed at.” – gcof802

“Yeah, a little bit of YTA… however, not greatly. I can understand the humor. But he did seem proud of it in your post, and that’s why I say YTA. Very very mildly, though.” – SorinNoroku

A few challenged the OP to talk to his brother about dating a 19-year-old by rating him YTA.

“YTA for not talking to him about the 19-year-old.” – mrscarter0904

“NTA. His ‘other woman’ is still a teenager, and I’m willing to bet she was barely 18 when they got together. I’m 24, and it’s time we admit adults my age shouldn’t be with people under 21, and are CREEPS if they’re with barely legal teens.” – pinkaccountant

“NTA. If I was the brother, I’d be more worried about why my new tattoo made my arm super red than someone laughing at me. Fresh ink (unless of course, it’s in red ink) shouldn’t do that after the fact.”

“Oh my gawwwd, maybe his body is rejecting the word!” – uotterknowbetter

“NTA. No offense but your brother is giving major ick vibes. He’s 25 and dating a 19-year-old? That’s already ick territory, but then this 19-year-old was also his mistress… after a string of other mistresses.”

“Let’s not forget he ran off to sulk when he got called out for a very ironic tattoo that I honestly can’t believe he was delusional enough to get and think no one would think it strange.”

“The fact your family is also sticking up for the guy says a lot. He’s acting like a teenage boy that’s just hit puberty and doesn’t want to be called out for his s**tty behavior because then he’ll have to admit to the fact he’s been doing something wrong when everyone else has been enabling him. Gross.” – Skiddows

“I don’t believe a 19-year-old is incapable of making their own decisions. Even young children have enough awareness and autonomy to make decisions. But, it is factual to state that mental and emotional maturity comes with age and experience.”

“And yes, there are 25-year-olds who don’t possess much in the way of maturity. H**l, even some 50-year-olds are immature idi*ts, but the point is that at the age of 25, you can easily look at a 19-year-old and think they’re behaving in a childish manner, or reacting to something in the way a teenager typically would as opposed to the way an adult would.”

“The reverse can also be true, some kids have to become adults at a much younger age than others because life can be a b***h, but we’re speaking in broad generalizations here… I find it creepy for a ‘typically’ adult man to enter into a relationship with a ‘typically’ less mature teenager. And I hope the OP will say something about that rather than about the tattoo. That’s all.” – Filhopastry79

The subReddit could appreciate the irony right alongside the OP, as well as the potential issues with his dating history and current partner. Most gave the OP the benefit of the doubt for laughing in the moment, but they also challenged him to talk to his brother about dating a teenager, even if it might lead to another episode of storming off.

Written by McKenzie Lynn Tozan

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