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Guy Refuses To Help His Crush Move After She Plays Cruel ‘Prank’ To Test His True Feelings

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We’ve all had at least one crush who didn’t reciprocate our affections, right? It’s a terrible experience, and one we might find ourselves looking back on in embarrassment in the future.

But how much worse would it be if our crush knew we liked them and then used that to their advantage?

One guy recently experienced this on the “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) when a woman he thought was his friend pranked him to expose his feelings.

Redditor Ok_Green1000 was so hurt by what happened, he decided not to help his crush with something he’d previously promised to assist with.

When he saw her reaction, the Original Poster (OP) wondered if he was being petty.

He asked the sub:

“AITA for stranding my friend on her moving day because she pulled a prank on me?”

The OP was friends with Jess for three years.

“I’m a 24-year-old man and my friend (Jess) is a 22-year-old woman.”

“We’ve known each other for about three years since we met in class. We’ve always been platonic, and to be completely honest I’m not the type of guy to go for it.”

The OP planned to help Jess move.

“Yesterday, Jess was supposed to move.”

“I was going to drive my truck over to her place, help her load up her stuff, and get her out of her apartment.”

“Her situation with her roommates has become highly unstable due to irreconcilable differences so she was in a rush to leave.”

Then Jess confused the OP.

“The day before yesterday, as a way of thanking me in advance, Jess ordered pizza for the two of us.”

“We were sitting there watching a movie on my couch, being platonic friends as usual, and suddenly she inched closer to me.”

“I figured it was nothing until a minute later, she got a little closer.”

“Then she got a little closer, and all I could do was think about how it was finally happening.”

“She squeezed up really close next to me and looked up at my face.”

“I’m not the most confident guy, so all I could say was ‘Hi,’ to which she responded, ‘Hi.'”

“Then she asked if I wanted to do ‘something.'”

“I asked what ‘something’ was.”

“And she said, ‘Oh y’know… something.'”

“Still trying to keep room for plausible deniability, again, I laughed and said I didn’t know what ‘something’ was.”

“She kept staring at me and nodding, and I thought I’d take my chances. I asked if I could kiss her.”

It turned out to be a prank.

“She immediately stood up, walked to the other end of the room, and sat down on the armchair. Then she took out her phone.”

“I immediately apologized to her, and she said that I should just forget it.”

“A few minutes of incredibly awkward silence passed, and then she said, ‘I guess Kim (her best friend) was right.'”

“I asked what Kim was right about, and she explained that for several years, Kim has repeated again and again that I was only trying to get into her pants.”

“Apparently, Kim put her up to ‘testing’ me.”

The OP tried to apologize at first.

“I felt horrible. Immediately I apologized to Jess again, said that while I found her attractive, I’d do nothing to hurt our friendship, and then apologized yet again.”

“Jess accepted it while crying a bit.”

“Then I told her she had nothing to worry about.”

But then the OP started thinking about what happened.

“After Jess went home, I got to thinking that it was incredibly meanspirited that she would do that to me.”

“I apologized, but that juvenile high school prank just started to strike me the wrong way.”

“I talked to my sister (who I can talk to about anything), who reinforced that it was disgusting behavior.”

“Then she asked for Jess’s address, which I declined to give her.”

The OP decided to stay away from Jess.

“The next morning, instead of meeting up with Jess at the promised time, I just didn’t.”

“I had taken the day off work, but I went in anyway because I wanted to get my mind off what happened.”

“Jess was blowing up my phone all day, and then I got a couple of texts from a number I didn’t recognize, which I imagine was Kim.”

“Finally Jess called me a ‘flaking creep,’ and that was the end.”

“I’m really mixed on this. I feel kind of bad, but not so bad.”

“Was I wrong?”

Fellow Redditors weighed in:

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Some said the OP shouldn’t hesitate to go no-contact with her immediately.

“I don’t understand how she thought you’d still help her after she did that. It was mean and cruel. You are better off ending the friendship. Sorry she did that to you.”JLAOM

“I just can’t imagine throwing away a 3-year friendship over some ‘test’ bulls**t. Like if you were playing the friendship part to get in her pants, you were pulling the really slow game.”

“I would just walk away and let her think what she will because at the end of the day, what other people think of you doesn’t mean s**t. You take care of yourself and find a woman that isn’t going to do these stupid ‘tests.’ Girls and guys like that are manipulative jerks.”Vlascor

“NTA. If you really don’t care, then don’t respond. In a personal relationship, apologies, and explanations are for situations when you want to work things out to continue the relationship – when you want to fix things.”

“She was unkind, ungrateful, and immature. Her sense of entitlement and lack of self-awareness are concerning. If she had questions about your friendship, she should have talked to you in a respectful way.”

“Instead, she decided to set you up, humiliated you, and then played the victim, making you feel guilty – for doing what she led you to believe SHE wanted.”New_acc03

“I honestly can say you acted perfectly in this situation. Most guys would have just gone for it and then gotten screamed at for making a move. You were extremely polite and asked for clarification and asked if you could kiss her because well… it seemed like she was hinting at that and doing more.”

“It shows you’re a true gentleman. You deserve to have people in your life (not just romantically) that treat you with respect.”

“I’d cut contact with her. Show her you’re living your best life and don’t appear like you’ve lost something – because you’re not the one who has. She did – she lost a great friend.”Mellbxo

Others said the OP could use this as a learning opportunity.

“The meanest thing you could do is call out that her coming on to you made you uncomfortable and confused. She didn’t respect the boundaries of your friendship and she ruined the friendship for you.”

“She, and she alone. And she’ll have to live with that but be explicit that you never want to see her again, and it’s because she violated boundaries.”Sorrymomlol12

“I just wanted to say, just because you find her attractive and would have sex with her doesn’t mean you aren’t her friend.”

“I know one of my friends liked me at one point, but after I said I didn’t feel that way about him, we set up boundaries. He respects me and he is still friends with me because that comes first (well in this case).”

“Just because you would have sex with her doesn’t mean you had an ulterior motive. You were a great friend, you never expected anything more from her and this kind of testing is incredibly demeaning to your friendship.”aberrantname

“You’re totally justified in being p**sed because that was a terrible thing to do to you and absolutely, write her the f**k out of your life.”

“I personally think that her hearing and realizing that she had a real and truly valuable friendship that she f**ked up and threw away would long-term hurt far, far more than thinking that yet another guy tried the back door friendship gambit.”ValosAtredum

“The only bad thing about OP pulling a no-show is now it looks like he proved her right even more because she ‘rejected’ his ‘advances’ and now he isn’t gonna help her. OP, idk (I don’t know). I think you dodged a bullet and should run away fast, but if you want to set the record straight with her, I’d stand behind you on it.”

“If you need an example: ‘After some thought and consideration, what you did last night was very unkind and meanspirited. I have always held you in high regard as a good personal friend, and I have always treated you with respect.'”

“‘While I do find you attractive, and would have been open to exploring our relationship further if you were also inclined, I in no way let my interest in you sway my decision making or treatment of you. What you did last night really affected my ability to trust you and respect you, and I no longer wish to continue our friendship.'”

“ETA (edited to add): I put the part about OP finding her attractive/being open to more of a relationship since he clearly was, at least from what I read in his post. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that – that’s the whole point. A guy can want more but still be respectful and be a good friend, which is exactly what I got about OP in his post.”Autumn988

A few thought it was obvious why she suddenly needed to move.

“I am absolutely shocked – shocked I say – that a woman with this much emotional maturity and respect of boundaries is having trouble with her roommates.”eggbronte


“OP’s next interaction with this woman (if any) should be to ask for the roommate’s number. They clearly have stuff in common.”ClarifyingQ

“I’m beginning to see why the roommates want Jess gone. What a piece of work. She should room with Kim since they’re both on the same sleazy wavelength. NTA and anyone who pulls this kind of crap on you isn’t your friend.”PrideOfCapetown

The OP was somewhat torn about standing his former friend up the day she needed to move, but the subReddit saw little reason to worry. They agreed what Jess had done was childish and inappropriate.

If she had been really curious about the OP’s feelings, they could have had a conversation about it, and what better time to have an awkward conversation than with pizza?

Written by McKenzie Lynn Tozan

McKenzie Lynn Tozan lives in North Chicago, where she works as a poet, freelance writer, and editor. She received her MFA in Creative Writing from Western Michigan University, and her BA in English from Indiana University South Bend. Her poems have appeared in Rogue Agent, Whale Road Review, the James Franco Review, Thank You for Swallowing, and elsewhere; and her essays and book reviews have appeared with Memoir Mixtapes, The Rumpus, BookPage, and Motherly, among others. When she's not reading and writing, she's in her garden or spending time with her family. For more, visit