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Mom Kicked Out Of Target For Taking An Item From Back Room Because Her ‘Son Works There’

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Posted byu/targetthrowaway76 is a mother who is currently not on speaking terms with her son, who is an employee at Target.

Her sense of entitlement caused them to get into an argument when she visited the store while he was on his shift.

Things took a dramatic turn, which led her to wonder “Am I the a**hole?,” on the AITA subReddit.

She asked:

“AITA for taking an item out of a cart that my son was pushing at Target while he was working there?”

The Original Poster (OP) wrote:

“Yesterday, I went to Target to buy some clothes for myself. There was one item that I was looking for, but could not find.”

“Since my 18 year old son works there, I figured that it would be okay to look in one of the back rooms that was open.”

“Incidentally, I ran into him while I was there, and he was pushing a cart that happened to have the item that I was looking for.”

“So I went ahead and grabbed it, but when he saw me he yelled at me and demanded that I put it back and get out of the back room.”

“I refused, because he wasn’t there to shop, and these items are for people who shop there.”

“He then started to throw a giant tantrum, saying that it was for some order. I asked him who it was for, and he couldn’t tell me.”

“He ended up calling over a supervisor, and after some more arguing I eventually I got kicked out of the store because I wanted to buy an item.”

“He is currently not willing to speak to me right now.”


Strangers online were asked to declare one of the following:

  • NTA – Not the A**hole
  • YTA – You’re the A**hole
  • NAH – No A**holes Here
  • ESH – Everybody Sucks Here

Many Redditors said the OP was in the wrong and they added she put her son in a compromising position at work.

“YTA. Back rooms are for staff only and you potentially jeopardised his job with your entitlement.” – fundamental-ick

“YTA, it was for an order that had been submitted online, and if it was in the cart, it was already scanned in as the store having fulfilled the order.”

“Once that happens, the team member can’t remove it, or at least they couldn’t last I knew. So you could have caused an even bigger headache when that guest came to get their order.”

“And of course, the fact that your son works there doesn’t make you special.” – Worldly_Science

“This is one of those stories I PRAY is fake. How entitled do you have to be to think you can just waltz into the back room because the door happened to be open?!” – Elegant-Espeon

“YTA, massively. And the fact that you need to post to ask just speaks to how MUCH of an asshole you are.” – Pechkin000


“Just because your son works there does not mean you, the mother, have any privilege at the store. If he is taking items for an order, do not interfere since he might get in trouble or get fired for messing something up. Instead, you should ask him to help you check that item.”

“Quick tip: don’t go in the back rooms at stores by yourself because I’ve witnessed instances where people get banned from the store because of it. Trust me, they definitely remember your name/face and it can lead to you getting arrested if you keep trying to return.” – ghostapricot

“YTA. Just because your son works there you cannot wander about the place freely.”

“You ask someone to go look to see if they have it in stock out back – you do not go to look for yourself. You put his job at risk. You need to apologise to him.” – Kitty-Cwtches

“YTA. You could’ve jeopardized his job by going into the back room and making yourself ‘at home’ in his workplace.”

“It could’ve seemed like he was the one giving you preferential treatment.” – KrissyBeauty

“YTA He was putting together an order for a customer which means that the items in that cart were already spoken for. Would you have done the same if you’d seen the item you wanted in another customer’s cart? Just taken it for yourself even though they had found it first?”

“It’s no different, except you also could have gotten your son in trouble, so actually it’s worse. Everyone knows that the back rooms in a store are for staff only, it makes no difference that your son works there.”

“You can’t just go in there and help yourself, as well as being potentially unsafe (there could be forklifts in operation etc) it would completely mess up the inventory.” – staralfur_lass

‘I eventually I got kicked out of the store because I wanted to buy an item.’

“No. You got kicked out for going to the backroom without any authorized permission and trying to take off with someone else’s order. You could’ve cost your son his job just to fulfill your twisted entitlement. YTA!” – someone-w-issues

“YTA. You went in staff-only rooms, grabbed something you couldn’t pick and messed with your son’s job, exposing him to consequences if he covered you.”

“And you’re mad at him?” – AndraeFoersterWelsch

“YTA. Your son, the employee, can be in the back room. You, since you are not an employee, may not. He’s not an extension of you; his privileges don’t accrue to you.” – Cairsten

“YTA. You embarrassed your son at his workplace, and made his life difficult by trying to take an item he had collected for someone else’s order. You need to apologise big-time.” – Ok_Smell_8260

“YTA. It’s not very nice to put your son’s job in jeopardy. I hope he didn’t get in trouble for that.”

“If something you want isn’t on the shelf you can usually have them transfer out from another store or call another store and have them put it on hold until you get there.” – idontnowhat2say

People continued questioning if the OP was trolling because they were skeptical that anyone would be audacious enough to violate a customer rule and potentially get her son fired.

Overall, Redditors said the OP was the a**hole in the situation and they said that having a son who worked there did not earn her special privileges to do whatever she wanted.

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